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The worst part about being an omninonsexual gryphonkin is that other demi-crats denigrate me because I don't want war with Russia.

Also, can we talk about how unsafe pepes feel when we frogs are yelled at by old ladies just because we're green?

War with Russia is what Hillary wants, because she can't understand our polyamorous, hermaphroditic nature.

Hillary's Syria 'No-Fly Zone' will kill 'a lot' of Syrians

And it will greatly increase the likelihood of war with Russia.

That's okay, though, because we're Stronger Together(TM).

Hillary's not yet seen a war with which she disagrees, and she'll send your children to die in such a conflagration.

This is doubleplus-good, because otherwise we'd elect a man who's tweeted mean things on occasion.

copy-paste an address into the first field at archive.is to get around most paywalls.

one can also take a snapshot of a page before it's stealthily edited as well using the same technique.

here ya go for the wsj article.

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