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Friday, October 21, 2016

As this column has noted more than a couple of times during this terribly long presidential campaign, it is a fairly big deal when a candidate is considered so incredibly superior to their opponent that some media outlet, like a newspaper, gives a ringing endorsement. Although endorsements for Republican standard bearer and bigoted fascist Donald J. Trump have been few and far between, it would be negligent and unfair to ignore an endorsement from his staunchest demographic; particularly after commenting on endorsements for Hillary Clinton by the Washington Post and New York Times. So, in the spirit of fairness, it was probably very good news for the Trump campaign that the Ku Klux Klan's official newspaper endorsed the hotel magnate and white supremacist on Wednesday.

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke has qualified for a televised debate in Louisiana's Senate race after a new poll showed him drawing 5 percent of the vote.
Duke, a white supremacist, announced he was running late this summer, saying GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump had inspired him and drawn more followers to his cause. Other Republicans in the state have disavowed him and the Republican National Committee and Louisiana GOP explored booting him out of the party.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The founder and CEO of BuzzFeed claimed in a tweet Wednesday that when he was present, Ivanka Trump once told a gathering of friends and acquaintances she had never seen "a mulatto ---." Jonah Peretti made the allegation and wrote, "Surprised Ivanka would be shocked by lewd language. I met her once and she casually said: 'I've never seen a mulatto ---, but I'd like to.'" Ivanka Trump called Peretti's words "a complete and total lie." read more

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

With Donald Trump calling on Hillary Clinton to take a drug test before their third debate Wednesday evening, it's the perfect time to bring up one of the biggest campaign issues that major news organizations have avoided: His long, deep, and strange involvement with a major cocaine and marijuana trafficker. Trump presents himself as the most ardent law-and-order politician ever. Yet throughout his adult life Trump sought out -- and worked closely with -- more than a score of criminals, including Mafia associates, Russian mob associates, violent felons, con artists, swindlers, and most significant of all, the embezzler and mob associate Joseph Weichselbaum, a thrice-convicted felon. Long ago, when Trump was the big man in Atlantic City, he got his helicopters to bring his high-rollers in and out of town through a company formed by Weichselbaum, to whom he also entrusted maintenance of the Ivana, Trump's personal helicopter.

Time is getting compressed. The country feels cramped and frantic, everything more than a little unhinged.
Have you noticed? The sound and fury increasing, a palpable sense of desperation underscoring the headlines as the weirdest, meanest, most surreal election cycle in your lifetime careens to its inevitable and blessed end? Of course you have.

What's your prediction? Will Trump ultimately explode into a million shards of snakes and bats? Will Hillary maintain her miraculous energy, grace and composure when faced with the Orange Monster sniffing, leering and looming over her at the final debate? Will Trump's increasingly toxic, inbred army of deplorables spontaneously combust into a fiery cloud of garbled screams and fetid oilsmoke? Of course they will.

What of the ogre himself? Will new tapes emerge to condemn Trump even further? Will he be revealed to have, I don't know, punched some immigrant children in the face? Groped some sheep?



lol...the orange child rapist is toast.

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