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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In GoDaddy's ad, an adorable golden retriever puppy named Buddy is traveling with his mom and sibling in a box in the back of a pickup truck, when he's tossed out as the truck hits a bump. Buddy goes through quite a lot to make his way back to his home, where he's scooped up by his human guardian who is thrilled he made it back to them -- because she'd already sold him on her new website she set up using GoDaddy.com. read more


Unless done in-secret and underground, this kind of research won't be coming to the USA anytime soon. Right-wingnut criminals like Eric Robert Rudolph would bomb their laboratories and murder the researchers ... guaranteed, with support from the evangelical conservatives
#3 | Posted by SammyAZ_RI at 2015-04-24 07:33 PM | Reply | Flag: Newsworthy 1

Conspiracy hogwash. Human genetic research is here for your benefit. To benefit everyone, everyplace. All of you at once.

But seriously, what to do - these groups will continue to isolate and patent genetic "therapies", fundamentalists will have to take a slow boat to China. Maybe they could open-carry the entire trip to show they are not Communist, but I am uncertain who will be able to receive their righteous selfies from suffocated corpses cooking deep inside a mountain of cargo containers in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

IN short, they'll be Swedes.
#5 | Posted by danni at 2015-04-24 08:25 PM

We need Gaultier, danni, can't you understand? Without blonde Vulcans to dress Jean Paul might leave the Earth forever! Who will runway battle Dolce and Gabbana to curry the elite gay favor? Who will set international trends in space mausoleum facades with matching Kardashian excretions other than crazy people in the hedges, grilled cheese Mary, or Jean Paul Gaultier inspired by a little genetical magic?! These precious Chinese Swedish monster babies might be the Earths most fierce runway models EVER.

i.e. 1/100000th of what the American empire does in secret. And don't try and say that it doesn't.
#8 | Posted by Shawn at 2015-04-24 09:35 PM

Truth. Ethics are entirely a "legality" to be overwhelmed with re-definition of security precedence, justified by really scarey national security doomsday stories. Besides, the deep underground military bunker fleshvats are probably as old as whenever they hatched Dumbya, but at least you get to meet Reagan, Ken Lay and Marilyn Monroe at their proteins enriched "hot tub orgy".

You have yet to explain how you are being affected by the drivers you are complaining about.
#50 | Posted by Sully at 2015
This is indeed very interesting. You want me to explicitly explain how someone driving exceedingly fast might be a problem for other drivers?
So, you really don't know? Wow. But somebody driving slower than you are, him you could write a dissertation about?
Speeders affect me because they make me watch them and beware of them. They often put their lives in my hands, to exercise the good judgment and restraint they don't think applies to them.
Speeders can be assumed to be in less control of their cars than non-speeders. Has something to with physics, I'm told.
#52 | Posted by Zed at 2015-04-23 12:13 PM

Okay, so then consider - they are traveling fast and come upon slower traffic much faster, thereby relying on quick maneuvering. I am with you - that is when you are forcing them to interact with you. Stay out of their way, I always allow faster traffic to pass. Always. This relieves anger issues, shows consideration and that spreads. Pods of traffic naturally form with spaces in-between. People who vary their speed are causing disruptions in that system, so speeding up to maintain position is your job as a safe driver, not your obligation as a monkey entombed within 4 tons of steel and averaging 54 MPH to "force other drivers to conform".

Sammy's example is more than just ignorance of lane use with a creamy texture of crude "polite" behavior - the physics involved should force you to realize how stupid and futile acting out by obstructing traffic really is. You don't want to slow people down and cause braking. That is when most people lose control. Not applying the velocitator, but the entropolator. After experiencing such rudeness, those speedy people probably miss-use the lane for fear that another Sammy might "enlighten drivers even four or five cars behind just how magnificent law-abiding people can behave". Like-speed traffic is safer traffic especially those long interstate stretches, to self-organize a passing lane is logical, imo. Safer management decisions rely on coercing nobody and remaining in control.

Carter didn't need help looking ineffectual. That was the problem with Carter. Nice guy...wasn't any good at his job.
#27 | Posted by MUSTANG at 2015-04-21 01:50 PM

Re-read what Kanrei wrote:

A lot of this list is more a reflection of the times than of the man in the office. A great man can fail in turbulent times and a bad man can succeed in calmer times. A "strong" man can actually be the causes of the battles in which he shows his strength and a "weak" man could actually be the cause of the peace that doesn't allow him to show his.
#24 | Posted by kanrei at 2015-04-21 10:03 AM

Mustang - Knowing how the the Republicans committed treason against the United States, the President and the military persons held captive, literally and deliberately and individually, you cannot make any such claim that Carter "wasn't any good at his job". It reminds me of the Republican "tactic" of "shutting down government", regardless of the incalculable disaster such idiocy can cascade and then blaming the POTUS for their scheme. Republican corporatists rig, game and cheat every time because they are traitorous, self-serving and ultimately untrustworthy. What was the purpose of Reagan removing the solar panels from the White House? To demonstrate that anyone opposing them are subject to dismantling and ridicule, despite an inferior and colossally misguided anti-societal agenda that maintains the sovereignty of Big Oil. Republican politicians are scum, thoroughly and utterly.

