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The VA system is a disaster

#13 | POSTED BY MATSOP AT 2015-08-02 09:13 AM | REPLY | FLAG

Improving Quality of Care: How the VA Outpaces Other Systems in Delivering Patient Care

The Cost and Quality of VA Mental Health Services

The quality of VA mental health care is generally as good or better than care delivered by private health plans

Independent 2013 Survey Shows Veterans Highly Satisfied with VA Care

Some disaster.

One of this country's great failings is having generation after generation of regular Americans not understanding that our U.S. healthcare system sucks, and it has sucked for a long time.

What is considered substandard care like the VA, is in reality, superior to the care that they themselves get. And too many of these same regular Americans unwittingly vote for d-bag politicians who enable this grotesque situation to continue.

I am merely pointing out that guns don't make you safer as far as the evidence we have shows.

#45 | Posted by bored

And, I don't disagree with that. The problem is, I believe several, to many, other factors must be in the equation for realistic data. How many of these homes had domestic abuse issues reported before an incident? How many had abusive or absent parents? How many had a teen who saw a shrink one time and was given Zoloft, who 1 month later shoots himself? What type of safety training, if any, did those in the house have, and for how long? Did they frequent a gun range knowing shooting is a perishable skill? Were they raised around guns and were taught early on, and forever after, about gun safety? Was a teen recently being bullied at school with parents who ignored the problem?

I think you know I could add many more questions to the list.

Lastly, having a gun in my house, even with me being the sole resident, logically has to increase the odds of an accidental shooting. Most likely it would be me shooting myself on accident. But, and my house, I just learned, has been broken into before I lived here, if my door crashes in one night & I have no gun, my odds of making it out alive are greatly decreased. But, that's me. A single guy, living on his own, owns a 9mm Glock which has its shell de-chambered & re-chambered, almost daily, solely for safety reasons.

When I take it in the car, 90% of the time I pull the slide a few times, dry fire the gun, then insert the magazine. This keeps the trigger in the back position and unable to fire, until the slide is pulled to load the chamber.

I see Goat and Ever are determined to deny facts they disagree with and instead substitute anecdotes. Pathetic.

Guns in the home increase the chance of suicide by any form, according to the research done to date. Unfortunately there isn't much research being done on firearm injuries. Do you know why? The party allergic to facts is why.

Ever, I agree SSRIs are a serious risk and big pharma is likely suppressing research into that risk. That is corprocracy for you.

I am not against private ownership of guns, I think there should be better regulation, something like Canada, but I also think guns are good for the gene pool.
I am merely pointing out that guns don't make you safer as far as the evidence we have shows.


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