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While I agree with the article, I also think (and have been saying) that it is not just race. There are A LOT of things that have changed very quickly in our society. Not just the BLM movement (which I think the most significant takeaway from that is not the movement itself, but the fact that the movement grew because Black people think that people are actually LISTENING to them when they denounce discrimination), but also gay rights, women's rights, transgender rights, and other minorities. And now we have the #MeToo movement and adjustments to the traditional power structure that males have traditionally enjoyed.

The problem is change... and change leads to fear. Call it white vulnerability or whatever else you want. That is why "Make America Great Again" resonated with those types of voters. Because it hearkened back to before all of these changes occurred. Hopefully the disaster that Trump is turning out to be will end up scaring those sentiments back into the shadows again when they finally accept that he is actually the lying degenerate that everyone said he was.

Though, this #MeToo movement does make me a little nervous. Not that I would have prevented it if I had the option. But, that is a SIGNIFICANT change in social and power structures in our society. And it is just beginning. There will be a backlash... we might even get a fancy name from the demographers like "male vulnerability". My only hope is that with Trump being such a disaster, any electoral backlash will get caught up in the electorate's general disgust with the Republican party so will not have an impact.


Well... when their parents live in extravagant 4000sq houses with $200 cable bills and idiotic $300 cell phone bills and a car for every member of the family instead of saving properly for retirement, why not take advantage of being thrifty by saving on rent?

Your generation is a slave to consumerist culture. Millennials are not. And you are pissed off that they are not making the same stupid mistakes that you did. Get over it. Your generation was easily manipulated because they are a slave to their fear of immigrants, minorities, gays, women's rights, and any other sort of change that puts more people on a level playing field. That is why your generation elected Trump (decisiondeskhq.com)... because he represents who you are and what you believe in. You are the "zero sum" generation. You believe that the only way you can get ahead is by pushing down people with less power than you. And you will be remembered for it.

My generation, on the other hand, does not just believe in "winning" and "losing", but instead understands that by taking a wholistic view (understanding the "other side" and working to ensure that they also succeed) you can get more benefits for everyone, as well as maximizing value to society (btw... that is the basis of competent negotiations, and we have such incompetent foreign policy right now because it is completely antithetical to Trump).

So take your patronizing attitude and shove it. You have screwed this country up, and we realize that (similar to what Democrats have to do after every Republican president) we will have to come behind you and clean it up.

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