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Friday, April 29, 2016

Nicotinamide riboside (NR) is pretty amazing. It has already been shown in several studies to be effective in boosting metabolism. And now a team of researchers at EPFL's Laboratory of Integrated Systems Physiology (LISP), headed by Johan Auwerx, has unveiled even more of its secrets. An article written by Hongbo Zhang, a PhD student on the team, was published today in Science and describes the positive effects of NR on the functioning of stem cells. These effects can only be described as restorative.

As mice, like all mammals, age, the regenerative capacity of certain organs (such as the liver and kidneys) and muscles (including the heart) diminishes. Their ability to repair them following an injury is also affected. This leads to many of the disorders typical of aging. Read more

When Malaysian farmer Ibrahim Basir's business partner informed him he needed to check on his herd of goats last Friday, Ibrahim got the surprise of his life.

One of the females had given birth and the newborn kid was dead, possibly trampled by its mother. Disappointing, but that was not the surprise.

It was the baby goat's face … and legs … and body. There was something eerily human about its appearance.

"When I went to check, I was quite shocked but fascinated too as its face, nose, short legs and even the condition of its soft body seemed like a human baby, but the light brown fur covering its whole body resembles that of a goat," Ibrahim, 63, told Straits Times.

Despite its human features, the kid did not have an umbilical cord.

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As the controversial real estate mogul closes in on securing the party's nomination for president his rallies have drawn protests nationwide, including at a rally in Orange County Thursday night.

More than 10,000 people replied on Facebook that they were either interested or planning on attending protests against Trump outside the convention.

Outside the convention hall, KPIX 5 reporters Anne Makovec and Maria Medina, along with KCBS Radio reporter Doug Sovern, witnessed a growing crowd of protesters.

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It takes 2,590 military personnel, government civilians and full-time equivalent contractors and $70 million per year to run the world's largest and most expensive military aircraft programme, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

That's according to the US Defense Department's F-35 chief Lt Gen Christopher Bogdan, who disclosed the staff count and annual budget of the F-35 Joint Programme Office (JPO) at a congressional hearing about the $379 billion fighter procurement this week.

The numbers include the two F-35 test forces located Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland and Edwards AFB in California.

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During a campaign stop in Indianapolis, former President and hopeful "First Hubba" Bill Clinton gave a speech that was vintage Clinton, yet peppered with Sanderista philosophy. Hillary has carefully avoided many direct attacks on "Hedge fund billionaires," choosing instead to refer to them under the catch-all umbrella phrase of "Shadow Banking."

Perhaps the Clintons have been wary of talking about hedge funds because their son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, runs macro fund Eaglevale Partners. Mezvinsky runs the fund with partners he met while working at Goldman Sachs (stop grinning, Bernie bros) and has raised a lot of money from Clinton family friends like hedge funder Marc Lasry. Read more

President Obama on Friday announced new efforts to speed up development of so-called smart guns, the latest step in his final-year push to reduce gun violence.

Obama also announced the administration is publishing a proposed rule that would ensure that federal mental health records held by the Social Security Administration are included in gun background check systems.

Anti-Semitism is "hostility and prejudice directed against Jewish people" (OED).

Zionism refers to the movement to create a Jewish state in the Middle East, corresponding to the historic land of Israel - anti-Zionism opposes that.

But some say "Zionist" can be used as a coded attack on Jews, while others say the Israeli government and its supporters are deliberately confusing anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism to avoid criticism. Read more

Each year, attendees of the event are required to be decked out in costumes while at the festival's wasteland compound with organizers designing elaborate sets complete with Mad Max-style cars. Festival goers also drive out to the event in custom-made vehicles.

Orr, a life support aquarist at a public aquarium in Las Vegas, said he first learned of the festival through a former partner and their first year going, they decided to build a car.

He said he has worked on cars casually, rebuilding engines, but he described the competition to outdo himself by constructing a junkyard monster better than the previous year as an 'addiction.'

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But what if these polls do matter? What if Hillary really is the weaker candidate? What if Trump is able to successfully label her as the candidate of Wall Street?

