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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Qatar, like most Muslim countries, treats women as second-class citizens, but champion-of-women Hillary never lets a little thing like that stop her from doing business... And a far greater threat than murderous Muslims adhering to a fanatical 7th-century religious ideology lurks right here at home -- those pesky Roman Catholics and their silly 2,000-year-old faith...

The bigotry shown by her campaign aides is a hint of what's to come under a Hillary administration: continuing pressure on Catholics to adapt to contemporary "progressive" social-justice norms. Not that she's likely to put it so bluntly, especially during the campaign. That might alienate potential Catholic voters. read more

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

In a statement Wednesday, police officials said: "The Portland Police Bureau has made the decision to re-open the case regarding the allegations brought forward against Mr. Al Gore. ...
Hagerty, from Oregon, said the 2006 ordeal took place during a massage appointment in Gore's room at the Hotel Lucia in Portland. In a statement to police, she said the 62-year-old "sex poodle" Gore grabbed her, kissed her and pushed her onto a bed. read more

Monday, September 12, 2016

Why not just admit the pneumonia? It's not as if there's a stigma to catching it. After all, Hillary Clinton's full-time job right now is rushing from place to place on those tube-shaped petri dishes called airplanes, speaking for hours on end with little sleep, and then diving into crowds of often unwashed deplorables thrusting babies into her face.[...]
So instead of being forced to admit her own frailty, Clinton concocted a lie: it's just allergies, you know, which come from happy things like flowers.
The larger question that will be raised by the "health scare" is the one that has dogged Clinton forever: Why does she create cover stories rather than reveal the truth? At many critical turns in her lengthy career, Clinton has chosen obfuscation rather than revelation.


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