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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Democrats are fraidy cats who won't take their own side in an argument. Worse, they evince an air of fatuous goody-goodyness that serves only to distract attention away from the harms caused by the nefarious policies both parties favor. Nearly two-thirds of the electorate loathes Trump and the Republicans and their supporters who unaware they are being played. Trump and the party he nominally leads are playing with a weak hand. Israel meddles in our elections constantly. Congress and the MSM are in its thrall. Moreover, Netanyahu, is easily as apt a target for demonization as Putin. But, the 2016 election came down to a contest between goody-goodies and "deplorables." The way leading Democrats turned on Al Franken is a harbinger of where "the Schumer and Pelosi show" would like to take us. Schumer and Pelosi and the rest could learn a lot from Trump and the Republicans, about how to stick up for themselves and how, by doing so, to get their way. read more

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

President Donald Trump's decision Wednesday to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital has temporarily derailed the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, two senior White House officials acknowledged after Trump's speech. That "derailment" was a cost the White House was prepared to accept to fulfill Trump's campaign promise. And two senior White House officials said they felt making the announcement now -- before Israelis and Palestinians have reached the negotiating table -- would help mitigate the damage to the peace process. I never paid enough attention to this moron to know that this was a campaign promise. It is ridiculous, disgraceful and immoral for Trump to be making this declaration, as if it's his decision to make. It might even be illegal under international law. The catch there being that the USA doesn't care about international law unless it can use it to beat up on opponents, read more

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Saudi Arabia is a fanatical, retrograde theocracy, the world's worst. Why does Friedman put his reputation on the line for a miscreant like Salman? He knows the Saudis are funding extremist madrassas around the world. He knows they're arming and training jihadists to fight in Syria, and prosecuting a genocidal war of annihilation in Yemen. He also knows that 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9-11 came from Saudi Arabia, the home of all Salafist terrorism emerges. He knows all of this but still provides cover for the man by writing a Homage to a Saudi Dictator in the Times. Why?

The Trump administration, US military and intelligence apparatus have made the Saudi monarchy a lynchpin for their confrontation with Iran, threatening a region-wide war that will dwarf the devastation heaped on Iraq. Friedman is just the public relations make-over, like lipstick on a pig. He did the same thing before the invasion of Iraq. read more

The White House has developed a plan to force out Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson, whose relationship with President Trump has been strained, and replace him with Mike Pompeo, the C.I.A. director, perhaps within the next several weeks, senior administration officials said on Thursday. Pompeo would be replaced at the C.I.A. by Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas who has been a key ally of the president on national security matters, according to the White House plan. Cotton has signaled that he would accept the job if offered, said the officials, who insisted on anonymity to discuss sensitive deliberations before decisions are announced. It was not immediately clear whether Trump has given final approval to the plan, but he has been said to have soured on Tillerson and in general is ready to make a change at the State Department. read more

What made the United States and Germany the leading industrial nations of the 20th century, and now China, has been public investment in infrastructure. This lowers the cost of living and doing business by providing basic services on a subsidized basis or freely. By contrast, U.S. privatizers have brought debt leverage to bear on Third World countries, post-Soviet economies and southern Europe to force selloffs.

The past century's global fracture between creditor and debtor economies has interrupted what should be Europe's democratic destiny to empower governments to override financial and other rentier interests. Instead, the EU is following U.S. diplomatic leadership back to the age when Kings and inherited wealth ruled governments. This conflict between creditors and democracy, between oligarchy and economic growth will remain the defining issue of our epoch over the next generation, and probably for the remainder of the 21st century. read more


If most people have any sense they will use their tax cut to buy down their substantial debts. But a larger paycheck should provide some short term benefit designed to help Republicans from 2018-2024, which was the point of making them temporary.

The stock market bubble is not a reflection of technological innovation, increased market share, or economic growth. It is a product of Federal reserve policy, which provides essentially free money to credit worthy Corporations which they use in stock buyback programs. These stock buybacks raise stock prices and trigger executive performance bonuses.

BLS economic reports are all based on "adjusted" numbers, which get "readjusted" a quarter later.

Current actual numbers are available at: www.shadowstats.com

CPI according to BLS: 2% CPI according to shadowstats: 6%
Unemployment according to BLS: 4.7% Unemployment according to shadowstats: 22%

What accounts for these differences? One example is all the people who are now collecting Social Security disability payments, because they cannot find a job that pays more or provides health insurance. If our Government dealt with its citizens honestly, Trump would never have ascended to the Presidency.

Regardless how money is distributed, at the end of the day, bookkeeping tricks mean less than real wealth production. Our GDP fails to distinguish between new wealth and speculation, which enriches one person by robbing another. On top of that unearned income in this country enjoys a lower tax rate than earned income for a long time, a trend which Republicans are accelerating.

Regardless which candidate you choose, the same detrimental trends persist, at a slower but steady rate under Democrats. Policy changes and economic impacts have a substantial time lag between cause and effect, blurring the public's understanding.

A small example of how difficult it is to live in the spotlight.

America thinks it has the right to "monitor" the elections of other nations, including spending money on their favorite candidate and assassination of those we consider bad choices. Its supposedly because we are "exceptional". We installed Yeltsin for a second term in Russia using our team of propagandists on Russian TV, only to have Yeltsin resign in tears, when following our economic advise (primarily Larry Summers) led to an economic collapse, which cut the average income in Russia in half. Yeltsin then named Putin his replacement.

Gore won Florida in 2000, not that it matters any more. The most important method Jeb Bush and Kathleen Harris used to achieve this result was to purge voter registration list based on false information. Crosscheck continues this tradition, targeting college students and minorities in Republican controlled States. Other tricks include not distributing voting equipment equitably thereby creating long lines in poor districts, stressing out parents using childcare. In Ohio in 2004 ballots were illegally destroyed rendering any recount impossible. It has been proven repeatedly that computerized vote counts can be flipped in less than a minute on some machines. This "feature" must have been designed deliberately, since these vendors also serve the Banking industry which would never tolerate such a "feature". These tools can only be safely used in close elections, otherwise they risk exposure and prosecution. But Gerrymandering remains the most important vote rigging tool. The duopoly is always loathe to expose the illegitimacy of our alleged democracy, since it erodes their ability to manage public opinion.

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