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Political opportunism at it's slimy best. HC supported invading Iraq full-throatedly not b/c of some lazy neocon rationale (she's far too cynical a person to believe that messianic claptrap) but b/c, after 9/11 the political momentum and the psy-ops on a frightened US populace politically limited a more thought out US strategy towards Iraq under Saddam.
She joined the band-wagon.
There is lots of evidence to point out that the Syria crisis had been quickly subsumed under the banner of jihad long before the West decided to become active participants. Bandar and the Saudis and Turkey funded the opposition against Assad and the US was happy for that to occur.There is no evidence that, should a determined military campaign be conducted in Syria, we still would'nt be where we are today. Libya much ? And besides, who Would have emerged should Assad have been trumped ? Al-Bagdahadi ?
In general, what is it with these haranguing harridans buggering up US foreign policy everywhichway. HC, Power, Nuland, Rice (v2.0) et al. Putin is tough ? Yeah b/c he does'nt overextend himself nor is deluded with this belief that everyone wants to be just like Russians. The lot of 'em have initiated costly US foreign policy pet projects on supposedly benighted peoples the world over only to be surprised that non-US actors whom live in those regions don't quite agree. BO, a feckless professor type way in over his head, surrounded himself with tenured faculty types, testosteroned by the fact that they got Bin Laden. The NSC and State are fractured into various camps advocating different policies. The DOD now assesses that IS is the most capable mil force outside of Israel in the ME.
The truth is that much of what has swept through the Sham and Levant was as a result of the USG decision to weaken Iran, first by GW then Obama. The Yazidis are just collateral damage.

"IS (an emerging theocratic state)/Iraq (a geographic expression now rather than a country) There is an old German military maxim that runs something like "if you have a serious problem, boot it!

My expectation is that having now seen an actual demonstration of the US willingness to use air power to defend the KRG and Irbil the IS military leadership cadre will decide that the best Course of Action (COA) is to occupy Kurdish towns as rapidly as they can. Expect to see an early maximum effort to take Irbil. The IS mobile force possesses tanks, APCs and artillery and the ability to use them. IMO their knowledge was hard bought in the Iran-Iraq War and at the Frunze Academy and other Soviet schools. IMO, ISIS is using military experts from the Old Iraqi Army (the one we disbanded) much as the Bosheviki used former Tsarist officers to organize and run the Red Army until the Blood Purges began in the 30s. Marhsal Tukhashevski was an eample of such a person. He was shot in the purge.
IMO IS is cleaning up its strategic rear and consolidating its new state. Some pathetic newsfool bleated today that "we thought ISIS was "over extended." I suppose that means that the Children's Crusade "experts" in the WH, State Department and media thought that to be the case.
An insurgent force that can; wage propaganda war, has lots of money, a coherent ideology and the ability to organize and operate armored kampfgruppen (battle groups) is a very dangerous opponent. IMO that force potentially threatens the state system throughout the Sunni Middle East and is a menace that must be halted.
To build an effective local coalition of forces against IS (a concert of the Middle East?) one must stop trying to unseat the existing governments. They are the only possible basis for such a coalition; Iran, Turkey, whatever government exists in Iraq, Jordan, Syria (Bashar), Egypt, Kuwait (for the basing), Saudi Arabia (for the money and basing), Qatar (for the basing). Unfortunately, to bring these forces together, Obama's government would have to acknowledge the folly of its college bull session foreign policy over the last six years. The Children's Crusade that is the Obama Administration in the NSC and State Department, driven by the social disease of utopian social science fantasies unseated Mubarak and thus began the unraveling of the system of nation states in the ME. In the absence of that system of governments, the underlying traditional loyalties which were suppressed by the nation states have re-emerged with a vengeance. "

