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I KNEW if I digged for a little on the most excellent website of Nina I. That u would regret it provided any level of intellectual honesty you were hiding in the 'Both parties are not the same' propaganda effort and troll ad hominem smears...

Not that you care about the link/that you defend raposts (LOVE the typo but accuracy when possible with grammar policeisalways wise: rapists*)...SHAME..and like i said...im betting (thankfully) by your silence and glib responses the spectrum of sexual violence only infects your brain that you, like the horror show of wetbrain hrc, defend sex abusers and impugn people for the truth, as it turns ou into one who impugns known truth (one of the six unforgiveables....and on the feast of st thomas Aquinas!!) or that your request stuff as part of antiquated 1920wilsonian liberal propaganda technique


Bill Clinton. Is a rapist.


And bill Clinton was a rapist president before Trump was....

Gotta love nina

Better than bingewatching, doing a deep dive on her website

Now, who stinks? The girl in the sandvox who stomps on the impoverished autistic kids castle instead of saying anything of value?

Do you hate thinking so much that need an echo chamber? Or are u a bot/bought? U certainly fit the bill of #whinemomtroll

Selling war and corporations


Still no reason. To vote Democrat over Republican unless U are a fool, apparatchik or rich with no conscience...all three are possible.

Worst part is to close comments cause these trolls and warmongers of both parties have confirmation bias.

I will stop disturbing your wargames soon kids...

Go back to ur regular repdem preschool wasteoftime

Be the usefulidiots wasting the world while you pretend that your worth extends beyond Ecclesiastes: eating drinking and being merry

Maybe one day you will see that as c. Hodges says "in war internal security and corporate dominance there is no divergence" ALSO IN SUPPORT of Israeli occupying forces brutal suppression and murder in occupied Palestine....

It's oligarchy's finely balanced and minted coin: called the two party system

Repeating....don't see anything substantial

Aca was

WAS a poor making factory

Definitely substantial...NOT to the good

HE ABSOLUTELY coulda done single payer

Gay rights? U gonna ignore the complicity with a failure to cure AIDS?

If Child leukemia can be crispr'd the only reason not to do one ccr5 line is cuz of the money

Oh and to make more misery

You would rather accuse me of trolldom than accept that YOU troll with Republicans

I stopped caring about your smarminess long before you asked me for a courtesy laugh (to try to trigger a spectrum person...is that what cool kids do these days?) Regarding some glib response to my twain retort.

Ummmm searching for fictitious alternative screennames not grammar police at ALL

Cannante is a word I invented LONG before being a stoner was cool so I could Chum the water and let people know about my pot usage without making it too public

Cuz I was born at least a decade too soon and have lost too much work because of my medicine

Been calling myself the singing stoner for decades. On multiple platforms.

@voxofgod on Twitter

I was born too publically to hide in Anything but an overshare...but by all means get to bed soon

Seems you have school tomorrow...

Since you need to avoid the fact that you are Republicans in cheep clothing go ahead and make fun of someone feeding you better hottakes than average and deflecting I stead of trying to be constructive.

Screw this thread, I'm gonna see if there's anything else that requires my special brand of 'called it'!

Supper suppersuppersupper supper suppersuppersupperrrrrtime!

And I'm spent


Sotto il pubblico flaggello per gran sorte va a crepar.

There was more to Clinton's impeachment

But the useful idiots keep flogging the horse

Deflection from their heros' very real nasty evil

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