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I was healthy. No serious medical problems at all, nothing that would indicate that I had any problems that were likely to show up anytime soon. I didn't have health insurance.

Then Obamacare came along. So of course I signed up, because I'm not an idiot and I know everybody needs healthcare at some point. I wasn't happy about it, because it wasn't what we really need - single payer. But I signed up anyway.

I got the flu a month in. Ok, it was nice to be able to go to a walk-in clinic and not have to worry about a huge bill, but I could have toughed it out without that, it wasn't a bad case. It cost me a couple hundred bucks for the visit and meds, but I could have done OTC stuff like I used to do and would have been fine. It was probably more expensive than it would have been without insurance.

Then six months in, I had gotten a regular primary care doctor, gotten a checkup, everything was fine until one evening I started having stomach pain. I thought it was gas, went to bed. About 2 am, I woke up and the pain was a lot worse. I tried to go back to sleep, that failed. I had dry vomit heaves a few times. When my doctor's office opened at 8, I called. The doctor didn't have an opening that day, but they had the nurse practitioner call me back about an hour later. I described the pain, she said I should come in immediately and asked if I could drive. I said I didn't think I could, that I didn't think I'd be safe on the road. She said ok, hang on, and called an ambulance for me. I didn't know if that was necessary, I worried about costs, I figured it was probably going to go away in a few days. I walked out to the ambulance, the EMTs thought it was probably nothing serious, they were surprised to see me still in the ER when they came back from another run with somebody else.

If I hadn't had Obamacare, I'd have tried to tough it out.

It was appendicitis. It was a really fast onset case, they estimated that I was about 12 hours away from it rupturing.

The hospital bill was about $25,000. I paid about $500. I'd have lost my house or died in excruciating pain if I hadn't had Obamacare. And wow, that could have happened sooner and I'd have been screwed. Most appendicitis cases happen before age 40, mine didn't.

Thanks, Obama.

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