"Frank Luntz wrote a rather Orwellian document specifying the type of language to be used by GOI officials in order to elicit a conditioned response from the American public.
For example, IDF soldiers are always to be identified as 'kidnapped', 'abducted' or being 'held hostage'. Presumably this to create a mental image of child-like, innocent IDF troops. US govt officials use the exact same terms as GOI officials. It turns out that this officer was seized whilst conducting anti-tunnel demolitions during the ceasefire. Evidently, capturing a soldier on active operations on the battlefield is a kidnapping when IDF soldiers are involved. So what words do we use when schools and hospitals are bombed ?
What the GOI and it's hasbara propagators don't seem to realise is that those that live by propaganda may also die by it.
Frank Kuntz hired the current Israeli ambassador, Ron Dermer, as an assistant to help in authoring the 1994 Republican 'Contract with America'. Dermer then returned to Israel to be Bibi's brain (according to the WPost).
It's Frankly amazing how deeply emeshed some individuals who are openly foreign nationals are in sensitive US government policy offices. I wonder who agent 'Mega' is ?

"This is a very odd situation. In November 2010, an Israeli organisation called the 'Reut Institute' produced a study entitled 'Building a Political Firewall against the Assault on Israel's Legitimacy: London as a Case Study.'

One can immediately see how different the U.K. is from the U.S. â€" nobody would take New York or Washington DC as a 'case study' of a supposed 'assault on Israel's legitimacy.'

(See www.reut-institute.org .)

The Reut Institute study is premised on the belief in some kind of co-ordinated assault on Israel's 'right to exist'. As its authors put it:

'This assault is executed by two forces acting in parallel and with cooperation. The first is the Resistance Network, led by Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah, that rejects Israel's right to exist based on Arab and Islamist nationalist-religious ideology. The second is the Delegitimization Network, which is primarily concentrated in a few major cities such as London, Brussels, and the San Francisco Bay Area, and denies Israel's right of existence based on political, philosophical, or historical arguments.'

Very visibly, the fear is that, as it were, the rot might spread â€" that if it cannot be contained in London, it might eventually, in the United States, spread beyond the 'San Francisco Bay Area', and eventually contaminate all kinds of other places â€" perhaps, who knows, Washington DC.

The study then goes on to devote a great deal of attention to an organisation called the 'Palestine Solidarity Campaign.'

This is completely delusional. Left to itself, the PSC might do a slightly better job of 'delegitimising' Israel than Hamas could do of fighting the IDF in a pitched battle â€" but not much better.

In any case, the whole intellectual framework implied in the term 'delegitimisation' is jerry-built.

People in London do not, in general, go on around worrying about metaphysical questions such as that of whether Israel has a 'right to exist'.

What is actually the case is that a very marked rise in anti-Muslim feeling has developed together with a growing revulsion from the Israelis.

Part of this is a moral revulsion. But also involved are 1. a realisation that the whole notion that they were seriously interested in a two-state solution was a simply wrong -- they were playing us for suckers, 2. the blunt fact that Israel's fellow-travellers in the United States have involved us in catastrophic wars, and intend to go on trying to repeat the performance, given half the chance (recently wrt Ukraine) and 3. its having dawned on people that, in the end, the Israeli Zionists regard all 'goyim' as essentially identical, and think that gentiles in Britain, like those in Germany, harbour a deep underlying compulsion to murder Jews."

Back in 2004....................
"The significance of the disengagement plan is the freezing of the peace process," Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's senior adviser Dov Weisglass has told Haaretz.
"And when you freeze that process, you prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, and you prevent a discussion on the refugees, the borders and Jerusalem. Effectively, this whole package called the Palestinian state, with all that it entails, has been removed indefinitely from our agenda. And all this with authority and permission. All with a presidential blessing and the ratification of both houses of Congress."

"The disengagement is actually formaldehyde," he said. "It supplies the amount of formaldehyde that is necessary so there will not be a political process with the Palestinians."

