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Hawk Eye in tennis is fantastic. A computer and 10 high speed cameras make an instant decision based on objective data. More often than not it only confirms what the umpire called in the first place. The same technology can be used for goal line decisions in soccer, also great. But instant replay where the game is halted and a human is asked to make a subjective call with often incomplete data is worse than useless. The best you can do is have professional full-time referees that get paid enough to make the job very competitive and a system that reviews and rates officiating teams based on their performance. The best crews are given the biggest games and the worst crews are given the sack. Instant replay insures poor officiating. Referees in leagues with replay get worse over time and more importantly are trained to not make calls and let the replay sort it out.

An element of luck is required to make sport truly interesting and exciting. A bunch of fans whinging over over a call is part of it. The NFL is more of a television drama than a sport anyway, its' fans should be least interested in making sure every single call is spot on, even more-so considering it already takes FIVE hours to watch a game. The worst team in the league is given the best player, how is that sport? One team can go 0-16 and still get a big check at the end of the season with no relegation. Another team can go 8-8 and win the title. It's basically 5 hours of everybody-gets-a-trophy communist propaganda with cheerleaders and an occasional pop star thrown in for good measure.

Drudge Retort

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