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I guess you haven t figured out this year is not 2012.

History is not on your side. Stein was at 2% in 2012 and ended up getting less than .5% of the vote. But tell me what she has done in the last 4 years (besides running again a couple of months ago) to indicate she is willing to work at getting elected?
Johnson was at 8 and ended up at less than 1. Most people who are unhappy with the 2 major Parties are parking their support with third party folk but will go to either Clinton or Drumpf when in the booth.

I'd love to see a national multi-party system, although the EC makes that impossible. But they'd need to work at it 24/7 365, not just for a few months every 4 years.

No you dont you're a hardcore neo-con Dem who is thrilled with hillary,

Can't speak for Bruce but I'm left of you and while I think Hillary is a terrible candidate, I also know Drumpf is far worse. As for Stein winning, she's at less than a quarter of Johnson's numbers, so if there's going to be a third party President, it'd be him. And he's as bad as Drumpf.

And as far as "President" Stein achieving any of her goals, take a look at the last 6 years of GOP obstructionism against a guy far more conservative than her. And since the vaunted Greenies can't be bothered fighting for House or Senate seats (to "below" them?) she'd have no voice in either Chamber.

Or do you really believe Ryan, the TPers who run the GOP House or McConnell would be gracious and compromising? Actually, I expect you do, once Stein gives them pet unicorns.

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