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It helps to understand Muslim history history over the centuries and their quest for a world caliphate. One of the first attempts took place not too long after Mohammed and his vision in the caves.

"A Muslim storm burst from North Africa over most of Iberia in 711 A.D. taking Christians captive, pillaging towns and swarming north over the Pyrenees into France. By 800, Christians had been backed into the northernmost region and a humiliating tribute of a 100 virgins per year was demanded of local governors.

The twelfth-century collection of history, verse, liturgy, and travelogue about the Camino, known as Codex Calixtinus, records a legend that Charlemagne himself had a vision of a knightly protector who identified himself as St. James (Sant Iago, Santiago), the apostle of Jesus Christ:"

Santiago Matamoros, EL Cid, defeated the Muslims and is still admired in Spain:

"Today is the feast day of Saint James the Greater. Millions of pilgrims have trekked across four ancient pilgrim paths that thread through Europe, converging in the Pyrenees, then across northwestern Spain to the tomb of St. James at his shrine in Santiago de Compostela (St. James of the Starry Field).

Modern pilgrims walk the Camino, "The Way of St. James," in the footsteps of great pilgrims of the past, including St. Godric of Norfolk, El Cid, St. Francis of Assisi, John of Gaunt, and Lorenzo de Medici. Henry II, father of Richard the Lionhearted, offered to make the pilgrimage in expiation for the murder of St. Thomas Becket."

Read the history way back then any you'll realize why there is a town in Mexico named, Matamoros. It means "kill the Moors," (Muslims.)


After you've read the article and some hitory of those years, go on to "The Gates of Vienna"

"The Ottoman Empire had been expanding into Europe ever since Constantinople fell to the Turks, and even before that. Wherever the Muslim armies went, they plundered cities, took slaves, turned churches into mosques, and converted many thousands of Christian captives to Islam at the point of a sword.

The Sultan's armies overran Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia. They turned Protestant Hungary into a compliant vassal and made war repeatedly on Austria and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Ottomans had designs on Vienna, since the fall of the city would open the way into the heart of Austria and the rich principalities of southern Germany."


If you don't think these Muslims aren't on the same quest you just aren't paying attention or you plain ol' don't give a shiite.

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