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Photo ID required (strict): Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Photo ID requested (non-strict): Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Texas.


Yeah just like the wall is overwhelmingly popular. Just gotta ask the right cult members.

Four in Five Americans Support Voter ID Laws, Early Voting


The state should have the power to compel students to stand for the purposes of worshiping the state, yes or no?




Dulli doubles-down on stupid posts yet another home-schooler writing subjectively in yet another rwing rag.

"The magazine is published by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research,[1][5] a national free-market think tank based in New York City."


Which is because he had no argument to the facts cited in articles in #25.

Facts having a liberal bias and all.

SO... what we learn is that if you are a lib who wants to devolve into a rwinger, all you have to do is read and cite rwing sources. GIGO

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