The House Republican Hillary Clinton Witch Hunt Benghazi Committee has just entered its 722nd day of operation and will soon have cost the American people $7 million in taxpayer funds, with absolutely nothing to show for it. The American people aren't the only ones frustrated, either. The Pentagon issued a sharply worded letter to Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and the rest of his cronies on the Benghazi Committee, demanding that they essentially stop fooling around and making unreasonable requests that don't ever amount to any real or reliable evidence.
The Pentagon finally slammed the Committee for engaging in "speculative and hypothetical" questioning and demands that they focus on "obtaining facts" instead of dabbling in absurd conspiracies theories and trying to forcibly cobble together some kind of case, obviously to be used to smear the presumptive Democratic nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as she gears up for the general election. Read more

During one of his abrupt verbal asides on the political stump Wednesday night in Indianapolis, Donald Trump proudly noted another endorsement from the sports world.

Mike Tyson.

The former heavyweight champion, of course, has a history in Indianapolis. It was here where he was convicted of raping beauty pageant contestant Desiree Washington in 1992 -- and subsequently spent three years in prison.

"Mike Tyson endorsed me," Trump told the crowd. "I love it. He sent out a tweet. Mike. Iron Mike. You know, all the tough guys endorse me. I like that, OK?

"But Mike said, 'I love Trump. I endorse Trump.' And that's the end. I'm sure he doesn't know about your economic situation in Indiana. But when I get endorsed by the tough ones, I like it, because you know what? We need toughness now. We need toughness."

Donald Trump is known for saying a lot of bizarre, offensive things on the campaign trail. But The Daily Show finally figured out a good use for those lines: a rap video.

"Everything Trump says is straight out of a rapper's playbook," correspondent Roy Wood Jr. said on Thursday. "He brags about his money. He's disrespectful to women. And there's always fights at his concerts."

Host Trevor Noah questioned the idea at first, arguing Trump "is just saying stuff." But Wood countered, "The same way rappers just say stuff. Do you really think Jay Z has 99 problems? He's a billionaire. At the most he's got 12 problems."

To prove the concept, Wood put together an actual rap video of Trump's lines. It works … surprisingly well. Here's one section, keeping in mind these are actual Trump quotes: Read more

Texas' controversial voter identification law will remain in effect, possibly through November's elections, after the Supreme Court on Friday denied an emergency request from a coalition of Latino advocacy groups and Democratic lawmakers who say the measure is discriminatory.

The unsigned order from the justices did not explain their reasoning, or whether there was any opposition. While it is a temporary decision, it could affect enforcement of similar laws in other states during a hotly contested presidential election year.

A lawsuit challenging the Texas law known as SB 14 is still pending in a federal court, and the immediate issue was whether it could be enforced until the legal issues are fully resolved. A federal appeals court will hold a hearing next month on the issue, and the Supreme Court indicated it could revisit the issue later this year.

Local police chiefs and sheriffs typically swear to enforce the laws of their state. But a group called the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is intent on strictly enforcing their view of the U.S. Constitution and, according to a long new piece by the Center for Public Integrity, "its ambition is to encourage law enforcement officers to defy laws they decide themselves are illegal." In essence, they are troubled by the overreach of the federal government in matters concerning guns, taxes and land management, and founder Richard Mack has described the federals as "the greatest threat we face today," and his association as "the army to set our nation free." Read more

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. Clinton will want Bernie Sanders's help in winning over his diehard supporters and unifying the party -- and Sanders will want something in return.

Clinton supporters argue the former secretary of State has already been forced to the left by Sanders, and can't risk moving further ahead of a general election.

"I don't know what's left to extract," Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), a Clinton supporter, said in an interview with The Hill.

He said the Democratic primary moved the discussion "farther to the left than most moderate Democrats would like to see.

"Some would say it even endangers a victory in November because the further you go to the left or right, the further you frustrate independents," Cleaver said. Read more

Donald Trump has given up on winning historically literate voters. Consider the theme of his major foreign policy speech Wednesday: "America first."

This slogan is most associated with aviator Charles Lindbergh, who spent a great deal of time in the late 1930s gushing at how wonderful the Third Reich was. Before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Lindbergh helped form "America First" committees that campaigned to keep the U.S. from fighting the Axis Powers. Lindbergh rose to become a demagogue and accused President Franklin Roosevelt of colluding with a Jewish lobby and Britain to drag America into World War II. Read more

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