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My personal experience over many years being involved with conservative people in a church setting and seeing how church going people vary widely in their personal beliefs, I came to believe something about Christians and homophobia.

It's no great secret that homophobia is not only felt by Christians. Cultures all over the world at different times in history for the most part have rejected homosexual behavior. It's seems to be a fairly natural feeling for some reason and accepting gay people in society is a learned behavior. It's not that we learn to be homophobic. The truth is humans learn to not be.

People who are Christians and have strong feelings against gays most usually felt that way before becoming active in a church.

It's just that now those people have an excuse (in their mind) to justify their feelings.

They aren't necessarily homophobic "because" they are Christian although certainly some are.

My point is my belief is the overwhelming vast majority of homophobic Christians would be that way even if they weren't Christian.

Ironically, some people have it all wrong about Christians. Christians who are taught to love unconditionally (hate the sin...love the sinner) are not the ones who are rejecting their children or believing gays are not human beings who deserve to be loved. Many conservative Christians today are coming to terms with Biblical concepts and beliefs that have been used to hurt people in the past.

In my opinion Christianity is a faith built on love. If all you see are the Christians making the news, you are missing out on a quiet majority of people who are kind and loving towards their fellow man and usually continue relationships with their children when they find out they are gay.

It's the people who have been homophobic all their lives who are rejecting their children for being gay. They just happen to also be Christian.

Hey...no Christians are perfect. We all have our foibles and most of us are on a personal journey to improve ourselves and raise our own bars.

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