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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rex Nutting, CBS MarketWatch: Many factors have been blamed for the plummeting fortunes of the American middle class ... But one under-appreciated factor is a pervasive business model that encourages top managers of American corporations to loot their company for short-term gains, depriving those companies of the funds they need to build and enlarge, and invest in their workers for the long haul. How do they loot their company? By using large stock buybacks to manage the short-term objectives that trigger higher compensation for themselves. By using those stock buybacks to manipulate the share price, which allows them to use inside information to time their own stock sales. By using buybacks to funnel most of the company's profits back to shareholders (including themselves). They use the stock market to loot their companies. read more

Saturday, April 04, 2015

There's a lunar eclipse going on right now. As I type this the moon's about half gone and getting redder.


"It's best by virtue of delivering better outcomes at lower cost."

But not only is that impossible, but proven to not exist.
#85 | Posted by salamandagator

It's actually relatively straight forward to demonstrate. Health care costs as a percentage of GDP are here,

Ranking of our system's outcomes compared to others can be done in many ways, but we never come out on top:

Even the countries that have single payer do at our expense through cost control that we subsidize.

I'm not sure what subsidies those are, but if we're subsidizing their costs, that goes a long way towards explaining why their systems cost less than ours.

What happens when those subsidies go away?

I'm not sure what subsidies those are, so it's hard to say what would happen if they go away. Is there a GOP health care plan to remove these mystery subsidies? No? So it sounds like you're not only agreeing our costs are higher, but have identified a cost driver. Good start.

On top of that, in many metrics our outcomes far surpass any single payer system out there.

Weasel words detected. You can cherry pick outcomes to make any system look good. Japan looks better than any other nation when it comes to surviving stomach cancer. But pick a measure like obesity or teen pregnancy and we look pretty damn bad.

It's much harder to cherry pick costs, as your mysterious "subsidies" comment demonstrates.

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