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It is estimated the Islamic invasion of India killed 400,000,000 people. That's not a typo. More than enough to make Genghis Khan and Hitler blush.

For the moment we place the birth of civilization around the Tigris Valley, but that might not be the whole story. New evidence suggest that India could be the true "cradle of civilization".

So complete was the destruction of Indian cultural cites by the mohammedan we will probably never solve the puzzle.
Ignoring the scale, the blood and torture and burning of cities is common enough, I guess. I think I understand why certain "people" still hold such hatred, mockery and bigotry towards their victims.

But what I dont understand is why Rcade tolerates said bigot flaunting his racism on such a regular basis.

I watched the SpaceX launch Sunday. I've seen a dozen launches and this was better than all the others combined. It was right after sunset. Here is a vid where you can see the weird cloud as the rocket got high enough to catch the sunlight.
Stuck the landing with a sonic boom.

Made me think of this book from my childhood.

the super libbie entertainment loons
My favorite cousin walks among this tribe of apes. Totally rational, pleasant talented actress. Refuses to vaccinate. She went to some yoga school in Santa Cruz (treehouses, astrology "degrees", no one owns shoes-sorta place) and came back converted. Can't talk her down. It is exactly like the flat Earth people. All evidence either supports their lunacy or is tainted in some way. The more you argue the more entrenched they become.

As a super libbie loon I blame the 'eastern solution' nonsense - also made of super libbie loons.
It's 'religious', or whatever you want to call it when girls do too much yoga and drink kombucha, not political.
Pew says 12% of "super libbie loons" and 10% of republicans think vacs are unsafe. If it were political it wouldn't be that close.

In Soviet Russia we train Master Rats, only strongest will fight for Motherland.

at least 6x more to GOP candidates

Post your link, I dont believe you.

progressive plutocrats
affluent progressive nimbyism in the bi-coastal blue bubble

For an example of one of these "progressive plutocrats" see Jack Dangermond who bought all the land from Vandenburg AFB to Hollister Ranch and turned it into a nature preserve. What a scumbag, huh?

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