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Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Department of Justice inspector general is approaching the conclusion of his investigation into allegations of bias at the origins of the Russia investigation, according to a letter sent to lawmakers Friday, and has provided a draft report of its findings to the DOJ. read more

"Our democracy's ideals were false when they were written." I've been struggling with that sentence " the opening statement of the NYT Mag's 1619 Project on the legacy of slavery in America: hHow can an enduring "ideal" " like, say, freedom or equality " be "false" at one point in history and true in another?

You could say that the ideals of universal equality and individual liberty in the Declaration of Independence were belied and contradicted in 1776 by the fact of slavery, but that's very different than saying that the ideals themselves were false. (They were, in fact, the most revolutionary leap forward for human freedom in history.)

Clearly, the Times is now engaged in a project of reporting everything through the prism of white supremacy and critical race theory, in order to "teach" its readers to think in these crudely reductionist and racial terms. It's as much activism as journalism, ideology masquerading as neutral scholarship. read more

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe's legal team has been notified that the Justice Department authorized prosecutors to seek an indictment against him for lying to investigators, according to two people familiar with the matter, though it remains unclear whether McCabe will be charged. read more

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The New York Times on Wednesday updated a story marking the 18th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, and deleted a tweet that said "airplanes took aim" at the Twin Towers of New York City's World Trade Center. "We've deleted an earlier tweet to this story and have edited for clarity. The story has also been updated," said a tweet posted to the official New York Times Twitter account.

The original tweet linked to a story about families gathering at the memorial site in New York City but was widely called out since it did not mention that the planes that hit the towers were hijacked by terrorists from al-Qaeda. The re-issued tweet with the story link now says, "18 years after nearly 3,000 people were lost, families of those killed in the terror attacks will gather at the 9/11 memorial."

Twitter exploded with outrage over the original story and tweet and sources at the Times said that they received thousands of cancellations before noon today.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Former secretary of defense James Mattis repeatedly refused MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell's invitations to criticize President Donald Trump in an interview Thursday.

After Mitchell quoted a portion of his new book Call Sign Chaos that criticized the Obama administration"including former vice president and 2020 candidate Joe Biden"for leaving the Middle East in "disarray" and "our friends confused", she asked if the American alliances were weaker now than when Mattis took office in 2017, and Mattis replied, "No, NATO is actually stronger today."

After Mattis deflected questions about Islamic State and military funding toward border wall construction, she next brought up a 2017 cabinet meeting where Mattis praised on the U.S. military rather than Trump. "Andrea, I'm going to frustrate you here," Mattis said, stating he only was thinking at the time about representing the Pentagon as an "apolitical organization."

Visibly frustrated, Mitchell ends the interview.



The NYT's argument that the "true founding" was the arrival of African slaves on the continent, period, is a bitter rebuke to the actual founders and Lincoln. According to the NYT, America is not a messy, evolving, multicultural, religiously infused, Enlightenment-based, racist, liberating, wealth-generating kaleidoscope of a society. It's only white supremacy, which started in 1619, and that's the key to understand all of it. America's only virtue, in this telling by the Times, belongs to those who have attempted and still attempt to end this malign manifestation of white supremacy.

I don't believe most African-Americans believe this, outside the elites. They're much less doctrinaire than elite white leftists on a whole range of subjects. I don't buy it either " alongside, I suspect, most immigrants, including most immigrants of color. Who would ever want to immigrate to such a vile and oppressive place? But it is extremely telling that this is not merely aired in the paper of record (as it should be), but that it is aggressively presented as objective reality. That's propaganda, directed, as we now know, from the very top " and now being marched through the entire educational system to achieve a specific end. To present a truth as the truth is, in fact, a deception. And it is hard to trust a paper engaged in trying to deceive its readers in order for its radical reporters and weak editors to transform the world.

Sullivan is 100% correct on this, and it is depressing that the Times has to sink to this level.

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