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Thursday, August 09, 2018

A former Diablo Valley College philosophy professor has taken a plea deal resulting in three years of probation for attacking Trump supporters with a bike lock, Berkeleyside reported Wednesday. read more

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

What makes this so significant and unique is that it almost certainly signals the return of the next solar minimum, a return that comes more than a year early. The solar cycle the Sun is now completing has only been ten years long. It is also one of the weakest in more than a hundred years. This combination is unprecedented. In the past such a weak cycle required a long cycle, not a short one. read more

Monday, August 06, 2018

The sequence of events here isn't entirely clear but it doesn't really matter. As you can see in this clip, Kirk and Owens are inside the restaurant and some of the protesters are inside screaming at them. When they head outside a small mob is chanting and giving them the finger. The protesters, who appear to be mostly young, white women, chant "F**k white supremacy." Someone with a bullhorn is yelling in Candace Owens ear and she tells that person to back off. And then the protesters begin primal screaming as loud as they can.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Y'all here is another Permit Patty trying to kick me off my own property because she's having a hard time getting her kids to take a nap at 3:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday. I'm outside enjoying the afternoon with my daughter when this woman came downstairs and asked me if I would move so her kids can nap. (673 Characters) read more

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Speculative-fiction writer Harlan Ellison, who penned short stories, novellas and criticism, contributed to TV series including "The Outer Limits," "Star Trek" and "Babylon 5" and won a notable copyright infringement suit against ABC and Paramount and a settlement in a similar suit over "The Terminator," has died. He was 84. read more




The CIA's effort to neutralize the impact of the report has gone well beyond reasonable, however. CIA Director John Brennan has admitted that, despite his own previous denials, the agency inappropriately monitored the committee's computers. We recently learned that the CIA has insisted on excessive redactions to the report to block crucial information from coming out, including information that had previously been authorized for disclosure and publicly released under the Obama administration.

"I don't disagree with it. I mean, look, Director [John] Brennan tried very hard to cover up the Panetta Review," said Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat and longtime intelligence committee member.

The Panetta Review saga would spur a furious CIA to take an extraordinary step: it would spy on its own legislative overseers – especially Jones. The episode would spill out publicly the following March, when top committee Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who had already taken a huge political risk in pushing the torture inquiry, accused the CIA on the Senate floor of triggering what she called a constitutional crisis.

I guess Brennan is a credible source and a real American hero.

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