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"We are the most racist team in the country"

This team is scum, their supporters are scum.

The article is pretty much a step-by-step guide on how and where to set up a money laundering scheme.

It costs $100, payable to the Secretary of State, to start one in Georgia. No ID required, and no need to disclose a responsible party such as a CEO or partner. In 2015, 84,000 LLCs filed registrations in this state, up from about 57,000 10 years earlier.

From Martin Samuel the best sports writer on the planet:

Watching as Manchester City strove for perfection, for technical excellence, for an aesthetic quality so rare, even among the best, there was only one worthy comparison: Arsenal. Arsene Wenger's Arsenal. That was the team City were trying to emulate, the team that set the benchmark. Not just in one unbeatable season, but every time Wenger sent them out to play.
He did not always succeed, we know that. Wenger's flag on the summit of football's pinnacle is tattered and torn by time.
Yet when it first flew, we had seen nothing like his achievement, or at least his ambition. To win, every game, playing beautifully: that was his remit. It was an impossible dream, quite the hardest path for any coach, but Wenger would not compromise.

or this is what deserves to be remembered now. That a man arrived and changed English football. Not just by being the first foreign manager to win our league -- not by being a hired hand, hit and run and off to the next placement -- but by immersing himself in this football culture, by showing us something better, by challenging conventions and expectations, by looking up, not down.

Manchester City may beat all manner of records in the coming weeks, but on January 14 when they lost at Anfield, it ensured Wenger's Arsenal would remain the only Invincibles of the post- Victorian era. The standard against which all others must be judged, still. Even City; even Guardiola.

When you find an Arsenal fan in the US you know what they are about before talking to them. Arsene made that.

allez allez allez

Open AI is a company of only 10 people. Their DOTA bot was given 2 weeks to learn the game, its' only instructions were dying=bad, killing/gold=good. It pwned.

Here is AlphaZero playing black against Stockfish and given a chance to force a draw while behind. It knows the odds are poor and 'chooses' to go for a queen trade 20 moves away and the win instead. This is not how to play high level chess. No one can teach this.

With no evidence? It ceases to be science and become imaginary nonsense
The evidence that the Great Pyramid was built in the Old Kingdom by Khufu is
this graffiti, and this "logbook".
TGP is 3/60th of a degree from perfect alignment with true north. The angles and dimensions reveal 12 mathematical constants. Egyptology considers both of those facts to be pure coincidence.

These diorite bowls are so perfectly balanced the bottoms dont need a flat spot. One sold at Christie's recently for 200K. Since you cant date stone any decent stone mason today with modern tools should be able to counterfeit one no problem, right? 200k for a couple weeks work. Egyptologists claim the people that mad these used copper chisels and wooden hand drills, had no concept of the wheel, and had not yet developed clay pottery.

The accepted model claims that the Old Kingdom sprang out of the desert in 2600BC and on its first attempt created the largest, heaviest, most complex and precise piece of art on Earth and then fell into immediate steady decline that didn't end until June 15th 1992 (the day Mo Salah fell from Heaven).

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