Asked why the disengagement plan had been hatched, Weisglass replied: "Because in the fall of 2003 we understood that everything was stuck. And although by the way the Americans read the situation, the blame fell on the Palestinians, not on us, Arik [Sharon] grasped that this state of affairs could not last, that they wouldn't leave us alone, wouldn't get off our case. Time was not on our side. There was international erosion, internal erosion. Domestically, in the meantime, everything was collapsing. The economy was stagnant, and the Geneva Initiative had gained broad support. And then we were hit with the letters of officers and letters of pilots and letters of commandos [refusing to serve in the territories]. These were not weird kids with green ponytails and a ring in their nose with a strong odor of grass. These were people like Spector's group [Yiftah Spector, a renowned Air Force pilot who signed the pilot's letter]. Really our finest young people."

Weisglass does not deny that the main achievement of the Gaza plan is the freezing of the peace process in a "legitimate manner."

"That is exactly what happened," he said. "You know, the term `peace process' is a bundle of concepts and commitments. The peace process is the establishment of a Palestinian state with all the security risks that entails. The peace process is the evacuation of settlements, it's the return of refugees, it's the partition of Jerusalem. And all that has now been frozen…. what I effectively agreed to with the Americans was that part of the settlements would not be dealt with at all, and the rest will not be dealt with until the Palestinians turn into Finns. That is the significance of what we did."
Don't forget, they love Palestinian children more than Hamas does............

Dov Weisglas, chief of staff to Sharon, gave a remarkably prescient and revealing interview back in 2004. Not some foaming at the mouth knesset member but the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff. I paraphrase, but he said the two state solution was in 'formaldehyde' and the Palestinians have to become like 'Finns' before they would get a state. In other words, the Israeli formulation for self-determination was what they approve of. It is not a right in of itself. Bibi spoke two weeks ago that the two state solution was 'unrealistic' and an 'impossibility'. The Palestinians, whom you would rightly expect pay very close attention to Israeli commentary, pointed out Israeli insincerity and mendacity but alas, America prefers that Hamas and Gazans are terrorists. The latest iteration of this information op is to ascribe genocidal tendencies to the Palestinians were they to have the capability of the IDF at their disposal. Evidence is that Hamas calls for the destruction of Israel. The truth is that the GOI engages Hamas everyday in an administrative capacity. The GOI negotiated the Oslo Accords with the PLO even when it's charter called for the 'elimination of the illegal entity that is the state of Israel'.
Israel is now in the final stages of imposing a diktat (euphemized as "unilateral measures") on the Palestinians, without any negotiations with them (euphemized as "negotiated with the international community"). Israel believes the U.S. will give its usual automatic backing. Under these circumstances, a Palestinian partner is Israel's nightmare, not its dream. Palestinian President Abbas is not a Hamas member: he recognizes Israel's right to exist, he deplores terrorism, and he isn't even accused of corruption. Still, Israel refuses to negotiate with him. Settlement building and approval continues unabated. If Israel won't talk with Abbas, why should it talk to Hamas, now that it believes it can impose it's colonialist visions unilaterally? Looked at it over time, the Gaza withdrawal
So, we are where we are. Weisglas and others in the Israeli securocracy occasionally drop hints that Israel will never concede unless the Palestinians love them (shifting justifications about Palestinians motive or actions in general attest to that; firstly it was claimed that the PA was 'corrupt', as a justification to confiscate tax receipts at the whim of the GOI. Secondly, by Palestinians electing Hamas, they voted for terror when in fact it was a rejection of Fatah's corruption. Thus any 'incursion' into Gaza is justified sinceIsrael has to defend itself. Israeli apologists whine that Palestinians are educated to 'hate', as if no context to why that might be exists. Finally, highly provocative 'incursions' to 'dismantle terrorist infrastructure' or 'stop rockets' or 'tunnels' or 'targetted assassinations' or restricting construction materials or diesel does everything to prevent an alternative political group to emerge from the Gaza Strip but Hamas).
When Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls Israel an 'apartheid' state,I pay attention and try to find out why someone of such moral standing could say such a thing.
The same apologists for Israel were the same that called Nelson Mandela a 'terrorist' and branded the ANC a terrorist organization. We know how that turned out. Funnily, one of the few regimes that stood by the rascist South African Government was..............Israel. Funny that.

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