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Friday, December 29, 2017

Michael Schmidt of the New York Times held an impromptu interview with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago yesterday, and there are takes galore lighting up the internet. Probably all of them are accurate, but for my money the main takeaway isn't something you can illustrate with an excerpt from the interview. But I'll try anyway: read more

More Trump Scumbaggery on display. read more


if this is the strategy for taking back elections you guys are plain geniuses, except for the one that never adds anything to the comments except negative namecalling, angrydad. good luck with winning those elections fella americans...Mutant

Look weasel, There has been plenty of publicity about Trump aids throwing White Power signs since he was installed. Take that tired old innocent shrug and stuff it.

"Oh no! We have no idea what that hand sign means...heh heh..." Banoney and you know it!

If there was any will in the White House to terminate allowing photos of Trumplings throwing "WP"Gang Hand Signs, Kelly would have had a meeting, followed by a memo demanding it stops. When WP Hand Signs continue to be published in the Trump White House, after several offenses, it aint no innocence born accident.

As I said in my post, if this little Nazzi isnt called out and reprimanded by the White House, then we all can infer that the behavior is Trump Approved. If it were not approved, Kelly would simply order "next time any staffer is photographed throwing 'WP' waves to your little Nazzi friends in White House Photos, he will be fired immediately". You know, like any other Presidential Chief of Staff in American history would do if their White House Staff were repeatedly photographed throwing them. You can only pretend 'innocence by ignorance' once.

You wanna play...'these fine people" dont even know what hand signs could signify, and have no idea what you could possibly be talking about"? Nope. Not any more. If it wasnt intentional, all Kelly would have to do, is send a memo saying if it happens again, "You're Fired". If, in defense, you protest that nobody ever explained what hand signs are forbidden in the White House, then your boss will also be immediately fired.

It would never happen again, would it?

This is how a Chief of Staff takes control of what comes out of the White House 'buhleevmee'.

If Kelly doesnt do that, then he wants it to happen.

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