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Saturday, April 19, 2014

A California deputy accidentally shot himself while trying to kill a dog that he said was threatening his life on Wednesday, but video captured by a local television station later showed the animal much smaller than reported and peacefully playing with children. read more

Sunday, April 13, 2014

BUNKERVILLE -- More than 100 head of Cliven Bundy's confiscated cattle were released from a corral outside of Mesquite after a 20-minute standoff between angry and armed ranchers and law enforcement officers Saturday. read more


I was at some fireworks last night, and honestly, it made me sad. Not because I'm unpatriotic - because every other song they were playing was about "freedom," and we no longer have that. We are spied on by the government. Felt up through airports. People are beaten and killed by police every day. Ever since Bush, we no longer stand for freedom overseas, but rather wars of aggression, the current sole imperial power on earth. One would have thought we'd have learned our lesson as far back as Vietnam, but no. It's not that we still aren't a nation of great people, but the things that made us great as a nation are in decline.

By the way - it's my patriotism that makes me sad in that way. I want the best for my nation. What we're doing isn't it.

Oh, and Paneo, it's not about taking my neighbor's ---- - in fact, I contribute. I pay into taxes, not take out of. And I want to see things like national healthcare for all and freely available birth control. I want to see that in what would seriously be called a patriotic manner, as in I would be proud to see our nation come together to accomplish that, to look out for the common good in that manner.

Which is the difference between liberal and conservative patriotism, and why they don't understand ours. Conservatives think you can just scream "we're number one!" and it makes it true, that our nation can do anything it wants internationally, because, well - 'Murica! They're like spoiled children. Believing they can do anything they want, and all the toys are theirs and you best not make them share. I believe our nation is great in the times it comes together for the common good. We were great when we made the highway system. Great when we admitted our mistakes and improved them - such as when women earned the right to vote, to equal freedom and equality with men, even more so when slaves were emancipated and we began to move on from that terrible tragedy. Floundered a bit there, but great again when we got behind the civil rights movement, and reaffirmed that in fact ALL men were created equal. We were great in the depression, when we organized the New Deal, and made sure our elderly wouldn't starve in the streets, and great when we came together and fought a just war (our last just war) in WWII. Basically, we have been great in our liberal moments. Now, in our conservative moments, of greed, corporatism, wars of aggression, cut social safety nets and social policies, and intrusive authoritarian government, I fear for us.

#19 | POSTED BY KANREI AT 2014-07-01 01:43 PM | FLAG:

If not one, then the other. Each party seems fine with talking about personal freedom, constitutional limits on government power, etc. Democrats were firmly against Patriot Act overreach, until they had the POTUS and senate, then they kept them going. Against warrantless wire taps. Until Obama expanded the NSA. For marijuana legalization. Until it started to happen primarily under Republican governors. (Keep that crusade going Feinstein!) Against the injustices of our prison industrial complex. Until it could make them look soft on crime.

Just like Republicans are the party of personal responsibility. Unless you're a corporation that needs bailed out. Or a non-violent drug offender who has responsibly paid their bills and taken care of their family. Or a woman who wants birth control instead of an unplanned pregnancy. Or someone who wants to use our healthcare system in emergencies, but can't be mandated to use insurance. And small government. Unless you're a military contractor. Or a for-profit prison.

None of them represent us. They continue to divide and conquer. All I can hope is that the rest of the far-right socons finish dying off of old age so the rest of us can get back to debating how to govern and the actual roll of government. These dupes have us embroiled in pointless arguments about not whether we should, but how much money we should waste on pointless invasions of foreign countries, keeping people in prison for punishment and not rehabilitation's sake, keeping sex puritanically for pregnancy only, lest some woman dare to enjoy getting laid like a man, etc. Meanwhile both parties conveniently only decry government abuses while in the minority, never addressing campaign finance reform, Wall St predation and instability, and the unethical failures of our lobbying system.

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