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Asking questions is great. Having opinions? Frankly, it's counterproductive. Really the only place for a contrasting opinion in medical decisionmaking is an opinion from another physician. I know that accepting that inferior posture in the relationship makes patients uncomfortable but your physician is not a servant and the good ones are not merchants. You are not a customer, you are not a client. You are a patient. Seeking second opinions is good and is your right. Elevating your own lay-opinion as "informed" via pharma commercials or webMD is foolish and disrespectful to the point of not deserving of a highly trained professional's time or attention.
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Well, when can doctors prescribe marijuana? I've been shut down instantly by every single "doctor" which I've carefully entered this topic. They are fearful and yes, they do have chips on their shoulders. The last one who prescribed the meds that made my nose bleed continually gave me a riot act about how many years of study he's put in and how few I have (none). It's that kind of ego that made me want to put him in his place, but instead I decided to take the meds, stay away from marijuana, eat and sleep well, and try morning jogging. So, after six weeks waking up in a pool of blood, unstopped bleeding at work, extreme temperature sensitivity and serious digestive issues that almost killed me I stopped all meds and went back to marijuana and relief was only days away. The doctor has no opinion that matters. In fact, I rather doubt many of them really do. I mean, they often have no concept of cannabinoid receptors, let alone why each cell has them. They are suspected of favoring pharmaceutical "remedies" because they are usefully ignorant, or you could claim they are selectively educated. Either way, they don't cure anything other than paying off their second vacation home. F medicine.

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