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Thursday, November 20, 2014

This week in Florida Walmart: one in Tampa sold a steak tainted with LSD to a family four, all of whom ended up in the hospital after becoming ill and suffering hallucinations, according to the Tampa Police Dept.
The Walmart says that it has no idea how it ended up selling a piece of steak infused with a psychedelic drug. read more

Thursday, September 25, 2014

An online sale of sex toys could give Kansas a boost of revenue. The sale is being held so the owner of five adult stores can pay off a tax debt to the state. The state Department of Revenue gave the seized toys back to the company -- operated by United Outlets LLC, under the name Bang -- so it could auction them and pay $163,000 in taxes to the state. Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, a Topeka Democrat, used the auction to make a dig at Gov. Sam Brownback, saying the Republican leader was "so desperate to fill the massive hole in the state budget caused by his reckless income tax cuts that the state of Kansas is now in the porn business." read more

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Democrat Chad Taylor's name must be removed from the ballot for U.S. Senate, dealing a blow to Republicans in the battle for the Senate majority.
Long seen as a safe Republican hold, Kansas has suddenly become competitive in recent weeks, amid struggles by Roberts. Republicans need to gain six sets to win the majority. A GOP loss in Kansas could be a devastating setback.
This is an update on a post from last week. read more

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Democratic nominee Chad Taylor dropped out of the race for U.S. Senate in Kansas on Wednesday, an 11th hour move that could clear the way for his party to rally behind an independent candidate and potentially change the math in the battle for the Senate majority.
The move, which came on the last day for ballot changes, could clear the way for Democrats to rally behind Greg Orman, an independent candidate who has left the door open to caucusing with both parties if elected. read more


The company says design changes were made to enhance performance of the ET-Plus and not to save money.
This is the lynch pin of the discussion.
If Trinity can prove that the change they made to the end treatment did not lessen the effectiveness of it then they have a chance of winning.
Before the ET terminal came into use, the Texas turn down was the predominant guardrail end treatment approved for highway use. Vehicles hit the ramped guardrail section that was bolted to the ground on one end and then clipped to a post on the other end.
Larger vehicles would hit the guardrail, flatten out the rail and hit the post left standing to absorb impact and slow the vehicle down with no injuries. . It was a satisfactory guardrail system, but it had a tendency to launch small cars into the air when they hit the ramped guardrail section .
This is why it's use was discontinued.
The ET was an approved replacement. When hit on the end the ET terminal is supposed to flatten the guard rail section and extruded out the back side of the head. This action absorbs the energy of the crash, slows the vehicle down and brings it to safe stop
. Any system that is designed to move and bend steel to absorb energy in a high speed crash is going to have some less than desirable outcomes.. Trying to create a guardrail system that is pliable enough to not kill the occupants of a Dodge Neon that hits it and at the same time strong enough to keep a fully loaded tractor trailer from going through it is challenging engineering.

I would like to see some system in place where the feeds are kept stored outside of the police department.
#3 kanrei

Our state Highway Patrol officers have car cams that video to a locked box in the trunk. It cannot be accessed by the officer. A supervisor removes it at shifts end.
Several years ago a trooper shot and killed a man that attacked him with a knife. The supervisor and other independent witnesses removed that particular video from the box on the scene to secure and maintain it as evidence.

There needed to be a public statement by the police immediately after this event as to what they claim happened.
#13 Robson

A few months back a TV show aired that set up a "theft" of a camera. A man took the camera from another man's bag, then gave it to a woman, then they ran separate directions as the victem yelled at them. It was set up to be noticed by random witnesses.
They then collected the witnesses (about 12) and took statements as to what had happened.
There were many differences in details and sequence. Some of the details were startlingly different.
Some remembered the coat on the woman as red, another said dark gray.
Some remembered the camera was taken from a bag, another said ,"No, from his coat pocket".
In the end some changed their testimony from red to gray and from the bag to a pocket as well as other details.A concensus on the ID of the alledged criminals proved to be difficult
It was after all of this that the TV producers let the witnesses in on a secret. Two of the witnesses were plants by the producers to purposefully give false testimony. The fakes weren't even at the scene but the real witnesses didn't even notice that they hadn't been there.
There may be some differences between the actual show and what I am relating to you.
I can see why quickly released statements can be detrimental to the truth. The narrative of the Ferguson event has already changed several times.
And the constant drumbeat of "He had his hands up!" may prove to be true; or not; or a variation of the two.
Body cameras on police? I'm for it. I would sure hate to rely on witnesses to to tell what really happened.

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