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Teacher salaries are not the problem. ADMINISTRATOR salaries are. In many school districts, administrators outnumber teachers and they are non-union and typically much higher paid.

The average administrator pay is 50% higher than the top teacher pay. But go ahead keep pretending teacher salaries are the problem


I'm not the one who is saying teacher salaries are the problem. My mother and sister were both school teachers and my wife works in the school system, as well. You're right. The administrative costs are out of line. But do you know why? Teacher salaries are capped in most places at a relatively low level. To make any more money, no matter how good a teacher you are, you have to become an administrator. Here in NC, teachers are no longer paid more for advanced degrees. I saw something similar in my own career in private industry. The best performers were forced to go into management if they wanted to make more money. Many of them were great at their old job, but lousy managers.

The "rules" of the system are the root of that problem. The bigger problem is the distribution of funds for schools. In the civilized world, schools are funded equally (i.e., not based on local property taxes). People don't have to move to put their kids in a better district. Less affluent kids get the same education as the rich kids.

Another thing is that in those other countries teachers are treated and respected as professionals, not "overpaid" babysitters. They also teach academic subjects as opposed to coaching for standardized tests (another perverse incentive built into the system).

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