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Roko's Basilisk postulates that a super intelligent AI in the future, seeking to prevent existential risk, would punish anyone who tried to prevent it's creation or didn't sufficiently help in creating it.
Because everyday that passes people it could have saved die, punishing those who tried to prevent/delay AI is a moral imperative. Being completely ignorant of AI and the Basilisk might get you off the hook. But now that you have read this post you should consider yourself fully informed of the risk. You're welcome.

Never tried Float Lab dead sober. I imagine you could trip in a deprivation tank without drugs but why risk it?

The Stoned Ape Hypothesis offers the only explanation for how/why our brains became so powerful in such a short period of time--as low as 200,000 years from chimp-like to modern human.

At some point in life everyone should consume 'too much' of some hallucinogen. Like sex, a fist fight, Egypt, and the Kop End, you have to actually experience it to understand it.

Drudge Retort

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