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Gonoles, That up there is the song that made me sit up and take notice of where they're going. The entire album is a bit more eclectic than just straight arena rock that song might make you feel they're about. People like to use words like "fusion" when discussing bands branching out, but I won't use it for the album of theirs self-deprecatingly titled "Save Rock and Roll". It's just some kids that grew up, and while time has shown them they cannot remain young forever; they are still enthusiastic enough to see where life is gonna take them.

This album is their "Pet Sounds". A bit all over the place, but noticeably a band reaching for something longer lasting. Where they're going form here we can't yet see, but hopefully it turns out better than it did for the Beach Boys.

And, for the record, I am 38. I'm neither some teeny bopper fawning over the cute kids nor a has been fawning for the bands of his past. I was too old for Fall Out Boy's early crap 5 years or more before it was released.

Get the album, and keep an open mind; you won't hate it.

This post isn't ending the way you probably think it is form the first few sentences, so stick with me here...

For crimes like racketeering, smuggling, and yes, drug dealing cases, assets DO need to be seized and frozen, and yes, before anyone is found guilty. Otherwise, the money simply vanishes into the accounts of friends and the empire continues. This is a stone cold fact, and to argue against it is, frankly, to not understand how organized crime works. Did you know those assets are, in fact, held in trust until the case is over, and you really DO get it back if you're found not guilty? You may have noticed even this article states that the assets are deposited into a specific civil forfeiture fund. In and of itself, this is genuinely NOT "theft". The money has to sit somewhere. It really does.

That said... if someone is found guilty or pleads out? In no way should those assets go to the departments that seize them, or, frankly, any other law enforcement agency. It should go to fund Social security, or schools, or other public works. Does that means SOME would go to law enforcement? Well, yes; they are part of the public works that keeps this country going, but it also should buy teacher salaries, fix roads, and fund SNAP and Energy Assistance Programs... you know, things that help prevent the desperation that causes 80% of crime in the first place?

But as it stands right now, forfeiture goes DIRECTLY INTO THE POCKETS of the agency that seized the assets in the first place. Worse still, even if you are found innocent you still have to get a lawyer to get YOUR legal property returned to you! You'd have to be a complete imbecile to not see how much corruption this almost immediately engenders.

I don't like the idiots who use terms like "badge polishers", but this is one of the cases where even the craziest anti police lunatics are absolutely correct: this system can NOT stand as it currently exists.

It is injustice.

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