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Friday, October 24, 2014

WASHINGTON -- Billionaires are rushing to the aid of Republicans in the homestretch of the 2014 elections with a massive super PAC infusion after a plea from big money mastermind Karl Rove.

On Sept. 17, Rove, the co-founder of the super PAC and dark money duo American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, took to the Wall Street Journal editorial page to send out his billionaire bat-signal. Read more

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A lingerie shop owner in Kansas City says her store was raided by Homeland Security agents Monday morning over a few dozen pair of panties she made in honor of her hometown baseball team.

Peregrine Honig, owner of Honig's Birdies Panties shop in Crossroads, said she designed the Lucky Royals boyshorts that were set to go on sale Tuesday.

That is until federal agents showed up at her door and demanded she surrender the illegal undergarments. Read more

Players said Harvin was an accelerant in a locker room that was quickly dividing between Wilson and anti-Wilson. … There is also an element of race that needs to be discussed. My feeling on this -- and it's backed up by several interviews with Seahawks players -- is that some of the black players think Wilson isn't black enough.

This, again, was similar to the situation with McNabb [versus Terrell Owens]. And this, again, will be denied by Seattle people. But there is an element of this. This is an issue that extends outside of football, into African-American society -- though it's gotten better recently. Well-spoken blacks are seen by some other blacks as not completely black. Some of this is at play.

Read more

The first case of Ebola may have arrived in New York City.

Officials said a doctor who recently returned from West Africa was positive in preliminary tests for the Ebola virus Thursday night, Associated Press reported.

Fast forward to fall 2014, and the Wall Street Journal has a powerful article about how children in schools systems across the U.S. are being arrested or turned over to police custody for doing things that children have always done since the beginning of time. Things such as wearing too much perfume, sharing a classmates' chicken nuggets, throwing an eraser or chewing gum.

As a result of our insane societal obsession with authority and disproportionate punishment, the WSJ reports that "nearly one out of every three American adults are on file in the FBI's master criminal database." Read more

A partial solar eclipse will occur over North America this afternoon and evening beginning at 1:52pm PDT, 3:18pm MDT, 4:41pm CDT, and 5:51pm EDT.

President Obama is taking heat for seeming to hedge on whether Wednesday's attack on Canada's government complex was an act of terrorism, even as Canada's prime minister declared that his country was a victim of a "terrorist."

U.S. lawmakers already are noting a contrast in the way Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the U.S. president have addressed the subject.

If Republicans win the Senate, President Obama risks another bruising recession if he doesn't embrace compromise and abandon ineffective populist prescriptions.

Slower growth in Europe and emerging markets like China and Brazil threaten U.S. exports and demand for American-made products. At home, stock market volatility threatens consumer confidence and sales of autos, new homes and other big ticket items.

Stimulus spending only temporarily boosts growth but permanently increases deficits.

Specifically, before the financial crisis, the federal deficit was only $161 billion, but after five years of recovery it stands at $580 billion.

Here are five things Obama could do with Republicans to boost growth.

Years of disappointment and tension between Democrats and their president are now on open display as politicians, party leaders and strategists worried about their chances in the midterm elections begin casting about for someone to blame.

A party and its president often go their separate ways during the final years of a second term, and Democrats say they appreciate Obama's decision to avoid campaigning in competitive states. But that doesn't do much to soften frustration with what they describe as near-political malpractice by the White House, basic missteps that some blame on an insular president who they say takes advice from aides with little campaign experience. "Folks are beginning to scapegoat and second guess, but there are plenty of reasons to do that," said strategist Jim Manley, a former aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. "President Obama doesn't like to get his hands dirty. He seemingly floats above it all." Read more

The voters who put Barack Obama in office expected some big changes. From the NSA's warrantless wiretapping to Guantanamo Bay to the Patriot Act, candidate Obama was a defender of civil liberties and privacy, promising a dramatically different approach from his predecessor.But six years into his administration, the Obama version of national security looks almost indistinguishable from the one he inherited. Guantanamo Bay remains open. The NSA has, if anything, become more aggressive in monitoring Americans. Drone strikes have escalated. Most recently it was reported that the same president who won a Nobel Prize in part for promoting nuclear disarmament is spending up to $1 trillion modernizing and revitalizing America's nuclear weapons.Why did the face in the Oval Office change but the policies remain the same? Critics tend to focus on Obama himself, a leader who perhaps has shifted with politics to take a harder line--Obama couldn't have changed policy much if he tried. Read more

The Washington Post is running a story which alleges the USAID's (U.S. Agency for International Development) [Foreign Aid] Inspector General may have been complicit in burying information critical of the Agencies actions in funding other nations under questionable circumstances.

Al Sharpton - the dumbest man on television Read more

Voter-ID laws are part of a hoary American tradition holding that people who aren't economically independent can't make reasoned political choices. Read more

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's harvest time in Colorado, and not just for pumpkins. Concerns are running high over door-to-door campaign workers asking voters for their mail-in ballots in what is known as "ballot harvesting."


In a sweeping victory for the U.S. government, a federal jury on Wednesday found four former Blackwater guards guilty on nearly every count they faced in connection with the 2007 killing of 14 unarmed Iraqis at a Baghdad traffic circle.

Jurors found three of the ex-guards guilty of manslaughter and weapons charges, and a fourth guilty of murder.

The verdict comes more than seven years after the shooting incident that outraged Iraqis and inflamed anti-American sentiment around the world. Read more

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