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The map clearly shows TM circling back.
One thing that should have been looked at was whether or not TMs phone was wifi capable and if there was a wireless router in the Martin house that automatically connected to the phone. If the router log showed TM phone connecting to router prior to the shooting, then it would have been easy to establish the broadcast range and if the router lost connection after that. If it did it would show that TM did indeed make it within range to the house and circle back. Evidence. Not feels. Evidence.
#530 | Posted by aescal at 2016-05-14 01:41 AM

Excellent, you are hired! Unfortunately it was crappy weather which can inhibit signal significantly, so the measurement would need to be even closer than a clear day.. which would prove that Martin was near his destination, but nothing much else. So it might connect several times in fact. Also you are presuming is phone is needlessly connecting to networks when he doesn't live in that neighborhood, so it's unlikely, but seriously excellent concept!

The shrubs just mentioned are too short to hide behind, so Martin knows he would be seen and creepy man closing in means a confrontation is inevitable. Martin did the more brave thing and turned to meet with his possible aggressor.

Sal - you keep stating that Zimmerman did not disobey the 911 dispatch, but that's blatantly false. He was specifically told not to follow Martin and still did, continuing to run until he reached Martin. Zimmerman was obviously after a confrontation, Martin was walking, not running away from him.

George Zimmerman Not Screaming for Help, Two Experts Testify Today

.. Alan Reich, who said he spent hundreds of hours listening to the audio, said he could hear two voices. He said Martin could be heard yelling "Im begging you" and "stop." He says Zimmerman could also be heard, but he was not pleading for help.

Reich said he used voice samples from both Zimmerman and Martin to help him with his findings.

Earlier, Tom Owen, also called by the state, testified he also did not believe the screams were from Zimmerman.

"It is much easier to eliminate someone than identify someone," said Owen, an audio forensic expert with over 50 years of experience. "The screams don't match at all with Zimmerman's samples."

ABC News has exclusively obtained a sample of Martin's voice and sent the short sample, gathered as evidence from Martin's cell phone, to a forensic analyst. Kent Gibson of Forensic Audio tells ABC News that a comparison of Martin's voice, Zimmerman's voice and the screams on the 911 tape, indicate the voice is more likely to be Zimmerman than Martin by a significant margin. "..

Honestly, I can't help but think of how bravely Trayvon behaved in turning to confront an obvious stalker. I would have run and hid from Zimmerman tracking me in the rainy darkness, no question. He wasn't a fighter, and I believe possibly could have actually talked Zimmerman down, but the energy was too frightening. It's interesting to see how emotionless Zimmerman has behaved in court, but how erratic and frantic since then.

I'm expecting Zimmerman won't donate a penny of the proceeds of this sale to a social charity..

So, instead of a fist fight there was more of a wrestle to keep each other from that gun.

There isn't any of Martin's DNA on the weapon or Zimmerman, or any Zimmerman in Martins fingernails, making at least a part of how Zimmerman explains his struggle with Martin over that gun an obvious a lie.

There is Martin DNA in Zimmerman fingernails apparently. He keeps lying about specific aspects - because he actually has intimate working knowledge of the Stand Your Ground law and manipulated the facts.

.. Mr. Gorgone said he found none of Trayvon's DNA on Zimmerman's 9mm Kel-Tec pistol. Zimmerman has asserted, to police and to a friend, that Trayvon had grabbed for the gun before Zimmerman fired.

Mark Osterman, Zimmerman's best friend and the author of a book defending him, testified Tuesday that Zimmerman told him on the night of the shooting that Trayvon briefly grabbed his gun as the two wrestled on the ground. Mr. Osterman said Zimmerman said to him, "somehow I broke his grip on the gun when guy grabbed between the grip and the hammer."

Gorgone also testified he found none of Zimmerman's DNA under Trayvon Martin's fingernails. Zimmerman has said Travyon was beating him badly before he fired into the teenager's chest. Nor did he find anything "that matched [Zimmerman]" on Trayvon's hoodie, including on either of the lower sleeves of the sweatshirt, he said.

Defense attorneys, for their part, got Gorgone to acknowledge that environmental conditions such as humidity or rain could have washed surfaces clean of DNA.

