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Where's all the maga people to defend trump stealing money from cancer patients and how that is winning?
#23 | POSTED BY SCHMANCH AT 2017-06-07 09:49 AM

The answer is simple-- they don't give a ----. They don't. And if they do, they won't admit it because it hurts their cause. All they care about is that their party is in control. Well, lemme edit that cuz it's not entirely true... All they care about is that the Democrats *aren't* in control. That's it. They don't care how terrible he is as a human. They just don't care. It's sad. And they'll (time and time again we see it here and other places) claim that Dems would support this behavior because there was a deflection that happened once years ago so that means the behavior is justified. It's sick and sad. See the idiot at #16 as a prime example. "if this is true, what's the problem?" Really? ------- really?

Yeah, the country is becoming so much more divisive and polarized and I'm about to feed the fire (even though I admit the hypocritical nature in which I'm going to complain about that fact)-- those who support this horrible person don't deserve to be listened to any longer. I consider myself a pretty reasonable guy. I wouldn't accept this ---- from a Dem president any more than I would for an R. Call me whatever you want, but I have never voted for a Dem in my life. But you idiots defending this imbecile are paving a very scary road (and, no I'm not just talking about this incident). You're completely pissing away every one of your talking points. And that will no doubt come to bite you with a future Dem president. And I'll be the one STILL out there in front yelling that their (politicians in general) BS has to stop and finally (finally!) you'll be standing alongside me saying the same thing... but I won't want you there. You're part of the problem right frickin now. You'll have all this stink on you by then and nobody is going to listen to what you have to say. Again, just like with gay marriage, drug wars, climate change, trickle down, etc, etc, you're going to end up on the wrong side of history. All so your team can remain in power. So shortsighted it's pathetic.

If you scroll up to #5 you'll see the Genesis - Tony proclaiming guilt based upon Flynn taking the 5th
#83 | POSTED BY JEFFJ AT 2017-05-23 11:49 PM | REPLY

But, as you point out, your response to his statement was already flawed-- he didn't say 5th = guilt. He said this confirms what many already believe... and that is true. I don't think one pundit, strategist, or journo thought for one second that Flynn would do anything other than exercise his 5th rights. It's absolutely stupid for him not to. It's his only protection at the moment, because the evidence is piling up and he can't even cut a deal now.

So, yes, you acknowledged that you *should have* responded with "so is taking the 5th always a sign of guilt", to which the answer would be obviously "no". But again, that even would be a stupid question and obvious deflection because Tony neither stated that nor implied it. Seriously... do you think *anyone* out there thought Flynn innocent of any crime but once he plead the 5th, changed their mind??

The others are right-- you can't post anything without a deflection these days. You can't even express your dissatisfaction with anything negative Trump or this admin has done without trying to shoehorn something about Obama/Hillary/anyone else in the conversation as if to justify some claim that "yeah, these people suck, but look how bad those guys were!". The audacity to say that the past 8 years under Obama were "lawless"... as if it somehow compares even in a small fractional way to what Trump has done in 100 days... yeah, you're off your ------ rocker man. Almost to the point of becoming babbles or nulli with your bs.

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