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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wall Street on Parade: [D]uring the annual Cherry Blossom Festival celebrating springtime in the Nation's Capitol, a 22-year-old man took his own life with a gun on the Capitol grounds with a protest sign taped to his hand. According to the Washington Post, the sign read: "Tax the one percent." The Chicago Tribune reported that "[Leo P.] Thornton's parents filed a missing persons report on the morning of April 11 after he never came home from work on April 10, Lincolnwood Deputy Police Chief John Walsh said." Those are the tragic facts of the incident itself. But there is a broader tragedy: the vacuous handling of this story by corporate media. The Washington Post headlined the story with this: "Rhythms of Washington Return after Illinois Man's Suicide Outside Capitol." The message he delivered to his Congress -- tax the one percent-- has yet to be explored by any major news outlet in America in connection with this tragedy.


The ultimate intent of limo liberal propagandists is to turn "illegals" into the stars of their politics, and movies, and into a protected class where the "I" word becomes a hate word. They want the muzzle just like the N word, or the K word or any other word that in reality means nothing, just like swearing or a vulgarity? Freedom of speech is a dangerous thing as it allows debate where the lying propagandists wish to keep any discussion muzzled.

It is economic discrimination that represents the root of real bigotry and it is being played out in real life against the masses who are suckered into the wars of elites, their bailouts, and loss of jobs to China. Ultimately it is the reason why certain ethnic groups dominate in lucrative sectors.

A tribe of conniving limo elites has come to own the Democratic Party, and own a propaganda megaphone. They schemed the system in a way to put a hammer down on average American citizens, and minimize their upward mobility so as to put and keep them at the bottom quartile of the economic barrel, while falsely portraying them as privileged. It is an economic war and it is real, and most Americans need to wake up.

The limo liberal elites have created a system that intentionally discriminates economically etc against average American citizens whether it be the political system, or at Harvard , or at Wall St. etc. The best compensated jobs and education are purposely being removed from the opportunity pool of most Americans.

Most outrageously such discriminated citizens are not of a protected class, even though they are of average but declining means. They represent numbers and the average and certainly not privilege. They are not designated as a special protected class.

Coincidentally the use of protected classes serves as cover for the elites own dominant minority status, economic discrimination and affluence. The absurdity comes from claims of being victimized or disadvantaged by those of lesser economic status, which are now the real victims.

Eliminate money in politics and it will eliminate the source of this perversion.

From the article: POLITICO reported earlier this month that Grayson, who is exploring a Senate run, wants his current girlfriend Dena Minning to succeed him in the House. Huh...the royalty continues.

Another interesting tid-bit. His ex wife got approved for public assistance. www.wftv.com

Allen Grayson is a rich money changer, Harvard grad and a pretend populist and they carry forth the propaganda by calling him a liberal firebrand. He gets power but he'll rarely ever carry through with policy that will economically damage the elites, such as carried interest taxation. Harvard has been the tool used as a vehicle to elevate and empower the demographic few and while it excludes the many.

He's rich, but votes policy to suck in those in the working and poor at the bottom to vote for him, knowing full well it won't pass and his rich constituents will ultimately benefit. They give him money and vote for him, not for he has done, but because of what he is and what he won't do.

Another example where "elites" are attempting to make our legacy culture politically incorrect. Coincidentally it is driven by the same media that disallows pseudo names for public comments and instead requires them to use real names and Facebook static.wtsp.com
while they typically refrain from identifying the actual instigators of this story and instead call them "School administrators" . Give us the names of the decision maker.

Facebook and news media apparently want Americans to lose their right of privacy while they protect the identity of elites who make the rules.

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