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Israel early election date set as Knesset votes on dissolution

Israeli political parties have agreed to hold a general election on 17 March, two years ahead of schedule.

The move was announced a day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sacked two senior coalition partners in his cabinet, centrist leaders Yair Lapid and Tzipi Livni.

Mr Netanyahu accused the ministers of plotting against him.

On Wednesday, members of the national parliament, the Knesset, voted 84-0 in a preliminary reading to dissolve it.
Mr Lapid was serving as finance minister and is leader of the Yesh Atid party. Ms Livni was minister of justice and is leader of Hatnuah.
Ms Livni warned that without the centrist parties the government would consist of "extremist" parties that she said would destroy the country, Haaretz reported.

Well, this thread clearly exemplifies what is wrong with Right wing consumerism. They are deceptive regarding the regressive nature of their economics "theories" and unworthy incorporating their "concepts" into law.

Why is Republican still a legal party whatsoever? They outsource jobs to pay less in wages and taxable returns while providing tax cuts to themselves across the board for decades, trickling down voodoo as an elaborate method of divesting the majority of people outside of their own "caste". How could anyone consider Presidential nominee Mitt Romney anything less than the monster from Bain Capitol that he always appears to be? He won't disclose his taxes because he understands that he should feel shame.

I have yet to encounter one single economic or deregulation proposal from the Republican side that isn't a profiteering motive or power play.

When Bush set timelines for Federal hurricane recovery while imposing the crappiest contractors we should have all burned his ranch in retaliation. He permitted banks to repossess during crisis establishing what we see as working homeless across America. We now have world-recognized cities that are no longer profitable, let alone functional.

Washington is the most regressive taxation, but also has a number of the wealthiest people on the planet living there. Any correlation? Perhaps it now makes sense why they would try to prevent marijuana from being an economic boom to everyone and maintain an vast sum of poor and dispossessed citizens. And check out where the big money to invest in the marijuana infrastructure is coming from - East coast investors. The rich have no interest in our well-being. They are exploitative and act like economic parasites (see Romney). They have their own stock exchange which happens in milliseconds after the "bell" and follows exchanges across the planet, performing far more than how the system is designed. No matter how "well" we invest we are going to always be at the mercy of these large interests with global political control.

Clinton is an enormous SOB for repealing derivatives - I have zero understanding how he is permitted to economics forums across the world, particularly Davos I find ultra-alarming.

Neither Bush are even invited, 'nuff said.

The American economics system is designed to manufacture subsistence-level citizenry.

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