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$48,000 in 1979 has become $33,000 today.

Love how you throw out numbers without any basis in reality-

According to the US Census the Median income in 1979 was $16,580 which in 2014 equals $54,064. In 2014, the median income was $53,891, which is a statistically insignificant $75 difference.

how is Peter Schweizer funded by the Koch Brothers and Mr. Mercer?

thru his "non-profit" org


Schweizer's Publisher: There Is No Forthcoming "Book" On Jeb Bush

Journalists have suggested that conservative author Peter Schweizer's forthcoming book attacking Hillary Clinton is more credible because he will follow it up with a similar book examining Jeb Bush. But according to his publisher, no such book is in the works: Schweizer's reporting on Bush will be published on the website of his non-profit organization.

HarperCollins, the publisher of Clinton Cash, denies that any such book is in the works.

A spokesperson for the publisher told Media Matters that the forthcoming work is "not a book" but rather a "report of the Government Accountability Institute," where Schweizer is president.

"We have nothing to do with it," she added.

Schweizer and GAI did not respond to requests for comment.


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