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Monday, November 11, 2019

Donald Trump Jr hoped to prove what he had just argued in his book -- that a hate-filled American left was hell-bent on silencing him and anyone else who supported the Trump presidency. But the appearance backfired when his own supporters, diehard Make America Great Again conservatives, raised their voices most loudly in protest and ended up drowning him out barely 20 minutes into an event scheduled to last two hours. read more

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Though separated by multiple generations, one of the common threads running through Buffett's, Bezos' and Zuckerberg's professional successes are the foundationally conservative cultures of their youths " childhoods that prepared them in ways no socialist culture ever could or ever would. read more

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Sen. Lindsey Graham criticized the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry on Wednesday while also issuing a rebuke, and potentially a new talking point, that the Trump administration was too inept to carry out a quid pro quo in regard to Ukraine foreign policy. read more

Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Army, Navy and Marine Corps all saw the rate of suicides go up, with only the Air Force showing a decrease, according to data released by the Pentagon on Thursday. read more


Do they have to perform the procedure or simply offer to perform it and document if the patient adamantly refuses to have it done?

I don't see how forcing the ultrasound against the woman's wishes passes the constitutional scrutiny of Roe. But.....I'm far from an expert on this.


"Challengers, including an abortion clinic, argued that the law forced patients to see the images even if she didn't want to, and that it violated doctors' First Amendment rights."


I think this law is disgusting, but from what I have read about it don't think it is unconstitutional. I do not think it would qualify as an "undue burden" placed on getting an abortion (mainly because I don't think intentionally inflicting psychological pain on a woman is considered a "burden"?) so I do not see how it would fall afoul of Roe.

And, as far as I know, people don't have a constitutional right NOT to hear speech (aside from anything that would fall under "cruel and unusual punishment"). And requiring a professional (doctor) to state facts and follow a specified process when performing a procedure also does not seem to be unconstitutional.

Where do you think it may run afoul of Roe?

1. What do the libs need to compromise on? Be specific.

Gun Control. Immigration.

Gun control is rich. Because it is conservatives taking the extremist view. Most liberals only want to close the loopholes (private party loophole) that allow people to get guns without a background check. And polls show that 60% of Americans believe that we should have stricter gun laws.

And immigration? Obama deported TONS of people. And liberals in Congress were perfectly willing to give more money to Border Patrol to secure the border. We just think a wall is a waste of money (and a terrible symbol). We also don't want to fund ICE because it STOPPED the moderate policy of prioritizing deportations for criminals and instead changed to the EXTREMIST position of deporting EVERYONE (even if they are not causing problems).

As pointed out by another poster, your definition of "compromise" is give me everything I want. Which, while wrong, is also ironic. Since Trump's view of "compromise" or "negotiation" seems to be "give them everything and get nothing in return" (see North Korea).

2. What are libs trying to destroy that you hold dear?
Black American Culture.
The Black American nuclear family
Any faith in religion by Americans
Traditional Values..
Personal Responsibility..
Need some more?


Lol. You elected Trump. That has done more to destroy what "you hold dear" than anything else. Can't speak much to "Black" points, though I am curious how Trump has helped them. "Christianity" and "Any faith in religion by Americans" have been hurt more by Trump and conservatives than anything else. You think ANY religion supports turning away refugees, or intentionally being cruel to children in order to convince their parents not to bring them here? Support for those things (or the people who do those things) by "religious" people is rightfully seen as hypocritical and ignorant. The only way that liberals are destroying religion is by encouraging people to be educated and to think for themselves, which is apparently anathema to religions and "faith".

Traditional Values? How do you define that? I recall pondering the hypocrisy of it during the 2016 election when Trump's top two surrogates were Giuliani and Gingrich. Between the three of them they had NINE marriages and SIX divorces (now SEVEN since Giuliani got divorced from his most recent fling). And the amount of adulterous relationships they had was innumerable. Is that what you consider "traditional values"? Actually, it is probably a pretty accurate representation of "traditional values", especially be conservatives, but those "values" are disgusting which is why most moral people nowadays want nothing to do with them.

I am not even sure I want to touch "Personal Responsibility". Trump is the epitome of NEVER taking responsibility for ANYTHING. And the Republican base is primarily made up of people like coal miners or factory workers who made poor career choices when they were young, and now want the government to subsidize (or impose tariffs) to protect their jobs. Instead of taking "personal responsibility" for their choices and learning a trade that is actually useful in today's economy.

That being said Gal, you democrats went ahead and actually did what you are accusing Republicans of doing in the first place!


Republicans impeached Clinton.

Democrats talked of impeaching "W".

Republicans talked of impeaching Obama.

Democrats are going to impeach Trump.

I was not following politics then, but I would wager that someone talked about impeaching H. W. Bush and Reagan. EVERY President has the other party "talk about impeachment". Which is not surprising. That is the main check on power of the executive. Whenever the president does something that pisses off someone in the legislative branch, they will inevitably "talk about impeachment".

But Democrats didn't impeach "W", despite all the talk. Republicans didn't impeach Obama despite all the talk. And Dems didn't impeach Trump over the Mueller investigation, despite all the talk. It was only after this Ukraine thing became public that impeachment actually made any progress.

Talk is cheap. It doesn't matter how much people "talk" about impeachment. Ignore all that. It is just noise that happens during EVERY PRESIDENCY. Theatrics to rile up the base.

Start paying attention once the actual process gets initiated and as it moves forward. THAT shows that it is not just talk, that there is something there. And this process is moving forward. A majority of Americans WANT it to move forward. They have been shown enough evidence that they want the process to move forward, so that more evidence will be gathered, Trump will be allowed to mount a defense, and the process of determining guilt will proceed. Whether or not they think that Trump should be removed is a different question. We are not anywhere near that point in the process. And that is why you have a trial - to figure out what happened and whether it deserves punishment.

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