"Environmental factors, whether it's raining, or there's heat and humidity, all those factors can degrade DNA," said Gorgone. "It chops it up into pieces."

Heavy rain was falling Feb. 26, 2012, when Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain, spotted Trayvon, called 911 to report a suspicious person, and then followed him when the teenager ducked between a couple of houses in the Retreat at Twin Lakes gated neighborhood in Sanford, a city of 53,000 along Florida's St. John's River. After a brief fight, Zimmerman fired into Trayvon's chest at close range, killing him. "Oh gosh, you got me," Trayvon said, according to Zimmerman's statements to police.

Eyewitness testimony has been inconsistent concerning whether Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman, hitting him, or whether Zimmerman had the upper hand when the shot rang out.

The forensic testimony came after Judge Debra Nelson earlier Wednesday allowed testimony by two professors at Seminole County College, where Zimmerman studied criminal justice in 2010 and 2011. Though Zimmerman told Fox News' Sean Hannity last year that he had never heard of Florida's so-called "Stand Your Ground" self-defense law, the two professors said that law was discussed extensively in classes in which they considered Zimmerman to be a top student.

Sanford police cited the 2005 Stand Your Ground law when they declined to charge him after the shooting. During the trial, Zimmerman's lawyers have relied on a more traditional self-defense argument, saying Zimmerman, being beaten and fearing for his life, was within his rights to respond with deadly force to Trayvon's alleged attack.

Zionism utilizes Orthodoxy bigotry to commit horrible crimes. It would be smart to disallow it to further spread (and round them up here as well), but the elite long ago realized that hatred as a tool works faster and more efficiently than even a "godly" people could hope to react against.

But then again, the Talmud appears to give them assurance that everything they do and believe is for their betterment and all creation exists in service to them. Thus the tassels certain people wear representing their slaves to come..

In this matter of Palestinian children there is no reconciliation. Israel cities are built right on top of Palestinian cities. There are bodies found still piled up in places. Everything I learn about Israels interactions with Palestine displays a genocidal hatred that not only makes me question the sanity of our relationship (do they have nukes planted here too?) but also their factual strategic value. They are not truly a democratic nation and are actually quite barbaric toward most minorities, even Jewish ones - possibly more than even the Saudi. Ironically, both nations are tied intimately with the criminal government elements here.

When I first learned about Rachel Corrie I became interested in Israel for the first time ever. After just brief research I was finding a lot of evidence of the Israeli exterminating Bedouin as well - it looked like land theft. From there it's been nothing but ugly, filthy criminal hatred, colonization and propaganda with a passionately stupid wall of total ignorance surrounding the topic here.

But wait.............. This has NEVER happened before.
But wait......... You've used this idiot argument before.
#21 | Posted by jpw
Damn, I thought stating facts was a proper thing to do. Don't you believe the earth has gone through many cooling and heating cycles? I guess that would make you the idiot.
#22 | Posted by Sniper at 2016-05-13 12:20 PM

What you are referring to our understanding lasts maybe a few hundreds of years. We do not know what triggers them, but it's obviously solar in nature. Nearly all life can be exterminated in these episodes, and can certainly become extinction-level events to some extent.

The unnatural changes humans are creating will perhaps last hundreds or even thousands of years. Long enough to exterminate almost all life. Just to put it into perspective.

We can argue the merit of riding it out - or making significant alterations in our disastrous piloting. Why don't we just 100% ban these harmonics weapons - Fukushima is nothing considering who also experiments with those kinds of weapons and what they could be used to destroy. I believe through careful manipulation our crops globally have been reduced on command and our energy options limited to the most filthy, wasteful expense.

I went to get a bird feeder from Goodwill and met an elderly engineer who worked on Catalina Island in the late 60's-70's. Driving with another engineer up the central mountain to the spring they came across a wild boar carcass. The head was only bone - clean white, no tissue, blood - bleach white. There was no blood coming from the very cartoonish, precise collar-line cut. It was laying in the middle of a creek they had to cross. A decade later he sees a newspaper article about a woman claiming to see a UFO passing Mt. Blackjack which is the cliff facing California early in the morning - the same month and year he was stationed there. That photograph inspired him to quietly research the issue. This man seems sober - really confident, elder professional in khakis and a polo. We essentially have come to similar conclusions about these secret technologies and the feelings we all have of dread are not necessarily invalid. It seems that more and more ex-military are interested in this topic and contribute, having direct weapons and vehicle testing compartmentalization, so a fuller picture develops. I found the bird feeder but also the bird.

