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Sunday, May 25, 2014

VICE spoke with whistleblower Pamela Gray, who testified before Congress about the dangerous levels of narcotics she witnessed being prescribed while working as a doctor in a VA hospital.

Instead of helping, the VA is actually creating addicts, she tells us. "Narcotics are very cheap. You can see high volumes of patients in a short amount of time at relatively no cost."

For veterans suffering from mental health issues like PTSD and anxiety, narcotics such as OxyContin and Vicodin actually increase the risk of depression and suicide. A major study of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans found that the VA contributes directly to these problems by prescribing such high levels of opiates.

As Gray says, "I do not understand how any medical institution in good conscience can perpetuate a therapy that is harmful to the people that they are supposed to serve."

Monday, April 28, 2014

The history of science is one chock-full of mice and men. Historically, biological and medical research has largely depended on rodents, which provide scientists with everything from cells and organs to behavioral data. That's why a new study in which researchers found that [rodents] actually fear men, but not women, has the potential to be so disruptive. It might mean that a number of researchers have published mouse studies in which their results reflect this male-induced stress effect -- and they know nothing about it.

For years, the suspicion that Russian President Vladimir Putin has a secret fortune has intrigued many but defied efforts to uncover it. Putin may control $40 billion or even $70 billion, in theory making him not only the richest head of state in world history but possibly the richest man alive in the world today. Now, the quest to track down, and isolate, Putin's billions launches in earnest. President Barack Obama's response to the Ukraine crisis has reinvigorated a 15-year global hunt for Putin's hidden wealth. read more

Tim Wu, The New Yorker: [T]he Washington Post has confirmed, based on inside sources, that the new [FCC] rule gives broadband providers "the ability to enter into individual negotiations with content providers ... in a commercially reasonable matter." That


"I wonder if his narcissism was so extreme that he couldn't bear the idea he might get rejected, so he never made any attempts and just hated women from afar."

Reading through parts of his manifesto, he was incapable of relating to other human beings, but at the same time felt owed a "hot girlfriend", and everything else, as some kind of birthright. I think the narcissism was partly due to belief in his inherent superiority ("magnificent gentleman"), and partly as a defense mechanism to continued social rejection.

Clearly some of his anger was due to very real social rejection, but intensified by his constant brooding, and reinforced by misogynistic material he read online. His attempts to make himself more attractive to women were feeble at best (ie acquiring all the rich kid checklist items -- the gucci sunglasses, BMW, etc), to outright delusional (fervently believing that he was destined to win the lottery and thereby attract women). Never once did he even conceive of making himself more attractive to women by finishing college and getting a good job, or getting in shape, or learning to play guitar, or something like that. No, he wanted it all to fall in his lap, right now, with little to (preferably) no effort -- just like when he got drunk, destroyed a laptop by spilling wine on it, but then mom (or was it dad?) bought him a new, even better one the very next day.

He lived in a fantasy world much of the time, both through computer games like world of warcraft, and through the distorted lens of "PUA hate". His videos creeped me out too much to watch for long, but his mannerisms in them even seem like a poor knockoff of some movie villain. By the end he was at least extremely delusional, if not even psychotic. Maybe in whatever movies or TV shows he watched, the mere presence of a "magnificent gentlemen" had women swooning all the time, but that rarely, if ever, happens in the real world.

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