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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pat Buchanan - "You're not going to get back the middle class when you're constantly appeasing big business -- when folks are losing their jobs because of these trade deals, these masses of imports, these open borders, and the wars we've gotten into. I think the whole country is rejecting that," Buchanan told TheDC.

Buchanan strongly rebuked policies that have favored opening up America's market to foreign goods and have encouraged businesses to outsource jobs to other countries and recruit low-skilled immigrant workers to come to the United States -- policies that have been favored by the big business-wing of the party.

"In the first decade of the 21st century, we lost six million manufacturing jobs and 55,000 factories," Buchanan listed off as the damage he says have been done by these policies. "Do any of these people have an idea why that's happening?" read more


Jim Trafficant was more of a truth teller and patriot than most in DC. He made the hucksters and news shills squirm.


They* and their media would turn Mother Teresa into a conspiracy junkie and nutcase in an effort to discredit and shut her up if they saw her as opposed to their anti-American pro Z propaganda.

* Zs who have turned the USA into a third rate nation where the bankers and 1% now have it all, including political positions, and the once middle class America is now indebted and broke.

Cancer has a huge self serving profit center of physicians, hospitals, and big pharma that serves the establishment, not those afflicted. Will they ever cut their own throat to save society from cancer?

My long time PC physician friend and one of similar cynical political beliefs recommended it some time ago.

Disease control will inevitably come down to DNA. There are two sides to DNA based cures, because one side can lead to DNA based diseases intended to target certain ethnic groups, while the other may be intended to wipe out DNA based diseases.

I predict the controllers of society will ultimately own us. Ethnicity will become a factor for the target and the disease. Intermarriage is a threat.

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