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Everybody needs it. In 1999 I had an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) bleed in my brain. It was sudden, as I was getting dressed for work. I was in intensive care for 5 weeks. The required treatment was the "Gamma Knife", a focused gamma radiation tool to cauterize the lesion. I had to travel out of state for the treatment (and another overnight hospital stay). It was a congenital condition which can only be diagnosed by an MRI. Of course, nobody gets routine MRIs of their head, so it never would have been discovered. There is nothing I could have done to prevent it. The total cost was well over $200,000. It wasn't due to my lifestyle choices or any other "poor decisions". I was born with it. I am lucky to be alive. Had I not been working for a company that was in the top 10 of the Fortune 500 with excellent health benefits, I don't know if I would even have lived. Nobody knows when they may become sick, or injured in an accident, and we will all (hopefully) be old one day.

We are all taxed for a national defense to protect us if we are attacked, but we can't be taxed to protect ourselves from injury or illness? We are all taxed to pay for police and fire protection. All of these things protect all of us, not just those who are able to pay for it. We are far more likely to be killed by illness or injury than we are to be attacked by a foreign power. Terrorists don't count, they are a law enforcement and intelligence problem, but then, we all pay for that protection with taxes, too, don't we?

So to sum up we all pay taxes to protect ourselves from everything except illness and accidents (which by far are the things most likely to kill us). Is that something that smart people do?


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