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Ron Wyden here in Oregon has also been pro-Ryan voucher system.

We're really surrounded by these cretins at every strata.

Medical marijuana products are still prohibited from being purchased by anyone other than a medical card holder. This is intended to directly and most effectively deny those who would skirt the untrustworthy federal medical information/admission roundup. People should be afraid of registries of any kind, but most particularly those that imply conformity within a federal requirement that still to this day considers marijuana a wholly non-medical, deadly and addictive substance at the top of it's scheduling classification. These great legal scholars and informed thinkers have had a few years to educate themselves and thus must have determined that a registry would dissuade what they must consider the most dangerous manner of application - the non-psychoactive CBD component. The strains that kill tumors and regrows even severely traumatized brain tissues. Because to legalize such a thing would be insane?

The CDC, the AMA and every other "medical" authority who have informed this decision should be obliterated from the top down. No pensions. No golden parachutes. And most specifically go after their stocks. I could probably predict a number of conflicts of interest, but that's just the tippy-top of the landslide of buy-offs of our health interests. We still can't even negotiate with drug companies, let alone our cable provider or cell phone provider. Our cost of living increases, pricing reflects nothing real in "market" terms other than how much money can be harvested legally. We have no real protection. Even our money is devaluing, and yet cretins like Sklarelli still get away with mass murder and make us pay through the nose for it.

Marijuana has a huge revenue potential too. That would imply that the federal minds are oblique in defending their mandate of "insanity" (we'll imply encephalitis or a spongiform disorder because anything less deserves jail time). Here's hoping for everyone to suddenly change and do the right thing. Ryan is a bag of snakes, and to trust anything it has in mind for our society other than profiteering and parasitism is folly, imo.

Because she picked a pro-TPP vice, whom are we to imagine the Democrat ticket were ever really courting? Have we been tricked? Was there a true bait and switch? Perhaps there never was a Bernie Sanders candidacy - the electoral made certain that strategy was exposed and seemed like delegates were already in the bag for Her, but the Sachs speech mocking Sanders' supporters desire for renewable energy doesn't really make Hillary Clinton an outright liar. It's also true that she hasn't been that forthcoming about denouncing TPP until late in it's inception, it's her indirect friendliness to it via those corporate hugs and kisses that really hurts. It's absolutely unethical of her to disparage our dreams of a oil-free world for profit, unless that money were donated immediately to a TPP divestment campaign, imo.

I have zero idea what special appeal Kane has over Sanders other than possibly not losing a Senate seat? If she kept Bernie on Hillary would probably have gotten every single one of the otherwise paralyzed votes.

Friends inform me Obama finally did Bill Maher!? I'm so excited to catch up on all of the televised pre-election energy and hoping he did it beautifully, thus instinct tells me there is a catch in his waiting so very, very long to communicate on perhaps the most informed television show with the most informed audience. It would seem like the perfect vehicle, unused until now - and I wonder how he will respond to the marijuana topic. I'm so curious to judge if the president of these United States, our first non-white of any significant percentage holding the highest office, who has achieved scholarships for obvious excellence and sailed through the highest education our elite system offers is really so freakin' afraid of Bill Maher?

Having never seen this footage before - it appears to be supporting it's head practically, the digits appear right - if it's an entity what purpose does secret military have in making an off-world intelligence perform stupid tasks like a treadmill? Shouldn't we all have a dim view of the obvious psychotic retardation of secret leadership? Are they so inept as to lack vision of a peaceful co-existence, tech exchange and the salvation of all life on this planet? Well, whichever groups are acting so callous are obviously intentionally maligning humanity. Precisely the same behavior they continue to take with the black sites prisons scandals - our intelligence is anything but.

So, for decades these alleged torture videos pop up whereby we see repeated nasty human behavior, repeated crude antagonistic interactions and therefore we are having repeated visitation and repeated contact. I hope NASA gets exposed for the unbelievable scam they always have been, but there should also remain a very special place reserved in hell for SETI people - those who are "charged" with instigating contact. I foresee their hell as all treadmills.

And what's with the nakedness? Did someone just leave that thing here deliberately, like some form of entity exchange? What experiments would the entities need to perform off site that they don't already allegedly perform right here above our rooftops? A naked alien person left to be found in a snowy Russian forest to observe it's interrogation and measure our lack of humanity? I've seen enough of these "encounter videos" to presume that even if 1% were real that would make humans a menace. Humans torture - granted by our own authority. I'd say it's probable that we're just as toxic to them as they seem to be to us. Abductions are serious. Wouldn't we presume a rescue attempt should be made? Why risk such technological warfare? Unless we have been lied to about every single thing. We have invented space ships, space weapons and allegedly even space allies. Why not a space enemy?

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