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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Marcos Daniel Jimenez, a former U.S attorney appointed by President George W. Bush, rescinded his Republican Party membership Monday night in a Facebook post claiming the party's core principles had been hijacked by an unstable leader. "I have decided that I will no longer be associated in any way with a party that is led by a bigoted, dangerous demagogue and that has become a party dominated by fear, anger and hate," said the status, first reported by Politico. "Republicans should make no mistake about this," he wrote. "You now clearly belong to the party of hate ... you are supporting a strongman who believes all of that."

"I have nothing to with Russia. I have nothing to do with Russia -- for anything."
-- Donald Trump, news conference, July 27, 2016

The problem with this account is that it is contradicted by other evidence suggesting the Trump Organization has long been interested in business in Russia -- evidence collected by our colleagues Tom Hamburger, Rosalind S. Helderman and Michael Birnbaum for a lengthy article that was published in June.
The evidence is clear, from his own words and those of his associates, that he has been eager to business in Russia. One of his sons traveled six times in 18 months trying to do deals -- and said "Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets." The Trump Organization's general counsel also confirmed that the company has looked at deals in Russia.

But he shouldn't be so quick to suggest he has never had an interest into doing business in Russia.

Four Pinocchios

Bill O'Reilly responded to Michelle Obama's DNC speech and said one of the most disgusting, appalling and flat out racist things ever said on Fox News. Yes, it was that bad.
Slaves that worked there were well-fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government, which stopped hiring slave labor in 1802. However, the feds did not forbid subcontractors from using slave labor. So, Michelle Obama is essentially correct in citing slaves as builders of the White House, but there were others working as well. Got it all?

WOW. So human beings that were sold as property had GOOD lives because they were "well fed" (by whose standards) and had "decent lodgings" (by whose standards)?

PBS explained what life was truly like for a slave:

"enslaved people were clothed, fed and housed only minimally to ensure their survival and capacity for labor."

Sunday, July 24, 2016

They don't like to be called white supremacists. The well-dressed men who gathered in Cleveland's Ritz-Carlton bar after Donald Trump's speech accepting the Republican nomination for president prefer the term "Europeanists," "alt-right," or even "white nationalists." They are also die-hard Trump supporters. And far from hiding in chat rooms or under white sheets, they cheered the GOP presidential nominee from inside the Republican National Convention over the last week. While not official delegates, they nevertheless obtained credentials to attend the party's highest-profile quadrennial gathering. "I don't think people have fully recognized the degree to which he's transformed the party," said Richard Spencer, a clean-cut 38-year-old from Arlington, Virginia, who sipped Manhattans as he matter-of-factly called for removing African-Americans, Hispanics and Jews from the United States. read more

Over the last year there has been a recurrent refrain about the seeming bromance between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. More seriously, but relatedly, many believe Trump is an admirer and would-be emulator of Putin's increasingly autocratic and illiberal rule. But there's quite a bit more to the story. At a minimum, Trump appears to have a deep financial dependence on Russian money from persons close to Putin. And this is matched to a conspicuous solicitousness to Russian foreign policy interests where they come into conflict with US policies which go back decades through administrations of both parties. There is also something between a non-trivial and a substantial amount of evidence suggesting Putin-backed financial support for Trump or a non-tacit alliance between the two men. read more


Hey look, another repug who forgets that GOP incompetence resulted in the deaths of 3000 Americans.

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