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What would the charges against Bush and Cheney be? I'm not being sarcastic, I'm serious.
I know all the things they did or allegedly did that piss people off, but I'm not clear which of these things were against the law and GB and DC could be charged with.
Is it they lying thing that is the most recent point brought up in this thread?
#82 | Posted by goatman at 2015-05-21 11:33 AM

Okay. Questions arise surrounding levels of selective non-disclosure they insisted on. Even during their campaigning they had forms to regulate possible litigation from man-handling, which translated while President into torture techniques once forbidden are now enforced. Even GITMO still keeps terrorists in mittens and hoods while they are "outside". They still won't give them military trials - for what good reason? Why should the Pentagon footage remain a secret? This is an organized effort to distort facts and omit data ala NIST report, intelligence reports, Patriot Acts, create terrorists and sew terror scripts - and even with President Blackenstein destroying the Constitution, it's all still secret.

We know that Cheney does not want his visitor records made public knowledge. But his secrecy with Big Oil began even prior to VP Cheney's exploratory bodies to determine how much privatization would be "necessary" should an invasion, oh, arise? It did - and no-bid contractors made big bucks - while actual military went without adequate materials for ensured survival. But 9/11 is also about handouts to themselves - ala Poppy's Project Hammer cashout - on 9/12 the Bush family profiteered with quickly and selectively suspended regulations. Also, not to belabor this again, but 9/11 happens to have allegedly been the worlds largest gold heist ever - happening in daylight under cover of choreographed terrorism.

So, charges... yep, what to charge them with prior to having this information satisfies nothing in particular. Showing their blatant organized criminality is far more useful at the moment.

You've wrong.
Gays have been getting married for decades in churches that do them.
Just not recognized by law.

Whitedevil put marriage in quotes for a reason.
"bake them a cake for good measure"
That is excellent!
#42 | Posted by BillJohnson at 2015-05-19 03:24 PM

Yes, in secret for fear they might be caught, fired or have their children taken away. Wearing the ring also brings up the question of sexuality and that leads to a pink slip. It's so hard to remain hidden in plain site and not upset the homophobes looking for advancement. Well, society has changed subtly - it's been legal for me to get married for precisely one year this very day - so I expect the same of those with good heart to change subtly and relish their community. Marriage is a right of passage, a tradition that predates our written and oral traditions in every culture, throughout time. It's a condition we often strive for with our beloved - a socially and legally recognized "exclusivity" that transcends explanation as the foundation of a family. Adults should have permission to expect both legal and social customs to be adhered to, but too often hateful creatures find excuses for monstrous behavior both socially and legislatively. Your "2% are rocking the boat" and "let them eat cake" are bigotry. All people should be free to engage in marriage. All people should have the opportunity to form a family.

You might want to check out www.youtube.com"www.youtube.com/a">Hunted: The War Against Gays In Russia - the police allow homosexuals to be hunted in the streets for sport. This is what orthodoxy the population are following - one that condones murder, persecution and wrongful torment. They make advertisements exposing "homosexual apologists", yet pro-gay rights is considered forbidden propaganda - this is just as bad as total enslavement. Christianity appears to have many faces, most of which are blatantly false.

HI, I'm JEB and I don't want to be President.
#13 | Posted by kanrei at 2015-05-18 12:45 PM | Reply | Flag:
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NW flag.

rcade - that wasn't fair of me - I know you are more nuanced than I'm giving you credit for. I blame it on kitten fever activating my stupid.

ISIS is a CIA construct for all you know.
Obviously you dont. Which undermines everything else you've said about these stories being faked. As GOAT points out, these militant leaders killed will simply be replaced. B. Hussein knows this, so why make up a story that one nameless ISIS leader has been killed? Where's the benefit in touting such a "fake" narrative for B. Hussein? OBL fake assassination makes some sense considering we know who he is and what he, according to you, supposedly did. But this ISIS leader? Where's the benefit of faking this one?
#39 | Posted by rstybeach11 at 2015-05-16 02:51 PM

Extremely perceptive - we don't have an accurate accounting of what is ISIS. The online presence might be an intelligence branch - I generally have to include that as a possibility. They are allegedly a coalition of Arab nationals - I again have to wonder at not only their access to "money for oil" and thus weapons.

Their video production are different from the Iraq beheading videos, for instance. It would appear that they have "nothing" in common other than alleged content, repeating the spectacle of murder.

They like to pose in formation - they appear to be highly trained. Similar to the very accurate ------ that lobbed grenades at the Benghazi embassy.

I hear they get their money from oil revenue. That seems preposterous without direct aid from their oil industry.

It would appear that ISIS is basically a Blackwater funded by a British Petroleum.

Allegedly, due to a "potentially devastating maneuver" I hear there is upward mobility recently. This could prove incentivizing.

I'm slowly downloading some more information. This might prove my point or it could emphasize my paranoia of expansive corporate warfare.

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