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I want good, high-paying jobs in the US. Not jobs making cheap plastic McDonalds toys.

Stuff is cheap. That is not where the value is any more. The value is in data, software, services, and complex manufacturing. You have a very low opinion of these people if you think that they have no use. That the only option is to redistribute wealth to them by protecting jobs that they cannot be competitive in.

Globalization is not the big job destroyer in the US. Automation is. US manufacturing output fell during the recession, but has increased since then back near its all time high (which was right before the recession). Manufacturing EMPLOYMENT, though, fell after the recession and never came back. But, it has been falling for the past 30 years.

So... lets not hobble our manufacturing with useless people and costs. If you really think all these people are so useless that they cannot produce anything of value in our economy, then why don't we just have the government pay for them to dig. Have half of them start at one side digging a trench, and the other half following behind filling it in. They can just go back and forth digging and filling in every day.

Unlike you, I actually believe that everyone can add value to our economy if they are given the opportunity. Hobbling business to force them to employ people with useless skills only ensures that those people don't develop skills that are actually useful. Lets fund education and retraining (like Germany does). There are plenty of jobs in the US. We just need to find the way to make sure people have the skills to perform those jobs.

China has responded, including a threat to impose a tariff on soybeans...


Rex... China will win this trade war. They know that Trump is incompetent and easily manipulated. They know that his coddled snowflake base can't handle any sort of economic pain. In fact, his base has demonstrated that they only care about what benefits them... they don't care at all about national pride or the future of this country (as demonstrated by the fact the elected a corrupt and incompetent president). Take away the perceived economic benefits that they think they will get from Trump and they have nothing left.

On the other hand, the Chinese have a DEEP sense of national pride, so are very willing to make economic sacrifices in the name of national pride. Also, China's standard of living has been increasing dramatically over the past 20 years. So, they didn't grow up as soft and weak as the Republican base, and are more able to handle a step back if it occurred. The Republican party is the party of bloviating bullies, and everyone knows that bullies just suffer from low self esteem, so if you have the fortitude to stand up to them, then they will eventually back down.

Now... liberals have been telling you this from the beginning, but you refused to listen. So, yes... when Republicans have to tuck their tails between their legs and beg the Chinese to let up, I will laugh in their face. Not because I enjoy seeing the US brought low, but because we did everything we could to PREVENT you from bringing the US low and you refused because you "liked pissing off liberals".

And, then the cycle we have come to expect will swing back the other way. When Republicans are in charge they make impulsive, emotional, and irrational decisions and screw up the economy (this is where we currently are). Once people start to realize how incompetent Republicans are they will elect Democrats, and the Democrats will be the adults and clean up after the petulant and emotional children (Republicans). And then I am sure once Democrats put things back in place, Republicans will again run on emotions and FUD and once the sheep are comfortable again they will as expected vote based upon fear, misogyny and racism and elect Republicans again... starting the cycle over again.

It is a little scary how completely ignorant of business most Republicans, and Republican leaders, are. If Amazon stopped using USPS (which they COULD DO without much problem... UPS and FedEx could easily pick up the slack), then USPS lose A LOT MORE money.

The distinction that most Republicans are too business illiterate to understand is between fixed costs and variable costs. USPS will be spending a certain amount of money even if they delivered ZERO mail or packages (they still have to run the routes to pick up mail). Those are fixed costs. But, they have certain costs that DO increase with volume (sorting, incrementally more gas based on weight, extra time it takes at each stop to deliver the mail, etc). USPS charges Amazon more than their variable costs per packages. So, every package they deliver helps cover their fixed costs. BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT ALL THEIR FIXED COSTS WILL NECESSARILY COVERED. They still have to be price competitive, because if they raise their prices too much, then Amazon will ship with other companies AND THAT WILL MEAN EVEN LESS INCOME FROM PACKAGES SO LESS OF THEIR FIXED COSTS WILL BE COVERED.

The reason why the post office loses money is that they are required to cover all Americans. They cannot arbitrarily reduce their delivery schedules or pull completely out of low performing areas... we consider it a common good for this country to have universal mail service. So... the more Amazon uses USPS to ship packages THE LESS US TAXPAYERS HAVE TO FOOT THE BILL. But, business illiterate Republicans elect idiot politicians who apparently try to push companies away from using USPS. Republicans just LOVE spending my money, don't they.

Republicans... you built that.


You are basically saying that you want me to HAVE to be inconvenienced and forced to go to a store to buy stuff to protect people's jobs. It reminds me of the bad guy from Fifth Element who talked about how by destroying things he was HELPING the economy because of all the jobs that were created to repair and rebuild.

The problem is not lack of jobs. The problem is structural unemployment. The jobs are there, but just not the ones that people are trained for. The economy changes. That is called progress. As a result, some skills that used to be valuable are no longer relevant. Overall, the country "wins", but the people who had those skills are the "losers" from the change.

My philosophy is instead of enforcing inefficiencies to "save jobs" (ie... break things so there will be work to do), we should be working on making it easy to learn and train for the jobs that DO exist.

Donald Trump is currently implementing tariffs to save jobs in an industry that is inefficient and non-competitive. So, he is going to raise the cost of MY GOODS to save THEIR JOBS. It is basically a regressive tax to redistribute wealth from the general populace to 0.05% of the population (150k steel and aluminum workers). It would be much more cost effective to just give these people a government pension to stay home.

You are suggesting the same thing for retail. Why should I have to pay more AND inconvenience myself by going to a brick and mortar just so that businesses who cannot innovate or compete in the current market can continue to employ people who have made poor decisions in their choice of career? Tax online retailers fairly... I have no problem with that. Allocate tax money for retraining (or implement free education like Germany has, so there is a low barrier to entry for displaced people to get re-trained).

But don't use government to guarantee obsolete jobs to people with useless skills.

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