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"Why do you even both to post a thread if you are so afraid of us?"
What exactly makes you think he's afraid of you?
I took his headline to mean he thinks you're loony.
"Could you make a policy to avoid these kinds of headlined insults?"
If you believe in chem trails...you kind of deserve it.
#14 | Posted by jpw at 2014-09-21 07:41 AM | Funny: 1 | Newsworthy 2

That is shameful, I believe that you are intelligent enough to easily discern the differences between the technologies at play and your crude language isn't promoting anything less than a pile-on. Apparently there is nothing that you can post will change my mind because you don't comprehend what is occurring. Either you are blind, stupid (please, I'm not going to debate your intelligence) or programmed. I consider most of these programs to lay outside of your immediate vision and a deliberate disinformation campaign maintaining this ridicule of those who can see it for what it is.

However, let's just dive into the roots of this alleged systematic weather weaponization program. It all began September 28 through November 1st 1966, during the infamous VietNam war spraying silver iodide from modified C130's following an F4 into the existing clouds in a seeding program called Project STORMFURY, directed by Dr. Robert Cecil Genrty. 14 inches of precipitation later and you have the Ho Chi Minh trail wiped out, the tactical bridge that bombing couldn't take was destroyed.

They also learned how to "blow a cloud top off" via horizontal seeding experiments. This is well-documented, btw.

The results from the Hurricane Debbie experiments seemed so positive that many individuals believed the project should go operational, seeding major hurricanes that threatened land. A team of scientists, at Stanford Research Institute at Stanford University, did a decision analysis on all past seeding events (included the Esther and Beulah experiments). Dr. James Matheson of that group, reflecting their views, stated, "We claim they should consider seeding now, if a big hurricane comes straight for Miami". These scientists said "The Government may have to accept the responsibility for not seeding and thereby exposing the public to higher probabilities of severe storm damage and possible higher death tolls" [Pothier, 1972].

In response to those recommendations the project was publicly "killed" - and went black.

By seeding nuclei lower water collects, heat is generated and you get storm cloud convection. Higher-up and the sheer blows the energy upwards and the cloud dissipates. It's not rocket science.

Now, consider the nations that have claimed to be able to modify hurricanes throughout these last 50 years since. Can you imagine the capability of the technology nurtured by a black budget?

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