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The actual age of all of it.
If you want to go down this rabbit hole start with:
John Allen West
He is the the force behind Symbolist Egypt. He puts the sphinx at 36,000BC. That date fits the cosmology clearly implied in her, the weathering, and most importantly, what the Egyptians themselves claim. Egyptians in the First Dynasty clearly tell us that they come from and older, advanced civilization. This matches what many ancient texts from Plato to the Sumerians, and every 'holy' book says.
Egyptology is not science, it is a religion masquerading as an ideology. Many of their explanations, from the stone vases www.google.com or the 'drill' cores, www.ucl.ac.uk or the ptolemaic scratching on the serapeum blocks www.youtube.com are so unbelievable it would make a cat laugh. You have to be willing to suspend your common sense to accept it.

The catastrophists are near the end of their torture. Like Darwin and Galileo and Copernicus they posses the most powerful thing in the world, "An idea whose time as come." The Younger-Dryas extinction event happened. More importantly, the civilization that was wiped out that afternoon is shouting at from the past, telling us 'this has happened before, it will happen again, look to the cosmos, prevent your own extinction, moron'.

Drudge Retort

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