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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board ruled on Tuesday that McDonald's could be held jointly liable for labor and wage violations by its franchise operators -- a decision that, if upheld, would disrupt longtime practices in the fast-food industry and ease the way for unionizing nationwide. Richard F. Griffin Jr., the labor board's general counsel, said he found merit in 43 of the 181 claims, accusing McDonald's restaurants of illegally firing, threatening or otherwise penalizing workers for their pro-labor activities. "Employers like McDonald's seek to avoid recognizing the rights of their employees by claiming that they are not really their employer, despite exercising control over crucial aspects of the employment relationship," said Julius Getman, a labor law professor at the University of Texas. "McDonald's should no longer be able to hide behind its franchisees." read more

Dconomy Grew at Best Six-Month Stretch in 10 Years in Second Half of 2013

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. economy surged in the second quarter, more than offsetting a first-quarter contraction and putting growth back on an upward trajectory in 2014. read more

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Republicans have no plans to begin impeachment proceedings against President Barack Obama, House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner declared on Tuesday, putting the blame on Democrats for stirring up pre-midterm election tensions in Washington. Boehner is, however, hoping this week to pass Republican legislation that would authorize a lawsuit, claiming Obama overstepped his powers in ordering unilateral changes to Obamacare. "We have no plans to impeach the president. We have no future plans," Boehner said. read more

Federal marijuana bill would legalize some cannabis strains

Doctors in Macon, Georgia, told Janea Cox that her daughter, Haleigh, might not live another three months.

That was the middle of March, when Haleigh's brain was being short-circuited by hundreds of seizures a day, overrunning the array of five potent drugs meant to control them. Worse, the drugs were damaging Haleigh's organs.

"She was maxed out," Cox said. "She'd quit breathing several times a day, and the doctors blamed it on the seizure medications."

Cox had heard that a form of medical marijuana might help, but it wasn't available in central Georgia. So a week after hearing the ominous diagnosis, she and Haleigh packed up and moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. There, Haleigh began a regimen of cannabis oil: four times a day and once at night. read more

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sarah Palin is launching the Sarah Palin Channel, an online TV channel that will give subscribers all the Sarah Palin they want for $9.95 a month or $99.95 a year. " want to talk directly to you on our channel, on my terms -- and no need to please the powers that be," Palin said in a low-budget video introducing the project. "We'll boldly take on any issue -- those issues that the powers that be don't want to cover. ... Together let's do this, let's live life vibrantly, purposefully, and boldly." Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic writes, "What's so striking is Palin's ability to take content much like what she said as a vice-presidential candidate, then again as a handsomely paid contributor to a gigantic media corporation, and successfully package it as what 'the powers that be' don't want you to hear. There are, I'm quite sure, things that 'the powers that be,' however defined, really don't want us to hear. I strongly suspect that 'let's drill for more oil and gas,' whether one agrees or disagrees with the sentiment, is not at all threatening to a single member of America's governing elite." read more


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But some will say this tech is "meaningless".

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