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My cat too. Waiting at the door if I get out at the regular time - not if I don't, so it's not them hearing my car.

I'm not so sure cats understand English though. Of course, there's the highly probable "they do, but don't care" option. But what makes that weirder is my SO laughs at me for it, but I've figured out what most of the cats' chirps, meows, and other odd throaty noises mean and can emulate them well enough she doesn't know which is which - and have no problem calling the cats over, getting their attention, yelling at them to get off the table, treat time, etc. In their "language." Call them by name or tell them something in English, they just look at you like you're retarded.

Coincidentally, everyone else looks at me like I'm retarded when I speak cat. Guess there's no winning.

Another cat I used to have could open doors by jumping up, grabbing hold of the handles and swinging his body back and forth until the knob turned. That one occasionally responded to English and I swear to God clearly told me "no" one morning when I had just gotten off a 16 hour overnight shift and asked if he still had any food. (Mnoo.) Of course when I dazedly walked to the kitchen, refilled his bowl, and all of a sudden looked down in shock asking if he just answered in English, he put his ears back and tore off running, leaving me more concerned. Or just wondering how badly I needed sleep. Of course, I was young and irresponsible and my friends had given that cat too much acid, so he might have just been having a flashback.

Final note, while obviously a cat person, I think dogs have them paws(?) down in this category. They certainly have different categories they are intelligent in, and I think language is far more a canine thing, at the physical brain level. Especially since we always had Huskies as kids. Remember almost dying laughing at my mom yelling at one of them for something and the dog just talking back non-stop in that weird Scooby-Doo language only Huskies seem to have.

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