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Goatman does not have any mental issues; he likes to debate.

That's it.

He does, sometimes, clearly get drunk, but it's fairly obvious because his logic breaks down. I do have one problem with him though.... why does he argue with people that not only can not be budged, but who rarely have anything of substance to say?

Interestingly enough, when Goatman is having some marathon thread, I usually only see it as one sided. For example, Northguy3. He has never had anything of value to say, so I plonked him ages ago. It's only an oddity of this software I see this topic at all, and the faux concern is laughable. Me, when I realize someone is useless? I plonk them. It's not a matter of being afraid to debate; it's a matter of there being no debate with mindless drones.

If you don't like the Goat, plonk him. If you can't bring yourself to stop arguing with him... the issue is with YOUR mental health, not his. He has invited many people to plonk him, and it's not some Joker/Batman thing no matter how you fantasize. This entire thread proves that, if anyone, NG3 is the one with psychotic issues. He can;t just plonk Goatman because he has an obsessive need to DESTROY Goatman. He can;t just step away: he has an obsessive NEED to be right.

To put it bluntly, the fact that Goat gets the goat of people like him actually IS comical. If you don;t know how to walk away from an argument that is going nowhere, especially with someone who clearly enjoys the fight, the issue is yours.

It takes two to tango, and banning Goatman because OTHER PEOPLE CHOOSE TO ENGAGE HIM is exactly what's wrong here. If you stopped arguing with him; he'd stop arguing. He's like Hans in that regard: ignore him and he'll go away. But there's a difference between Goat and Hans: The fact is, when he's NOT trolling, Goat tends to have a lot of sensible things to say. Even when he's wrong, he at least has a thought out point of view. Without people like Goat, this place becomes an echo chamber.

I got tired of people dancing on the corpses of others and making frankly utterly offensive jokes about "NRA sponsorship" every time someone dies. I answered that repulsive rhetoric with something just as offensive once, exactly once, and ONLY once, and I got a month vacation.

If you think this place doesn't have a serious enforcement bias, you're not looking at it objectively.


And the derived numbers thanks to good ol' Numbeo...


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