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The only consistent facts I see about this case are that all the forensic results are open to interpretation, and everyone is simply jumping on them with massive amounts of confirmation bias. Sniper claiming Brown had to have gone for the gun, despite witness testimony that the cop tried to yank him over is a perfect example. There are two very distinct sides to every aspect of that. Witness testimony saying one thing. But a possible unreliable witness. Sniper claiming no cop would do such a thing purely because it would be stupid and there was such a weight difference. As if the LEO, part of a group known to not hire people who score too highly, automatically is that intelligent by virtue of being some sort of authority figure. The big freak out about the shoplifting incident, as if that justifies shooting someone down at 25 ft away when they have no weapon and a taser would do if they're non compliant and being legitimately arrested.

I'm not saying either side was right. Brown may well have gone for the gun, but he wasn't even close when killed, so I believe the cop over reacted, possibly to the point of manslaughter, but I wasn't there. That's what a trial is for. Sick of seeing right wing authoritarian boot licker responses, though, as if cops can do no wrong. They can, and by virtue of the power society has given them, need to be more closely monitored for abuse than the average citizen. That's not a bad thing, and doesn't mean Wilson is guilty, either. Just that he shouldn't get a free pass and taken at his word just because.

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