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In actuality, the Republicans passed their tax cuts but they haven't actually done anything to boost the economy so stocks are tanking because consumer demand is falling, housing prices are tanking...Property is up roughly 15% in 24 months. Tax cuts are likely to let us offer another couple of scholarships (won't know for sure for a couple of months) and portfolio is up around 9%.

If, instead of giving the 1% a tax cut we could have forgiven student loans. Imagine, if your little right wing mind can, that consumers suddenly had hundreds of dollars to spend every month. OMG! They would buy homes and cars and all sorts of nice things. Understand one thing from this post, banks charging 8% interest on student loans is absolutely obscene and our country should do something about it...Absolutely absurd. If you borrow money you have to pay it back. How about we just eliminate all mortgages? How do you think that will work out? After all...everybody has a right to a home...right?

Our economy is depressed by this burden on millions of potential consumers so that bankers can take money they didn't earn nor deserve...the bankers earned it by investing in 18-24 y/o kids who had not proven themselves worthy of investment by any objective measure. 8% is pretty cheap. Given that the average student loan debt is about $50 grand, I have no problem with young folks spending a few years paying for an education they will use for the rest of their lives. I had to pay more than that. What? You don't believe in investing in our children?

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