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This is one area where competition raises prices. These machines cost millions and are very high maintenance. The actual need for them is not so high that we need one in every hospital but no business can make a profit by telling customers they can't provide a service so they all do buy their own. As a result the cost is spread among fewer patients at each hospital and the price per patient is higher. In a medium sized city with three hospitals that each have a machine, the price may be higher than at a smaller city with only one choice.

#15 | Posted by hatter5183

A large part of (not all) the problem is that about 20 years ago, you needed a Certificate of Need to have a hospital. The Certificate of Need basically said yes you can have a hospital. And it kind of determined what services you had to provide to serve the community. How many in-patient beds, what type, etc. You couldn't just open a hospital on any street corner. Then it was no longer required. About an hour later (sarc) specialty and surgical hospitals started popping up on every street corner. They do not have ERs, deliver babies, or provide emergency services to the public. They are almost exclusively for profit cash machines. They don't accept Medicaid or Medicare. In most cases they don't even provide in patient beds for patients should a patient need it after surgery. They turf those patients to one of the Tier 1 hospitals that actually serves the public. Basically, they suck the cash out of the Tier 1 hospitals without providing much of anything back to the community. Add to that the fact that diagnostic centers have also been using that same business model and there is effectively little cash left for the community hospital to operate on. And who owns these cash cows? Many of the same doctors that are on staff in the community hospital. They funnel the for profit patients to the specialty hospitals and leave the for loss patients for the community hospital to suck up. Of course the community hospital still has to pay the doctor.

"Thats the way the Republicans want to do healthcare. They have it so that hospitals have to give care to everyone regardless of their ability to pay."

EMTALA is bipartisan. Both parties agreed that it was kind of wrong for people to be dying on the sidewalk.

"But requiring that those same people buy health insurance?... Thats infringing on Freedumb. "

"Those people" you speak of don't have the money to pay for health insurance in the first place which was why the idea of Obamacare was so wrong. They basically passed a law requiring everyone to "afford" a product. Whether they could afford it or not. And the penalties only applied to the people that could afford it in the first place. And it ended up screwing the very people it was intended to support. The rich had their coverage. The poor were not going to pay anything regardless. And the middle class got stuck with skyrocketing premiums, much less choice, and $5-6,000 first dollar deductibles. But in reality, it was nothing more than a first step toward Universal (government) Healthcare where the government got control of your money and your life. Obama even said so. Oh, and with Universal (government) healthcare, you ultimately have no options for redress because an individual simply can't sue the government. So more money to the government with less litigation. Baby sick and you want a second opinion? Nope. You have spent your government approved allotment. 65 y/o needs a heart valve replacement? Nope. The actuarial table say you wont live long enough for it to be worth the investment. Now as you say... That's infringing on Freedumb.

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