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"Remember when threads about Michele Obama's popularity were met with cries of "racist" from the FR Left?

What makes this any different?"

Back When: abcnews.go.com 79% approval rating?

Maybe it's different because of behaviour and attitude of said first lady. Something to think about...

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

That well regulated militia now days has evolved to The National Guard. This is a point often missed. It is crucial to understand that this part of the constitution was put in there when a rifle was a muzzle loading 1 shot affair. Times have changed.

The NRA is not the one I grew up with, but taken over by the right/nut aspect of the political spectrum. Now they are taking money from foreign interest (read Russian) to influence elections. One should look up that little word: "Treason"....

The NRA supports the mentally ill having access to all grades of weapons/guns. That brings to mind an old saw I heard in the UK years ago: "You don't give the village idiot a pointed stick". Simple but truthful. What does it serve to have those incapable of reasoned thought to be armed?

I own a semi-automatic weapon. To go to a gun range now days in my part of the country you have to join the NRA. Really? I end up going to the countryside instead.

I follow some gun blogs, and on the main they are fine, and then there are the idiots calling for civil war over possible regulation. The last one didn't work out so well, and if you have ever dealt with a corpse of someone shot, you might think otherwise. My family is filled with veterans, and they can attest to that as well.

We can have our guns, and it should be a right for all, not just white guys. I would love to see a training program, and a civics program put into practice before a person could own a gun. Heck, if the NRA were defanged, we could have the programs that they had in every middle and high school back when, but that is a dream surely not to be fulfilled.

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