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Lot of 'conservatives' in favor of Trump applying eminent domain on this land in order for the Federal Government to seize control and implement a wall in the name of national security and safety. I feel that this spells out a great deal of irony amongst modern-day right-wingers. The 'conservatives' are now in favor of extended federal outreach in the form of private property seizure. The 'conservatives' outcry for seizure of this private property truly spells out their hypocrisy and proves there is no logic or reason amongst modern day 'conservatives'. I equate this support from 'conservatives' to seize private property akin to teenage girls being roused up over something they want. True snowflakes and tear-producers. It is disgusting to think that these blowhards encourage and support extended federal outreach in the name of private property seizure. I've even heard that the head of this Company should be jailed! Jailed for purchasing property, I suppose. But again, I've already decided that Trump supporters have long removed logic and reason from their thoughts, actions, and beliefs. There is, on this thread, advocacy of giving away bits of the US of A to Mexico in order to build wall and spite private property owner(s). To that, I again say that Trump supporters have lost all reason and logic as they act like teenage primadonna's. Which then leaves us with the issue of folks brainwashed notion that the government can provide safety and security. Even anti-government conservatives now agree with this and expect safety and security to be provided to them by our government. These folks are not only brainwashed but are attributing things, safety and security, to the government of which it will never provide.

In all reality, I doubt HoC can lose from this acquisition. I doubt they paid over market price; if Trump decides to extend his outreach and seizes private property, the owner(s) will be financially compensated for the acquisition and will essentially break even. So, if anything this company gave itself credit to many and will be better known and more profitable.

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