Carter is the worst president ever. Period. End of story. That's not even debated among liberal circles.

What? Didn't you read the post above yours? REAGAN AND THE GOP COMMITTED TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES AND THOSE MILITARY HOSTAGES JUST TO MAKE CARTER LOOK INEFFECTUAL. You are a full-on LIAR and know nothing about "Liberal circles" other than the ------- you perform on Old Glory.

That there were weapons of mass destruction found does vindicate Bush. The left never specified nukes, so, it does vindicate him. They were found. It counts.

MUSHROOM CLOUDS MUCH? The Right did specify nuclear weapons, claiming we were in immediate danger from what we allegedly can't verify. And all of the "WMD's" found were chemicals purchased decades back and no longer weaponizable. For an alleged "military voice" you are obstinately discordant with the reality boots on the ground have exposed. Which administration sold them to Saddam? REPUBLICANS ARE SCUM.

Otherwise, the ranking was pretty solid.
I do take exception with Lincoln being first over Washington. Lincoln never intended to free the slaves at first. He only wanted to save the Union. The slave thing was added on later.
#20 | Posted by boaz at 2015-04-21 09:52 AM

I'm certain Oney Judge might take exception to your "noble" portrayal of Washington. Just look up Washington's "Fugitive Slave Act", or watch one of my favorite portrayals of this hideous "President".

LINCOLN actually discussed the impending pushback with FREDERICK DOUGLAS and both agreed that the massive slave owning/breeding corporatists will never capitulate without a serious incentive. Thus TEXAS is the last parcel of land where abolition was finally felt almost three YEARS after emancipation. All it required was the US military pulling into Galveston to enforce the law and free the slaves in Texas. That day is now referred to as Juneteenth.

He's a moron, because every month is already White History Month. Whites built the modern world, and already have the last word on the matter. So every once in a while, we remember jazz music and peanut butter and Jackie Robinson and some other things, so we can all pretend that the history of the world isn't 98% white. We don't ask the really painful questions, like, what would Black History Month look like, if there were no United States?
Then we move on to Native American Month, and we go through it all again, but this time we have our kids dress up and go to school with hats made with paper feathers. Or don't we do that anymore? I can't remember.
#13 | Posted by WhiteDevil at 2015-04-18 12:24 AM

"We are like children without knowledge of our past."

Actually, this world has been catastrophically changed several times, the entirety of civilizations destroyed. Philosophy, industry and entire histories completely missing. We only have a recent accounting, but we can also read that our forefathers witnessed cataclysmic reactions between worlds, dubbed them gods and experienced their wrath. Over and over. We keep re-building. This last time re-ordered the systems of power yet again, so I wouldn't ever consider sea trade and a monetary system "new ideas". Merely those with resources could exploit those concepts first and establish dominance.

The Mayan actually use the Olmec calendar, numeric system, writing, astronomic knowledge and industrial technologies. They were Black and their knowledge predates everyones in that region.

So, just pot? Terrifying.
Listen, I don't support the idea that pot is a gateway drug, ok? Furthermore, I agree with KANREI that putting forth such a false notion undermines the credibility of those who provide legitimate drug education to the youth. I know from my experience working with juveniles in confinement, most have the extreme view that pot is not harmful at all and because everyone in authority are telling these kids that it is harmful, that must mean they are lying not only about pot, but many other things as well. It's not until they actually try heroin or have a bad experience with meth that they realize many of the dangers with drug use talked about by the adults were in fact true. By the time they come to that realization, or before, it's often too late. Addiction has set in already or a debilitating/fatal overdose has occurred.
#21 | Posted by rstybeach11 at 2015-04-17 03:05 PM

I believe you. It's hard to respond without generalizing about their individual circumstances, but the jist of my response is that those kids represent a small fraction of their age group in possibly every state. The idea of a kid trying marijuana and then thinking "I want to try cocaine", etc. has some merit because it's absolutely possible and likely depending upon individuals circumstances. Probably parties are places where many people experiment. Kanrei's post shows evidence that multi-incarcerated are the prevalent users for their age. This discussion reminds me of how seriously freaked out I felt about that pastor smoking meth with a call boy. Of all drugs meth is absolutely the most destructive to teens in my non-professional experience. Marijuana will be prescribed for many reasons, so the age of "brain on drugs" must come to it's end. Our terribly misinformed drug education is the real step through the gateway.

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