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Saturday, May 27, 2017

President Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at age 83, though he began to manifest symptoms far earlier. He had significant declines in his mastery of language. By his second term, his speech showed a deep drop-off in the use of unique words; a marked increase in the use of non-specific nouns (thing, something, anything); an uptick in filler words.

Trump seems to have parallels in all these areas. read more


"SCOTUS will be rendering its decisions about Trump executive orders just before the 2018 elections, and more than likely, SCOTUS will rule against the Obama appointed judges who live in the lower court swamps. SCOTUS will help Trump.

"Comey is gone. Lynch is in trouble. Clinton is back in trouble. The Clinton Foundation donors are talking. Clapper and Yates both said that there is no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians."

This is an excerpt from a very long essay on what is involved in the drying up & disappearance of an actual swamp, and political figures the writer finds slimy & parasitic.

While President Trump was expected to have a hard row to hoe in Wash. D.C., please realize that the MSM, e.g., The Washington Post and The New York Times, have been anti-Trump / pro-Clinton from the get-go. Both are propaganda tools of the world order. If you need reminding of what will happen once that Order is in full control (America being a formidable opponent) re-read Orwell's 1984; written for edification, not entertainment.

Or for a very entertaining view of exactly how the world order operates, view Marvel Comics' excellent action-adventure movie "V for Vendetta."

Finally, both Clintons and a number of Republicans are world order minions; and the above news organizations, and many, many others, have lied egregiously about the president (not that he is a saint or that all claims are false).

But by all means, pile on to the Impeach Trump Now bandwagon, which will help the world order feel good about itself. Impeachment process usually takes about 4-6 years to accomplish; it's supposed to be difficult, and has happened 3 times in American history, twice unsuccessfully & once leading to Nixon's resignation. (I did not like Nixon or vote for him-- had just turned 18-- but he made a classy exit, i'll give him that.)

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