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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Speaking to The New Yorker, the entrepreneur is candid about the challenges surrounding artificial intelligence, saying: ‘We enslave the AI or it enslaves us.'

He continues: ‘The full-on-crazy version of the merge is we get our brains uploaded into the cloud…We need to level up humans, because our descendants will either conquer the galaxy or extinguish consciousness in the universe forever.' read more


Here's a list of famous baby-boomers:


You'll see there's people across the entire political spectrum. It's just like any other generation.

This idea that we're all like "Zonker" from Doonesbury is a stereotype. All the guys I went to school with are educated or trained in something and working. Raised good families ,lived half-decent lives, etc.

Danni's right. The name of the game at the top is divide and conquer. Keep us fussing and fighting over BS.

Hey, these have been proven to be reliable sources in the past.


Seriously though, in all honesty, when you're sitting on the throne, super-market tabloids are by far, the best reading material.

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