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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

INFLUENTIAL DEMOCRATIC CONSULTANTS, some of whom work for the Super PACs backing Hillary Clinton, have signed up to fight a bold initiative to create a state-based single-payer system in Colorado, according to a state filing posted Monday.

Coloradans for Coloradans, an ad-hoc group opposing single payer in Colorado, revealed that it raised $1 million over the first five months of this year. The group was formed to defeat Amendment 69, the ballot measure before voters this year that would change the Colorado constitution and permit a system that would automatically cover every state resident's health care. read more

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thank god for Jim Sterling, a game critic whose recent YouTube antics forced YouTube's copyright system to eat itself alive. Here's how he did it.

As you may already know, YouTube has something called "Content ID," which is a system that theoretically allows users to identify and manage their videos.

Basically, once a video is online, viewers can put a digital fingerprint on it. If another YouTube channel uploads a video, and the system believes that the new video has the same digital fingerprint, then the new video gains a Content ID claim. The owners of the original Content ID can then gain some ownership over the new video, and YouTube allows them to monetise the video for themselves, or sometimes outright block it. read more

LUXEMBOURG IS TRYING to throw two French whistleblowers and a journalist in prison for their role in the "LuxLeaks" exposé that revealed the tiny country's outsized role in enabling corporate tax avoidance.

The trial of Antoine Deltour and Raphael Halet, two former employees of the international accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, and journalist Edouard Perrin began Tuesday.

Deltour and Halet were charged in connection with theft of PwC documents. Perrin is charged as an accomplice for steering Halet toward documents that he considered of particular interest. read more

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Now, at last, the president has responded. The White House announced Obama's upcoming visit to Flint on Medium:

On Wednesday, May 4th, the President will travel to Flint, Michigan where he will hear first-hand from Flint residents … about the public health crisis, receive an in-person briefing on the federal efforts in place to help respond to the needs of the people of Flint, and speak directly with members of the Flint community.

Obama responded personally to a letter penned by 8-year-old Flint resident Mari Copeny. "I want to make sure people like you and your family are receiving the help you need and deserve," Obama wrote, adding that he hopes to meet her during his visit.

But Moore was less than pleased by the news, as he explained in an open letter published on Facebook: read more

The Canadian city of Medicine Hat recently became the first city to end homelessness thanks to a surprisingly simple idea: giving every person living on the streets a home with no strings attached.

Unlike many other homelessness initiatives, the so-called "Housing First" approach doesn't require homeless people to make steps towards solving other issues like alcoholism, mental health problems or drug addiction before they get accommodation.

Four experts talk to the BBC World Service Inquiry programme about how and why the approach works and some of its limitations. read more


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