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Anyone who knows a wit about English football wouldn't be surprised by this and quite frankly, this kind of larking about goes on at every EPL game every weekend. It could just as easily be a '----' ticket inspector getting the agro. I'm not excusing it, just, it is what it is.
I remember going to a Chelski-Wimbledon (the crazy gang) game at Stamford Bridge back in 1990 (I think). That was rather hairy. Got caught up between the headhunters (Chelsea ) and the Wombles mob. We neutrals were saved by police horses aggressively separating the two groups.
Intercity firms (basically team affliated hooligans, your equivalent of today's Ultras in European football) would arrange for a booze fueled mash up before and after the game. A pub would be selected where pitched battles would take place, bottling being the most common injury. They lead the chants at games and used to police the crowds before CCTV became mandatory at grounds. They have a casual association with right wing aryan-lite movements, but see no irony in telling you, when largered up how 'the Drog', is a 'Legend' or 'Top Lad', who could be one of 'them'. The discussion is usually prefaced with a statement such as, 'I'm not racist mate' or 'I've got black mates' etc. West Ham's Intercity firm, Tottenham Yids, Millwall's Bushwackers, Man U's Red Army, Leeds Service Crew, Liverpool's Urchins etc took great pleasure in going to away matches, ambushing the local Firm at a pub, mashing 'em and giving Bill the slip.
Money into the EPL and aggressive police action has largely curbed the overt agro of the ICFs but in the lower divisions, they still lurk. Aldershot's A coy still being v active. English hooligans get involved in fisticuffs. European Ultras or Italian Tifosi on the other hand......now that's a different kettle of fish......

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