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"There's been a lot of media coverage of possible "pay-for-play" deals while Clinton was at state. So far, though, there are no smoking guns. The Wall Street Journal has said that the foundation has benefitted Clinton friends. And Fox News raised questions about the State Department's consideration of a Nigerian land purchase in March 2013 from two Lebanese-Nigerian brothers who donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton left the State Department on February 1, 2013, and the real estate deal never took place.

-Is it weird that the Clinton Foundation has foreign donors?

It turns out that foreign donations to US foundations and charities are common.

"Like other nonprofits, the Clinton Foundation is chasing after grant money from the real foundations that have it, like Gates and Rockefeller, as well as foreign governments, most of which also donate to other major nonprofits," Inside Philanthropy's editor in chief David Callahan has written.

The foundation has always rejected the "pay-for-play" accusations. The health arm of the foundation said there were various reasons for not disclosing all its donors. Bill Clinton said The Wall Street Journal story about the foundation benefitting his friends wasn't accurate. And foundation spokesman Craig Minassian has said that Clinton's friends are involved in CGI commitments because they also care about making a positive impact.

-How does the philanthropic world see the Clinton Foundation?

They're held in high esteem. There are watchdog groups that judge charities on how they're run, how transparent they are and how much they spend on programs -- some charities raise a ton of money, but spend a large percentage on salaries and bonuses instead of their actual cause.

Charity Watch gave the Clinton Foundation an A grade, while GuideStar gave it a platinum rating.
Daniel Borochoff of Charity Watch noted that in 2014, 87.2% of the foundation's funding went to its programs, "which is really high." The foundation, he said, does "really important, valuable work that saves lives of lots of people."

For a while, another group called Charity Navigator had the Clinton Foundation on a watch list because of media reports about possible conflicts of interest. It didn't judge the merit of the reports but wanted to flag for donors that others were raising questions.

-How does the charity world see the political brouhaha over the foundation?

"It's unfortunate that it's become this punching bag, this political punching bag," Borochoff said.

"There's a lot of things that are said that are false. If Hillary Clinton wasn't running for president, the Clinton Foundation would be seen as one of the great humanitarian charities of our generation."

Trump will build the wall. What choice will he have?

His surrogates have already been walking that dog back for months now.


Key Trump Surrogate Admits Border Wall And Deportations Are A YUGE SCAM

"I have called it a virtual wall," Collins told the paper. "Maybe we will be building a wall over some aspects of it; I don't know."

A virtual wall. That is not what the Donald promised. You know what else he didn't promise? Fake deportations.

"I call it a rhetorical deportation of 12 million people," Collins said.

He then gestured toward a door in his Capitol Hill office.

"They go out that door, they go in that room, they get their work papers, Social Security number, then they come in that door, and they've got legal work status but are not citizens of the United States," Collins said. "So there was a virtual deportation as they left that door for processing and came in this door."

Collins added: "We're not going to put them on a bus, and we're not going to drive them across the border."
Virtual wall? Rhetorical deportation? Dude. Actual laugh.

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