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I am unclear about the outrage .. I mean I understand it sometimes...

The 27 times Donald Trump tweeted about Barack Obama playing golf too much

Can you please explain Trump's outrage to me? I didn't understand it then. But I understand the Republican hypocrisy now.

Nope. The document asserts, without evidence, that global emissions must be reduced to net zero emissions by 2050
"(4) global temperatures must be kept ...
(B) net-zero global emissions by 2050"


Apparently your reading skills could use a little work. Here is the beginning of that statement...

"Whereas the October 2018 report entitled "Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 ºC" by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the November 2018 Fourth National Climate Assessment report found that -- "

So, no. The document DOES NOT assert that. It is quoting an assessment by the IPCC.

I see NOTHING in the Green New Deal resolution that I am opposed to. It is just a resolution so it has very few concrete statements, and it covers itself multiple times with "as much as is technologically feasible". I think carbon neutral in 10 years is probably unrealistic, but this is politics. Trump also said he would build a "big, beautiful concrete wall" along the whole border and we all know how realistic that is.

So, please... list your albatrosses. I don't see any. I am happy that McConnell is going to bring it up for a vote. It will put Republicans on record as being against preventing climate change.

More and more Americans (last I saw it was at 60%) believe that climate change is happening and that humans are responsible. And we are getting more and more evidence over time. Republicans might be able to squeeze it into their favor now (they will get more by firing up their base than they lose on people who believe in science) but momentum is in the wrong direction. Will it still be in their favor in 2 years? Keep in mind, the last 5 years have been the hottest years on record. Is that an anomaly, or a trend?

And, if it is a trend that continues over the next two years (2018 was the cool year, the past three years were hotter), what will people think of the party who unanimously rejected doing anything to tackle climate change.

Yet... Hillary still had her private email server. Government employees are using foreign VPNs. Our voting systems are getting hacked.

You can sit there all high and mighty blaming OTHER PEOPLE for your inability to do your job successfully. That is what Republicans do. Learned helplessness. It is always someone else's fault that YOU failed.

Or you can work towards real solutions.

"And speaking very very frankly anyone who thinks IT chooses to be "stupidly restrictive" for ----- and giggles should be banned from the network because it likely isn't the attitude in most IT departments today."

No. It is because they are lazy.

Case in point...

"Then if that's the case, the "customers" need to give IT a list of requirements. I dont agree with your synopsis because I've worked with the federal government all my life in IT."

IT wants others to do their job for them. Maybe that works for people who have spent all of their lives sheltered in a cushy government job, but in the REAL WORLD you have to determine your customer's needs. Customers don't tell you what their real needs are. They tell you what they THINK they need, or what they think YOU think they need, or what you want to hear, or something they read on the internet. You have to determine their real needs. Anyone who expects a customer's real needs to just fall into their lap are hopelessly naive (or never actually had to do real work).

"The truth is the bad guys are always ahead of the good guys when it comes to finding holes and exploiting them."

Especially when your users are actively opening security holes because you refuse to take the time to try to work WITH them instead of sitting on your high horse making rules that YOU think are right regardless of how it affects someone else's workflow.

Now, I am not complaining about how you work (and how it affects my job). I work with lazy people all the time. I just find a way to work around them. What I have a problem with is you complaining about how it is other people's fault that YOU can't do your job effectively. And I am trying to point out that the reason you are always just complaining and not getting effective solutions is you have fallen into the trap of victimhood. Just blame all of your woes on the "user" or the "liberal media" or some other boogeyman so that YOU can be lazy and don't have to modify your own behavior and make yourself better.

It is IT's job to secure the network. Regardless of the your opinion of the merits, it is undeniable that instead of sitting around complaining about it (like you are doing), Hillary found a SOLUTION. She got her job done. The fact that classified emails ended up on a private server is a failure was on the part of IT (it is IT's job to secure the network, not Hillary's).

The problem with IT is they concentrate on PROCESS instead of RESULTS. Because if you look at RESULTS, then it would be pretty obvious that most IT departments suck. But the process was created with the intention to achieve a RESULT. But, if it is created with unrealistic assumptions, then that intention will not be realized (as demonstrated by the state of IT). IT hides behind the right "process" to distract from the fact that their results are terrible.

As a computer security professional, I've always said it's not the hackers from china that scare me, it's the idiots already behind my firewall on my network who do.


Yes. And you know what makes them do unsafe things? Stupidly restrictive IT policies.

Keep in mind that the whole Hillary email thing was due to the NSA refusing to provide her with a secure Blackberry, so she found a nerd to create a solution that allowed her to get her work done. Which do you think would have been more secure?

That is not uncommon. It happens all the time in government and in private companies. People are not trying to subvert security policies because they are spiteful. They just want to get done what needs to get done. IT makes themselves the enemy by getting in the way of people working effectively.

So... if people are using VPNs because IT is blocking websites that these people need to use to do their work (or to communicate with family, or whatever) then cracking down on them will not help. People will just find another (probably even MORE insecure) solution. Instead, IT needs to think of their users as their customers instead of their enemies, and work with their "customers" so that IT can achieve their priorities without imposing an excessive burden on their users. Otherwise the users WILL find someone who offers as solution to accomplish what they need, and like the Republican party, those solutions might end up being foreign enemies of the US.

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