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"Economic suffering alone does not explain the rise of Trump. Nor does the Calamity Thesis explain why comparably situated black Americans, who are considerably more vulnerable than their white counterparts, remained so immune to Trump's appeal. The answer cannot be that black Americans were suffering less than the white working class or the poor, but that Trump's solutions did not appeal to people of color because they were premised on a national vision that excluded them as full citizens."

That paragraph is where the author makes their potential error. They have spent the whole of the article comparing white voters to all voters with the understanding that it is 'all voters' who voted rationally against Trump, and the only possible reason that white voters voted differently was racial animus. It doesn't seem to register with the author that their premise may be wrong, and the same data could lead to the conclusion that something caused the non-white voters to vote far outside of the norm of 'all voters'. What that thing is that pushed non-white voters to pull the lever for Clinton is not investigated in this article or the data, instead the author chooses one theory of why things turned out the way they did, coincidentally the theory that paints the picture they are pushing, and writes the article with that as the obvious result.

So there you have it. The author has pushed one theory as to why Trump won the presidency from the biased position that white voters voted in a nationalistic way without examining if their theory was incorrect and perhaps it was other groups who voted nationalistically. The author so very much wanted it to be true, so he decided to believe that it was.

I'm not taking a side or saying that he is wrong. I am pointing out a flaw in the author's lengthy work. A less biased author would do well to research more than 1 possible view-point before making a work of this nature. Oh, and lying in the work, as the author does, pretty much ruins the credibility you might have for your work.

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