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But then, of course, we all know that China is now such a benevolent country.


Lemme see a nation like China with 5 times more people than the US getting by on fewer resources than the US.
Your sanctimony is silly because your comparisons are flawed. The NRA has created a military state marketing to crazies defending the right of other crazies right to purchase an efficient way to vent their crazy.

I refuse to be lectured by Communist who have murdered about 100 million of their own citizens about human rights. blah blah blah

#22 | POSTED BY DOCNJO AT 2018-02-25 02:30 AM | FLAG: EYE ROLL

More than that have been killed here by crazies in this country exercising their 2nd amendment right to bear arms and snuff out the life of someone(s) that hurt their little feelers... cause hurt feelings interfere with our pursuit of happiness... We are the wealthiest strongest bestest country in the world and everyone has to be happy here.... or else!!!

You people are foolish for using China's legitimate criticism of what is now a flaw based interpretation in our constitution.... a very different country with very different problems than ours... If they were being really sanctimonious with us they would discuss our problem with opium.... China used to have an opioid problem.... wonder where they got it?

The US is now a country of crack heads and junkies where school shootings prompt no government action.... and to cap it off.... its being run by a Fake President.

with the natural gas pipelines

There is only one such pipeline and it hasn't been built yet.

TAPI (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India) was just inaugurated by the Pakistani Prime Minister... for the thousandth time!


Nobody wants to build a pipeline through Afghanistan. Specially now that everyone can see the Americans suck at protecting whatever they say they are protecting.

People like talking about the pipeline like it's there ... but everyone knows if you want the pipeline to happen you need to find a way around Afghanistan... or nuke Afghanistan altogether.


One of the most important phases of the transition to power for President-elect Donald Trump includes legally mandated briefings on U.S. intelligence capabilities and secret operations as well as separate descriptions of the extraordinary powers he will have over the military, especially contingency plans to use nuclear weapons, according to officials.

Though Trump has been given some intelligence briefings on threats and capabilities, there are a series of separate briefs scheduled for the president-elect into what Obama has called "our deep secrets."

First is a detailed look at technical and human intelligence sources and methods that provide critical information on Special Access Programs -- the most sensitive top-secret undertakings -- for drone strikes and other intelligence operations. This would include the disclosure, if Trump wants the names, of the dozens of officials abroad paid by the CIA, to the tune of millions of dollars.

Other methods include the most sensitive technical capabilities of the National Security Agency to intercept communications abroad, store them and make them instantly available to analysts and operators.

Trump will learn that the president is considered "The First Customer" by the intelligence community, which has a tradition of responding to any and every presidential request.

A second briefing will be on the covert actions undertaken by the CIA that are designed to change events abroad without the hand of the United States being revealed publicly. There are currently about a dozen such "Findings" -- intelligence orders signed by the president. Some are broad authorities to conduct lethal counterterrorism operations in dozens of countries. Others are narrow, such as support for clandestine efforts in a single country to stop genocide or payments to political opposition or rebels.

Under law and procedures, such covert-action orders are issued by the office of the president, and Obama's orders will continue unless Trump, as president, changes them. Normally, the president-elect will review current covert actions and decide before the inauguration whether he wants to continue, modify or cease any. He also could add new covert operations after taking the oath.

In addition, Trump will receive information on domestic counterterrorism overseen by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security. After the 9/11 attacks, the FBI was turned loose to stop the next attack. Efforts to penetrate banks, communications and foreign corporations in the United States have been significantly expanded.

Trump will also be given information about "Continuity of Government," which are the plans and procedures designed for implementing the line of presidential succession. That could be in case of a terrorist attack or other emergency in which the president dies or could not carry out the duties of his office.

n addition, Trump will receive briefings from the Pentagon on current military operations, including the deployments in the ongoing wars in Afghanistan, against the Islamic State and other Special Operations actions abroad.

Of course, Rice, on Inauguration Day, realizes that she needs to cover her --- because of the Russia mess so she says..."I had no idea that the FBI was investigating this!!!" and sends herself an email to memorialize a conversation that happened 15 days before.


President-elect Donald Trump is about to learn the nation's ‘deep secrets'

Yes. I believe it was McCain that first picked it up, but never used it.


This is not true. This was the first narrative used by the Dems when they thought the funding of the dossier would remain anonymous. If you go to the way back machine, the story was that the pee dossier was a GOP or an unknown source. The story was that it eventually made it to Hillary (first anonymous GOP candidate thought to be Bush then McCain and then Hillary just happened to get it. We know now that entire story is a lie. When it was a GOP paid product, Steele was not hired and it contained standard opo research. Nothing from the Russians and no pee allegations. That was all post-Clinton funding.


Then Hillary picked it up, gave it to the FBI, and publicized it through media contacts and all of Russiagate started.


Correct other than Hillary paid for it to be written and didn't "pick it up" like it was a completed product. We know that her campaign surrogates tried shop it around to media sources (no legit one would touch it) and to the intelligence community.


"Then came Strzok, fresh from wiping Hillary's name off of the e-mail scandal to use the Pee Dossier to order the FISA warrant."



That is going to be the huge scandal. The libbie apologists on this board act they never worked in a hierarchy before, to be fair, I don't think many have actually worked anywhere before that does not involve super sizing. It is clear from the Strzok text messages that these guys do a lot of office discussions that are never documented. As such, I find it impossible that Strzok's underlings did not know his feelings/intentions with regard to Hillary or Trump. This is how larger organizations work. You are not dictated each step. Your manager gives your general direction and you execute on it. So, any hint of Stzrok is grounds for scandal as he was in the management capacity. Same goes or corrupt McCabe.

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