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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

If one doesn't understand the history of his country or how its government works (and why), yet he still votes, how informed is that vote? Furthermore, how much more open to the influences of a demagogue or a flatter is that uneducated man? Yes, our system of government depends upon an educated population.
That's why the latest report from the ACTA is so horrifying. From NAEP, we have long known that high school seniors are woefully under educated in American history and civics.
Alas, the ACTA went and did the unthinkable: It surveyed college graduates. Here's how the ACTA describes the problem and its report: read more

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Caitlin Owens, Morning Consult: After months of increasingly loud calls for mental health reform, particularly from Republicans as a response to gun violence, the Senate quietly passed a small mental health bill focusing on the criminal justice system. It got almost no attention. It passed late Thursday on a voice vote. The bipartisan push for mental health reform has been gaining steam in Congress for months, with Republican and Democratic congressional leaders expressing a desire to get legislation passed. read more

Sunday, November 22, 2015

As we roll down US Highway 41 in Terre Haute, Indiana , my guide insists I give him my iPhone. Then he tosses me a satin blindfold. The terms of our trip were clear -- I wasn't to know where we were going or how we got there. That's because we're on our way to the undisclosed location of an underground bunker designed to survive the end of the world, whatever form that apocalypse takes.
When I remove my blindfold, I am standing in a grassy clearing looking at a boxy concrete structure that serves as the entrance to a Cold War–era government communications facility gutted and reborn as Vivos Indiana. This is the Ritz Carlton of doomsday shelters, a hideout where residents can wait out a nuclear winter or a zombie apocalypse in luxury and style while the rest of humanity melts and disintegrates. read more


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