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#64 is "fake news" (a term recently in fashion) used by various anti-Islam crusaders on their numerous hate sites (of which you appear to be an eager subscriber) in order to smear Muhammad. The particular story you refer to, very commonly used to show Muhammad's supposedly debased character, is just a story-- there isn't an authentic, unbroken chain of narration that supports it whatsoever. In fact, the one who reported it, although a trustworthy person, used to take stories from converted Jews who only related, second-handed, the stories of their elders who were in constant conflict with the Muslims, so the objectivity of the account (plus the lack of other similar examples to bolster its credibility) is called into serious question.

This "old man" )as you call him in order to gain sympathy for him), was Kinana-- a convicted murderer and was put to death because he was a convicted murderer. Case closed. He wasn't tortured with fire for his treasure. These are tales. Muhammad had many people against him in his life. And he still does.

Kindly peddle your falsehoods elsewhere.

I will not link to actual Arabic text, but the following English webpage appears to have the necessary information for anyone:


P.S. Although I regularly read, I have only rarely posted here over the past 10 years and I respect the owner of this forum so I will not engage you further in this manner, so do not expect a further reply. I just want to use this one example to discredit you so those who happen upon this thread know that you are an extremely biased and untrustworthy source in regards to Islamic history and scholarship. I am sure you will pull out more stories with twists and falsehoods, but I will not bite. Readers can do their own investigations and find that all of your "facts" come from anti-Islam guru Robert Spencer's various hate sites.

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