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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Two decades on, it feels as though Hanks and Zemeckis were right to suggest that the film didn't endorse one particular political philosophy over another. One of the movie's most memorable scenes is when Forrest, in his military uniform, and Jenny, in her bohemian flower garb, embrace in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool by the Washington Monument. The late, great, Roger Ebert wrote at the time that the two were "like a dream of reconciliation for our society." And with political discourse more bitter and divided than ever 20 years later, that dream remains a long story that's worth listening to. read more

Monday, June 30, 2014

Last week, Ann Coulter penned a column explaining why soccer is un-American. First, it's collectivist. ("Individual achievement is not a big factor…blame is dispersed.") Second, it's effeminate. read more

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Radio and voice over legend Casey Kasem has died after a long illness. Kasem suffered from Lewy body disease, a progressive form of dementia, which left him unable to speak, eat or move on his own. He was transferred to hospice care in Washington state shortly before his death.

Born Kemal Amin Kasem on April 27, 1932 in Detroit, Michigan, Kasem was the son of Lebanese immigrant parents read more

Saturday, June 14, 2014

"In many ways, it just feels like a waste -- a waste of many lives, a waste of many years,"

retired Army Col. Barry Johnson said from his home in Potlatch, Idaho.

Martin Schaefer, an Army reservist who did two tours in Iraq and now lives in Darien, Illinois, groped for the right word to define his emotions. Not mad or upset, he said.

"Sad," he decided. "Sad to see that the work that had been accomplished by the U.S. and Iraqi forces is being undone by an insurgency." read more


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