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#24 Galaxiepete... Charity? Not to mention the Clinton Foundation took from money meant for the poor in Haiti and poor in India.

Listen, I like Hillary as a person. It is in the political arena that I don't wish to see the likes of Obama and Hillary anymore trying to surrender America to globalists, or the Illuminati Elites called the New World Order. Long ago the NWO water carrier George Soros was wishing for America to be so deep in debt that it will crumble and come down to the level of European powers, instead of a single State with too much power. As subservients of NWO Obama and Hillary are doing just what Soros wished, in fact they are in collusion.

This New World Order is called Mystery Babylon in the Bible (Revelation 17:5).

The spirit of antichrist is operating in Obama and Obama knows it but will not admit, and this spirit is planning to get on Hillary (she sold her soul for power) if she gets elected.

I know many will laugh this off as loony and conspiracy theory.

Obama and Hillary wish to scrap the Second Amendment to make it easy to take over the country when Martial Law is declared. Obamacare would impose 666 (rfid chip) on all citizens... it has the ability to release a fluid to kill senior citizens "deemed unfit to live" according to the NWO, for taking too much cost and being unproductive.

The First Amendment itself is under attack, one evidence being Michael Savage (I am not a supporter) was cut off from broadcasting just before the Presidential debate. His First Amendment was violated. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Many more (about the elite pedophiles and women supplies in their midst, etc etc... they are above the Law because they are too rich and untouchable, and they want to control the "deplorables" who have a fighting chance in Donald Trump and they are taking it...).

After the rapture, many Christians left behind will either fall in line and take the 666, or resist and be interned/persecuted in FEMA CAmps.

Praying for America.

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