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Sully - Russia is an overwhelmingly ultra-orthodox Christian nation and homosexuals are openly hunted in the streets. There are plenty of videos spread across the internet you can educate yourself with. There are also lots of journalists exploration of these terrorists, and even some mention in national televised news. In fact, these "Christian" groups are abducting and murdering gays in other nations too and posting the videos without impunity. Evangelicals helped form some African nation laws that incarcerate and murder homosexuals. How can you be so entirely ignorant to how brutal, cruel and hateful Christian and other fundamentalist communities are toward homosexuals throughout all of modern history.

When I was a child my favorite teacher who inspired me to write (which I abandoned in fear) was fired for being homosexual. They already sent people to examine my mathematics - I suspected that my family would suffer immensely and so hid. I gave them garbage to analyze. The removal of people that were considered "abnormal" intensified my fear that if I were also gay I would be treated in the same fashion. I had no idea what "worse" would be, until a few years later. Indeed, just yesterday I was discussing with a state worker the kinds of bigotry I have personally experienced, having my future stolen because of perceived sexuality is COMMONPLACE AND SYSTEMIC. I still can't donate blood - which is amazing to see the vast crowd in Orlando lining-up. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that not many people are fundamentalist in Orlando.

In fact, American Christianity has only seen fit to allow partial person-hood to homosexuals only recently, and it's still debated in the majority of states.

Also, just to clarify - we have recorded history of homosexuals having been hunted and violently, publicly murdered even within the white-majority nations far more often than slaves were hunted and murdered in similar fashion. Yes, I went there. In schools we are tortured, by religious factions we are condemned and by the law we are not allowed equality. It's a sick fact, but we're still considered less human than even those who were enslaved and are still under threat of absolute extermination by those same fundamentalist theologies.

What still really haunts me are those images (and I have a library, for the record) of Christian hatred for Muslim geared-up for the invasion of Iraq. Christians are programmed to hate, murder and alienate, even as children. And lets face it - Muslim and Judaism make no excuses for their philosophical abuses, only Christianity wants to propagate that horror.

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