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ou will be thrown out of my son's High School for throwing a simple counter punch or executing a defensive martial arts throw down just for blocking a blow or an attack from an assailant.
How much more justified self-defense can you get? But it doesn't matter; you're suspended.

#36 | POSTED BY SHANE AT 2015-09-25 05:29 PM | REPLY | FLAG

That is ALSO usually not "self defense" either. 99.9999% of the time that's just two -------- who got in a fight. You don't get to goad someone into a fight and then call it "self defense" even if all you did was throw them down. That's FIGHTING it is not self defense.

You don't get to "counter punch" that's fighting.

You don't get to "execute a defensive throw", that's fighting.

You don't get to chop someone in the arm and call it a "block", that's fighting.

You don't get to do ANYTHING when someone punches you but run away and tell on them. And here's a big heads up for you: that's what smart people do as adults. You leave the area ASAP and call for help from real heavy hitters (cops or a group of bystanders) and the violence either never occurs, or it stops immediately. You are just setting your son up to be sitting in jail saying "But all I did was throw a counter punch!"

You don't get to DO that. That's not "self defense". "Self defense" is avoidance unless it's impossible, and then you may engage in self defense... by breaking a hold and running away. There are a thousand different ways to run away, and getting yourself rattlesnake cornered does not turn your fight into self defense. Unless you getting yourself rattlesnake cornered legitimately turns into a situation where your life is in danger; then the doctrine of competing harms says preserving your life at that point is, in fact, self defense.

(Too many people get off because overzealous prosecutors go for the wrong charge, even in that case, like George Zimmerman. Imbeciles went for murder charges, when he was guilty only of things like assault and reckless endangerment. He still could be civilly ripped down, but he will enver see jail time.. nor should he have, on the idiot charges that were brought against him)

Stand your ground is idiotic, while we're at it, because it muddles what self defense is.

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