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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The owner of a Florida gun store said Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen tried to buy body armor and bulk ammunition from his store just a few weeks before the shooting, but his staff turned him away. "We knew by the questions he was asking he was suspicious," Robert Abell, co-owner of Lotus Gunworks in Jensen Beach, Florida, told ABC News. An alert salesperson refused to sell to Mateen, and Abell said he contacted authorities about Mateen prior to the massacre. The local sheriff's office said they were unaware of the incident at the gun store and other local authorities, including the local FBI office, have not responded to ABC News' requests for comment.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The American public has a low opinion of Congress. Only 14 percent think it's doing a good job. But Congress has excelled in one way. Raising money. Members of Congress raised more than a billion dollars for their 2014 election. And they never stop.
Nearly every day, they spend hours on the phone asking supporters and even total strangers for campaign donations -- hours spent away from the jobs they were elected to do. The pressure on candidates to raise money has ratcheted up since the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision in 2010. That allowed unlimited spending by corporations, unions and individuals in elections. So our attention was caught by a proposal from a Republican congressman that would stop members of Congress from dialing for dollars. read more

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The story behind the most famous betrayal in U.S. history shows the complicated politics of the nation's earliest days.
The American Revolution as it actually unfolded was so troubling and strange that once the struggle was over, a generation did its best to remove all traces of the truth. Although it later became convenient to portray Arnold as a conniving Satan from the start, the truth is more complex and, ultimately, more disturbing. Without the discovery of his treason in the fall of 1780, the American people might never have been forced to realize that the real threat to their liberties came not from without, but from within.

read more

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The long-running joke about Harvard -- and other universities with hefty endowments -- is that they have become hedge funds with universities attached. As of last June, the value of Harvard's endowment was $37.6 billion. Yale had $25.6 billion; Princeton had $22.7 billion. In total, more than $500 billion sits in college endowments. Yale spends more on fund managers than on students. Unlike hedge funds, however, most universities are non-profits, and they don't have to pay taxes as their investments grow. And while the richest schools get richer -- Harvard's endowment grew more than a billion dollars last year -- tuition and student fees keep going up. read more

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Two billboards in Washington that accuse farmers of polluting water violated a federal rule by failing to note that the Environmental Protection Agency funds the group that put up the signs, an EPA official said Thursday. A coalition of environmental groups and the Swinomish Indian tribe put up the billboards in Olympia and Bellingham to promote What's Upstream, a media campaign crafted by a public relations firm to link agriculture with water pollution. The groups used an EPA grant to fund the billboards, but didn't credit the agency's financial support, a standard requirement for recipients of EPA funds. read more


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