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Friday, January 18, 2019

Expressing disbelief at her romantic partner's dramatic behavioral shift, local woman Emily Kittleson, 30, told reporters Friday that she had not expected her boyfriend's attempts to recognize and curtail toxic masculinity would eventually turn him into a "weepy little pansy," said Kittleson of her boyfriend Shane Magnusen, 31, whose efforts to reject toxic masculinity have begun to irritate her as she claims he has evolved into "a fragile fucking flower about everything" in recent weeks.

"Instead of suppressing his emotions about major issues in his life, he cries at sad commercials. Our fights used to be him screaming at me for a few minutes and that was it, not great but not terrible. Then last night we get into an argument that somehow turns into me nodding and making comforting noises while he talks about his strained relationship with his dad until well after midnight. Like, come on, I don't have time to indulge this self-centered crap."

How the United States and China deal with each other in 2019 is of vital importance, as it will have an impact not only on these two countries, but on the world as a whole. To help China and the US strike a better deal, I propose a reciprocal zero-tariff agreement:

1. Reciprocity: Zero tariffs on imports or exports, in the amount of US imports to China, adjusted every year. For example, there would be zero tariffs on US$155.1 billion of Chinese exports to the US and US$155.1 billion of US imports to China.

2. Tariff exemption: A Chinese exports to the US (around US$150 billion) that are manufactured by US companies in China would qualify in discretionary reduced tariffs or exemptions on their goods.

3. Normal tariffs or otherwise: for the remainder of Chinese exports to the US, the US could levy normal tariffs, the lowest possible tariffs, or zero tariffs.

4. Annual readjustment: As US imports to China increase under the #1, the agreement would be adjusted upward annually.

At 36, Pete Buttigieg is just over the minimum age required to be president of the United States. Outside South Bend, Indiana, the Rust Belt community where he's been mayor since age 29, few people know his name. Those who know it struggle to pronounce it. (It's BOO'-tah-juhj.) None of that has deterred Buttigieg -- a Democrat, Rhodes scholar and Navy veteran known to most people as "Mayor Pete" -- from contemplating a 2020 presidential bid against a crowd of much better-known lawmakers with more experience and more money.

He's among a number of potential candidates who believe that voters are looking for fresh faces and that the old rules of politics may no longer apply. They're benefiting from Democrats' fears about running another member of the party's old guard in 2020. "I think most people are thinking: ‘Why not?' They think all the rules have been broken, that anybody can run," said Buttigieg, who would be the first openly gay nominee from a major political party.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Pakistan has officially asked China to shelve a joint US$2 billion coal power project from the US$62 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) infrastructure project, claiming it will be too expensive and should not be an immediate priority.

Pakistan is confronting a balance of payments crisis caused by the rupee losing 25 per cent of its value against the US dollar in 2018 after the US cut off billions of dollars of annual US aid in 2017. To make up for the shortfall, Khan's government has approached Saudi Arabia, China, Abu Dhabi and the International Monetary Fund for help. Beijing has reportedly pledged to lend Islamabad US$4 billion.

"Pakistan at the moment is interested in liquid cash instead of investment due to the balance of payment issue and Khan's government is interested in cash in return for shelved Chinese power projects," said Qamar Cheema, a political analyst based in Islamabad.

Fake Washington Post newspapers were distributed In D.C. this morning, the lead front page story of the fake paper read: "Unpresidented. Trump hastily departs White House ending crisis." The newspaper said it was aware someone had produced forged newspapers with fake headlines and stories inside. A fake website was also apparently created. At this time, it's unclear who created the forgery.

However, in a story, the real Washington Post noted that liberal activist organization Code Pink published a video on Facebook in which copies of the fake paper were handed out. "This just in! Handing out the Washington Post paper on Trump leaving the presidency," the video was captioned. Another part of the fake story was vice president Mike Pence had been sworn into office. One of the fake stories inside, according to Wemple's tweet, read: "Major news outlets on Trump's rise to power: 'Our bad'."


Back on topic, here is the next brilliant idea AOC is going to "run train" on...

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