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Snopes is a piece of chit shill for the Democratic side of the heads you lose tails I win coin, I have to question anything they say is true.

This one is easy

Why was I born with such contemporaries?

Every serious HIV scientist knows that there are several road maps to cures in different directions with this disease, and it is very drudge like to imply that it is Donald Trump who is guilty, several paths of research were available for 1/2 of Obamas term if not more

it is just way too profitable to drug companies selling the drugs... 20% of the money spent on drugs in this country is for HIV treatment....and it helps create an enemy for extermination when our current accounting Lie of a federal budget crashes.

Much better to use it as an issue to Foster more hate...I'm glad folks are seeing it more...Dems suck the energy and waste the time of the good intentioned...

we have internal memos from Goldman Sachs admitting that medical research hurts the bottom line.

There's no interest at all in a 100 million dollar venture capital groundbreaking scientific crispr study..fetal tissue not required.. Editing one single line of genetic code... They are curing leukemia editing several, but they will not cure HIV because it's too lucrative and just the right demographics of people die who get AIDS.

I'm pretty sure it's far more complicated to insert a new Gene in a fetus than it is to create modified stem cells from our own genetic material. And yet, we seem to have genetically engineered HIV resistant mutants, now, too.

This is a great example of rich people turning the rest of the people against each other.

From CEOs to shareholders, the world is too busy making billions monthly to get depressed watching people die slower death

Drudge Retort

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