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No group has been more sexually corrupt, abusive, misogynist, or covered up than Hollywood moguls. Yet they strangely get a pass from exposure. Epstein and Clinton according to www.washingtontimes.com were Lolita molesters yet they too get a pass because of their pedigree and politics. The racist media picks and chooses who gets attention and who does not.

The real problem in global terrorism are the fundamentalist Saudi sponsored Wahhabists and their Madrassa schools. Coincidentally there are rumors that Israel has cut many deals with the Saudis. The two countries are closer behind the scenes than in the open. www.huffingtonpost.com

Meanwhile our corrupt incompetent bought out government goes after the Shiites in Iran and Iraq and Syria as if they are the biggest threat. They might present a threat to Israel's dominance in the ME but not as terrorists to the world. We need to get our priorities in order and expel those neocons from power that would have us fighting the wrong wars (like Iraq) and focusing on the wrong people. We should have gone after the Saudis on 9-12-01.

Drudge Retort

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