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You only want to investigate lifetime appts and leave all the rest to voters to vote them out?

#237 | Posted by SheepleSchism

If you weren't losing this debate you wouldnt have to assign false positions to me.

Lifetime appts that are being made in the next few days are a much higher priority than politicians that can be voted out anytime.

Repubs (and fake progressives) are simply spouting the ellison talking points as instructed by bannon and breitbart because they're desperate to make a WHATABOUT false equivalencies and get kavanaugh confirmed before we know who he really is.

For the longest time I fell for it sheep. I really thought you were a frustrated progressive who was so wounded by the DNC that you wanted to burn the whole system down. Just a confused progressive who thought the path to a progressive future was to let repubs ruin the country so progressives could rebuild it.

The past couple of days you've really dropped the disguise and just started spouting breitbart talking points and posting links to fox news.

This is not the behavior of anyone who holds progressive views no matter how much you hate the DNC. This is the behavior of paid russian trolls or simply undercover republicans. Youve revealed yourself now.

Just like boaz used to claim to be black so he could write racist posts about black people without being called racist, you'll feel better if you stop with the fake liberal act. In fact, instead of posting anything, just give us direct links to breitbart's front page or trump's twitter accounts, since those are where your talking points are generated. Cut out the middle man and save us all the annoyance.

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