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"But there is a solution...universal IDs for everyone"

Show me your papers, like a good little fascist.

#24 | Posted by DirkStruan

I guess Dirk has never had a job. Here's a clue Dirk...EVERYONE that earns a paycheck is required to show ID and prove who they are. One of the major problems is that the going rate for a State ID is about $40. Add that to the fact that so many illegals simply adopt the "we all look alike" mentality and bring in a real ID from someone else to get employed and do all the new hire paperwork. If you have 200-300 employees, you really don't know who is legal or not legal. If you ask them to produce ID after hiring, you WILL be sued. Democrat or Republican, that is reality.

While I strongly agree about arresting people without due process and for minor infractions, locking them indefinitely in cages, beating them with rubber hoses, stealing their children, hacking their Facebook accounts, kicking their dogs...wait, what were we talking about again?"


#26 | Posted by DirkStruan

Again. DIRKDEETROLL has apparently never had a job. And no one has said anything about denying due process. If they are here illegally, they can not be employed. They are by definition, another nation's citizens. There are certain crimes for which we adjudicate non-citizens (such as murder). For the rest, send them back to be adjudicated by their own governments. As for their children, I say, with some exceptions, send them back with the parents. The fact that they have allowed their governments to turn their own nations into travesties is partly, their problem.

Puerto Rico has received Millions of dollars in emergency preparedness funding for just such scenarios. They refused to do anything but funnel the money into the pockets of a select few. They refused to install 1-2 meg generators in hospitals, harden critical infrastructure, or stockpile necessary supplies. They didn't even have an emergency preparedness plan that didn't depend on all of their resources coming from the mainland. The problem with the unions was threefold: 1) the union process for tings such as fuel distribution for trucks was set up so that the unions got their cut of every mile driven. 2) The drivers would have been placing their families in danger if they drove anywhere without the unions getting their cut without going through the unions distribution system which did not work. 3) The unions are the Puerto Rican Gov't. for the most part. Barges were pilfered or outright stolen. Supplies and equipment were (and still are) held up until tributes were negotiated and paid (in cash). The companies that I have spoken with that have been asked to do business in Puerto Rico have all said that they have changed contract policies with regard to business in Puerto Rico. All contracts will be executed in the Continental U.S. under U.S. law and there must be a responsible party must be in the U.S.

I blame Trump for not declaring Marshall Law and arresting anyone that got in the way. Mayors, unionistas, organized crime, whatever. Puerto Rico, like many third world countries, could be a shining star. But only if they get rid of the corruption.

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