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Linton's ex-husband claims that she got a starring role in the 2008 movie The Echo because he paid the producers $200,000:


The so-called "troll" is doing a good job in interviews of laying a smackdown on Linton:

"She went to a state where one in five people lives in poverty and many children don't know where their next meal is coming from. Instead of helping in some way, she chose to brag about her outlandishly expensive clothes. It's more than tone-deaf, it's deplorable."


Here's an analysis of whether Linton sacrifices more than the average tax-paying American:


The idea a woman wearing an outfit worth over $13,000 deserves credit for her sacrifices is so stupid that only a Republican policymaker could believe it.

#76 - Umm...couple facts for you Rcade.

1. She started her production company 5 years before she met her husband. So you actually don't know if taking her husbands wealth out of the equation would change her total tax contributions do you? Do you have some facts to back your claim? But, ala Trump style, you said "might". Doesn't matter that you insinuate she's only rich because of her husband because you didn't actually SAY she was only rich because of her husband. Kinda like Trump didn't SAY he supported racists, he just insinuated he did by his "both sides" comment.
2. She's appeared in CSI, Cabin Fever, and Cold Case. No she's not an A-lister. But my gf's sister is an actress. Being on those shows is actually kind of a big deal for non A-listers. Perspective. I'm sure there are more than a few actors and actresses that would be more than a little teed by calling their filmography list "of little achievement". You're beginning to sound like Louise, you condescending out-of-touch blogger you.
3. She is an American, at minimum, by marriage, so yes this is her country. Not her country of birth? Okay. But she lives and works in America, owns an American business, pays taxes to America and is an American citizen. So she gets to call this 'her' country. But again, you didn't SAY she wasn't. You just insulted her because this wasn't her country by birth. Damn. Rcade are you anti-immigration? You are beginning to sound like Trump!

So while you continue to deflect for a troll and make statements intended to insult and mislead...let's get back to the troll. You say this is about "a woman expressing an opinion about a public figure". Really? What was her opinion? I can't tell from her initial comment. All she said was "Glad we could pay for your little getaway. #deplorable" Is there an opinion in there being expressed? Seems to me to just be an accusation that Louise was on vacation on the public dime and that she was a deplorable person. This Jennifer said about a woman who she admits "I didn't know who she was, I just assumed she was Munchin's wife" (paraphrasing). She commented on, insulated, and accused someone who she knew nothing about. That type of ignorance and hatred is the SAME type of logic the racists, sexists, and bigots use. They judge someone they don't know based on the physical appearance and what they "think" that person might be like. It's called classism and it's just as reprehensible going up as it is going down. If you want to make an argument about income disparity, let's talk. But when you troll someone's personal Instagram account and get a response, don't come crying to me. Learn her lesson? Probably not. Too much projection and envy to realize her own prejudice, which is exactly what this was.

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