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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Donald Trump's private jet that is frequently used for campaign travel is not registered with the Federal Aviation Administration after the license was not renewed by the expiration date of Jan. 31, the New York Times is reporting. Without proper registration an insurer could decline to pay claims if an accident occurs or the FAA could impose a penalty. Renewing the license would cost $5 and it is good for three years. The FAA told the newspaper that maximum penalties for flying without registration include "a civil penalty of up to $27,500, a criminal fine of up to $250,000 and imprisonment for up to three years."

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I hate to admit it, but AFKABL2 was correct in that the Republican Establishment would be in the cross-hairs at the birth of the Tea party. Most figured they would just fall right in the party line, but their arms and fists swinging akimbo style is managing to take down all mainstream Pubs in its path. The fact that this is giving rise to the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is not a good development, but it is as he called it. read more

Friday, March 04, 2016

A smash and grab crew of thieves emptied display cases and a wall of rifles Tuesday morning at Carter's County. Houston police say as many as ten suspects raided the store and got away with at least 50 weapons. The amount of weapons is not counting those they dropped in their haste to get out before police arrived. read more

Wednesday afternoon, the United States Marine Corps quietly decided to discharge a young man named Joseph Pryor. Listed as a "future Marine" on his Facebook page, he had enlisted in 2015, but was currently in their delayed entry program. Pryor publicly bragged on Facebook about his role in the harassment and assault of a young black woman, Shiya Nwanguma, at a Donald Trump rally. Captain Kevin Hoffman, deputy judge advocate of the United States Marine Corps, informed the New York Daily News that "Pryor was discharged from the delayed entry program."

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Drug Abuse Resistance Education program (DARE), one of the largest anti-drug groups in the world, no longer lists marijuana as a so-called "gateway drug" on its website. The gateway theory basically claims that people who start using "soft" substances, such as marijuana, then go on to use "hard" drugs like heroin or cocaine. DARE has been teaching this flawed theory to grade-school children across the world for years. It has also been pumping out a steady stream of exaggerated scary weed stories.


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