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This is strictly on McConnell, he's the one who said the GOP would treat anything said about the Russian interference as partisan politics. This was obviously more important than partisan politics. Had he gone public and it was dismissed as partisan politics by 40% of voters and Drumpf still won, that would have muted the breadth and scope of the current investigation that is going to bring down BLOTUS, Pence and hopefully the GOP. This current investigation can't be dismissed as partisan politics, so instead it's "fake news."

Don't forget, the media was complicit in the election of Drumpf. While Dems were spending their money, the GOP donors had lots in reserve because of the billion dollars in free media given to Drumpf b6 the MSM. They could have easily driven that partisan politics meme and the Russians would have aided them in that task.

As we see now, the rubes cling to BLOTUS like he's a lifeline because they're still in being grifted (and he's the anti-Obama.
, a POTUS who actually cared about them and their well-being). The GOP cling to him because they see an opportunity to destroy the social safety net for the sake of further enriching the 1%. The Bros would have been OK with Russian hacking as we currently see, because "Hillary was a flawed candidate." Even if we find the hackers changed actual votes or vote totals (which i think is likely), I'm pretty sure the above named conspirators will just shrug it off.

Obama was in a no win situation. You see daily how Drumpfnuts yawn when told about Russian hacking. The only people that would have cared are the ones who voted for Hillary.

I can't wait to see if WV miners ever realize how badly Drumpf screwed them so he could give more $ to the rich. They'll probably be dying, poor and broke from black lung wearing their MAGA hat's, still believing Drumpf is doing his best.

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