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the unfortunate reality is that, now that marijuana legalization is finally on the horizon, we're probably going to be seeing more willingness to overinterpret results, if not gaming of data or worse, to arrive at a predetermined conclusion.
even the groups that properly analyze their data overinterpret the hell out of them all the time. Wow! Gray matter density is higher in this one structure than the other! That statement is almost entirely meaningless without context. Depending on the types of neurons and other cells, "more" could mean a lot of things. Studies like this also usually don't examine subnuclei of these structures, which are very often quite different in function, the composition of cells, etc. At least in the rat, there are a lot of subnuclei of the amygdala, which have very different functions; there's no reason of which I'm aware to believe it's any less complex in our brains.
less benign than simple ineptitude is using one or more of your "researcher degrees of freedom" so as to find significant relations amongst data. gaming your experiment and/or analysis can greatly increase the chance of false-positive findings...but before anyone figures it out, hurry up and publish! this is at the heart of the replicability crisis, and why we need to either move to Bayes method for analysis, or make the rejection criteria a hell of a lot more conservative.
finally, there's also probably a motivation to get a publication out of a big set of imaging data, because let's be honest: everyone loves pretty pictures of brains doing things, and someone probably spent a hell of a lto of time collecting those data, so everyone deserves a publication from it!
some of these results are probably real, but some are also phrenology with a scanner that costs a few hundred $/hr to operate.
#36 | Posted by Zarathustra at 2014-04-16 07:41 PM

I agree - the motivation appears to be publication, with what provocation I might inquire? To further our comprehension regarding a substance of such unequaled mystery that it's deliberately disallowed from scholastic medical institutions, which merely lends further credence to the obvious "BEWARE!!" sign. How fortunate we have interpretive studies such as this one - eventually, actual scientific ones may be performed, rather than performance as science.

Since marijuana is currently one of the most dangerous substances according to Federal Schedule 1 classification.. plus decades of Black men raping White women, we know for certain that Devil's Weed has no medical benefit. I it did all of those cannabis oil medical cures wouldn't be illegal, duh!

Just as there are measurable degrees of sociopathy and psychopathy in some people there also appear to religiopaths who martyr causes so righteously that their entire careers are dedications to upholding ideals.. which masquerade their wrong-headed behavior as "stalwart against bias" when they are in fact quite the opposite. Perhaps they might not simply deny facts as having been intimately studied, but interpret it's mere existence as existential "evil" attempting to invade our collective psyche by conforming to directly oppose those special "ideals" - even through academically recognized and widely accepted scientific publication.

So, just to keep things in perspective on how dangerous this drug is - particularly to youth, apparently - what are the total number of people who have died from inhaling the ganja?

"A Florida single mother"
She was married, which matters.......
Given that simple fact, if Medicaid had been expanded in Florida, would Dill have qualified, given that any income her husband earns would have been taken into consideration?
What was Dill's actual cause of death, I haven't seen any reporting on that?
Florida has a program for poor, ill and uninsured which don't qualify for Medicaid. Did she apply for that program?
Did Dill apply to the pharmaceutical company for medication programs to help the poor?
I am not saying her death isn't tragic, but there are some questions one would need some facts on to blame this on a lack of the state supporting Medicaid.
#22 | Posted by AndreaMackris at 2014-04-15 04:53 PM

She was short $400 in declared income to even qualify, married or not. She did die from a heart condition that she only recently learned of - and REPUBLICAN OBSTRUCTION TO MEDICAID "QUALIFICATION" (READ: JOHN "LADY-KILLER" ROBERTS WHO INVENTED THIS RED-STATE DOUGHNUT HOLE).

Apply with the "pharmaceutical company"?! DOES THE STATE FACILITATE THAT VIA DONUT HOLE?! Maybe her non-existent "doctor"?

This magical program you refer to - is it understaffed, under-funded and over-booked? Is it possible that she would have survived with more immediate access to medical professionals; are you guessing that her condition could wait?

YOU are deflecting from this obvious and direct consequence to your beloved party causing unnecessary death of poorest Americans due to deliberate obstruction of NECESSARY medical attention. OWN IT.

"Around 5 million Americans won't have access to healthcare in 2014."
I think you mean that 5 million Americans won't have access to healthcare that someone else is paying for. Everyone has access to healthcare, all day, every day.
#65 | Posted by madbomber at 2014-04-16 11:21 AM

5 million Americans that are screwed out of economic prosperity do NOT have ANY access to healthcare. Immediate Care is what you are "referring" to - a VERY different scenario, and you will be referred to a "specialist" before heart medication can be prescribed - a cost that few can follow-up on.

REMEMBER - when the mass of dentists, ophthalmologists and physicians stage tent-hospitals in the poorest States they are OVERWHELMED with people coming from many surrounding States as well.

Your party are pure corruption, epitomizing the most vile aspects of greed, willful ignorance and elitism. Scott Walker should be maimed and dependent upon medical aid for the rest of it's illegitimate lifespan. Where's a trashed John Roberts behind the wheel when you really need one?

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