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#16 I don't think I've ever seen that. The Trump WH was hilarious.

That and Seth Meyers too


That have to have been when he decided to burn it all down, when he was publicly rejected from the club.

its advertising the event as Drag Queen Story Hour.

Well good. Then the parents are aware what they're bringing their children to. That way delicate snowflakes, such as yourself, can keep clear of the event.

How do you possibly explain that to children without purposely trying to indoctrinate them?

You're so stupid. How do you manage to walk and breath at the same time?

Children will ask "what is a drag queen"?

A drag queen is a man who likes to dress as a woman.

Easy. Get on with your life. You judgmental POS.

Attempting to normalize drag queens is gross.

Gross? Hahaha!! What are you, an 8 year old child? Grow up and learn to deal with life as an adult. You seriously need therapy. Of a non religious variety.

God forbid a Christian come in the library dressed up like Christ and teach any sort of morality.

Morality is subjective and the drag queen isn't there teaching anything. She's there to read a book to some children. If a Christian dressed up as Christ came to the library to read a children's book to some children I don't see the problem.

Hopefully this story will be picked and shared by more people and begin making a loud noise to get them out of public libraries.

What is it with Rightwingers and fascism? No one is forcing children to go to the library and listen to the drag queen read a kid's story. The event is called "Drag Queen Story Hour", don't like it? Don't go.

You miserable piece of sh t.

There lies my biggest issue.

Your biggest issue is mental. Go seek help outside of the church.

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