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Wow, when framed with the perspective of what happened to Chelsea Manning, it becomes very apparent that Snowden made the best of all available choices on what to do.
If Snowden followed chain of command, he would have been silenced a la Manning.


Comparing apples to housecats. Manning leaked information to foreign individuals, NOT "the press", stuck around and got caught.

Snowden stole information, ran away and sold it to our enemies. You're not naive enough to think he _only_ took stuff that showed what everyone over the age of twelve with an IQ higher than room temperature already knew, are you? Do you think China and Russia gave him all those benefits and the ability to hide because he's an "American Hero"?

He got lodging and preferred treatment in these places because he traded secrets away for protection and benefits.

And let's go back to that other point I made:

Everyone over the age of 12 with an IQ higher than room temperature _knows_ our government can and does spy on us. I don;t believe his -------- for even a second. He's just a dumb kid who wanted to become a millionaire by engaging in amateur espionage, and now he's in over his head. He knows that if he vanishes from headlines for even two months, he will vanish and it won't be the US that will do it. If he's even a tenth as smart as he thinks he is, he knows he's not got a lot of time left to be alive unless he can convince enough people of this "hero" motif.

Not that it will help him. Even if he got a full pardon tomorrow, he'd still step in front of a bus as soon as the headlines find the next big "whistleblower". I almost feel sorry for the idiot.

The real idiots are those who think he's a squeaky clean whistleblower. China wouldn't care. They'd have bounced his ass back here in a second, or simply shot him and dumped him in an unmarked grave.

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