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"President Eisenhower had a 90% tax rate, and he invested those revues in infrastructure and education. Money well spent in the booming post WWII era."

It was 90% for the highest tax bracket. 2.27 times higher than the current rate. But at the same time, income for the lowest tax bracket was 2.1 times higher than the current amount. If you're suggesting that we increase taxes based on historical successes (I'll stay away from saying whether or not it was a success then or would be now), wouldn't we increase taxes in the other quintiles as well?

"Now, America's productivity and profits are at all time highs, but our roads and bridges suck, and our poor education system enables costly cascading problems like incarceration, government dependency, and increased mortality rates."

I think we might agree that the government should be the employer of last resort-that would serve to directly effect government dependency and corroding infrastructure, but I'm not sure that has application with regard to this particular topic.

"In fact, white male mortality rates are on the rise. Why? Because of they're not enough quality blue collar jobs to go around that was once a staple of America's working class."

Blue collar jobs have gone away because they're largely obsolete and inefficient. Should we as a society be expected to remain technologically stagnant in order to preserve an outdated paradigm? is there no expectation that labor adapt and evolve in response to a changing labor market?

"Despite wages being up, wealth inequality is still a huge problem."

Do you think it would be better if society were poorer overall, but income inequality was lower? Do you think that would be healthier?

Income inequality is really no different than any other form of inequality. Some have many, many friends, while others have few or none. Some have many lovers. Other die virgins? Inequality is what happens when a society is left ot make it's own choices. Equality occurs through force.


Podesta and the DNC even admit trying to get the pollsters and MSM to oversample Dems in thier favor.

Corky will be along to tell me that its illegal to read Rightwing Nazi Podestas emails and my washer and vacuum will get viruses because I did...

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