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Until we ban the box where employees ask if you have ever been convicted of a crime, skills and self discipline are irrelevant. Your application will be filed in the special inbox on the floor next to the desk. You know, the one with the plastic liner and the remains of the HR worker's lunch.

Welcome to the fast food business. Don't forget to ask if they want fries.

#9 | Posted by hatter5183

Banning the ability to verify who and what you are hiring is ludicrous. Do you want a child molester running a day care? Or how about a thief running a bank? Of course not. Once you are a convicted criminal, you always will be. It is part of who you are. Kind of like if you have ever served in the military you will always be a veteran. That said, some of the best employees I have ever had were ex-cons. And I had to fight like hell with the Board, Risk Management and HR for a couple of years back in the 90's for the right to hire them. And I know many employers who hire them everyday. But an employer has to do a risk assessment on every person they employ. Anything less is negligence. A big part of the problem is the person. Many don't work out because they come out of prison/jail with severe attitude problems or other baggage. They may resent that they are a 50 y/o and the best job they can immediately get is a housekeeping or dietary job paying $15 hr or they may have a hankering to get back in the same circle that got them locked up to begin with. And they refuse to recognize that they put themselves in the position by committing a crime that got hem locked up. I would estimate that roughly half of the ex-cons that I hired worked out. Of those that didn't, most ended up back in jail.

As for inmates being made to work, they are incarcerated for the purpose of repaying their debt to society. It's not supposed to be just a big TIME OUT. I don't think they should be paid anything.

I DO NOT believe in the outsourced prisons. That whole concept is just wrong. If we as a society are going to take away a person's liberty, then we are responsible for supervising that process.

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