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Sunday, November 30, 2014

John Guida, New York Times: By all accounts, he is an extreme long shot, but Jim Webb has set up an "exploratory committee" to see about running for president in 2016. ... The former senator from Virginia ... said in his announcement ... "Is it possible that our next President could actually lay out a vision for the country, and create an environment where leaders from both parties and from all philosophies would feel compelled to work together for the good of the country, despite all of the money and political pressure that now demands they disagree? I believe it is possible." ... Noah Millman at the American Conservative [says]: "He's a genuinely independent person, the exact opposite of the careerist climber. We desperately need more people like him in our politics." read more


I've always had mixed emotions about Southerners. I come from these people, however I grew up like an "Army Brat". So as I was growing up pluralistic in mind, I would observe my provincial minded cousins , aunts and uncles.

I read years ago a book entitled Cracker Culture by History professor Grady McWhiney. See en.wikipedia.org

In this book he lays out a controversial theory that the reason that Southerners are so "Crazy" is because of the inherent violent, tribal Celtic ways they brought over from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and still to this day somewhat maintain. This culture contrasted deeply with the Industrialized English/German North and he thinks this is really what eventually brought about the Civil War.

So while you're scratching your heads out there in DR land wondering why Southerners are so idiotic, and do the way do, this is why. They're a romantic, brave people(they enlist in the Armed Forces disproportionately more than the rest of America) but they're xenophobic, and tribal minded(This is their Achilles heel). My father who at age 88 and is still an FDR type Democrat to this day, has literally argued with his brothers and sisters for decades about voting Democrat, but to no avail.

So in my opinion if the Democrats can find Statesman who can talk past their xenophobia, you'll have them on your side.....good luck that!

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