So, we've essentially got two kinds of pollution - chemical and energetic. One we are told about in small part and argue the merits of cap and trade surrounding CO2, perhaps even touching on acidification of the oceans. The other we have no knowledge of other than witnessing the icecaps melt from interactions that the solar activity normally regulates.

Part of this was unavoidable because of technology taking people's jobs.
But profits from that technology should have then been used to compensate and retrain those who's jobs were taken. Instead they were hogged by wall street and tech companies, as they celebrated "increased productivity". The only way to get that money back is to tax the hell out of them.
Part of it was avoidable though. Wall street bought the government, the government wrote trade agreements that forced americans to compete with people who live in huts in polluted hellhole 3rd world countries. This is all due to our election finance system, which makes government serve the rich instead of the middle class.
Want to fix ANYTHING in america? Vote for those who want to ban our campaign funding system of legalized bribery.
#5 | Posted by SpeakSoftly at 2016-05-12 03:21 PM

In my instance we were being trained at our employers expense. Myself and five others were going through advanced networking for NOC support, getting certified while still working (more than) full-time. Our company was taken over by the infamous Broshars' Hewlett Packard hatchet squad - the very first thing they did was cut all benefits funding and employee expenditures as well as stopping medical claims. It was so obvious the administration didn't want to care for the employees when I met our new HR "people" in their new building. We had erected a few and bought a few surrounding our original - and we merged with our neighbor data management company. The second thing was to replace middle management and begin eliminating the workforce. Suddenly removing the people who talked us into moving to California on this venture, forcing out the creative minds who invented and maintained the company. We're talking around a thousand people at this point - we grew tremendous and were expanding services into the UK, Europe and Asian nations. I was presented a really unique opportunity and began building a training portfolio to use in Hamburg and then outside Tokyo at another training facility. I love full-immersion and was really looking forward to the experiences. After studying teaching technique and settling on scenarios I had a rather huge, detailed program in development. I would work 14 hours per day if possible and loved that job. Our local customers knew us because we also provided in-home support to the people we lived near whereever possible. I spent one weekend with friends and excitedly testing my ideas and imagine my surprise coming back to see a flooded inbox, a palpable panic and fear as the dismantling was happening all around. At the time I also was going to physical therapy for my wrist, but that was now being re-evaluated to determine if my tendinitis could have developed off site, no longer their responsibility. So, within the course of a couple weeks everything was in dysfunction. It was hell. People who had just put down new roots now own mortgage and no job, families were freaking out. Jim ---- Broshar just calmly sauntered through - when he fired my crew (on my day off) he brought in his little girl to stand in front of him as he gave everyone the news. My roommate was one of those let go that day - he was stunned at the inhumanity. Everyone was. Well, we all believed that we were the great hope in the region, and then it was so readily crushed. America does not value loyalty or talent.

I also find it disturbing how some defend martins attack.
You call it fight or flight or to be expected.
Are we really living in a time where we should expect people to react violently without due cause and then become their cheerleaders?
How many of you as a teen would attack someone you thought was following you without even knowing who he was, what he had or what he was capable of?
Further some defend this action as rational while espousing that it was base instinct and not higher thought. Do you really think that man should assume man is no better than animals without capacity for reason?
#276 | Posted by salamandagator at 2016-05-12 09:30 PM

The alleged attack doesn't even appear to have "occurred". Was there anything official or not communicated by anyone on this topic, or are you relying entirely upon the Twitter feed as legitimate and somehow magically never having been reported? If the school has a complaint or anything related to Martin and violence that hasn't been reported it would have probably been leaked by now, imo.

Speaking of which - you kindly haven't mentioned the jewelry and the screwdriver story. It isn't related to any violent crime, it still paints a person who might be a con-man. Martin still does not appear to fit the profile of a violent person in general, regardless his proclivity for coveting. Since there isn't evidence of any violent tendencies or serious emotional trouble the alleged theft must be presumed possible, but a crime without any known victims is difficult to take fully into account. I don't know anything about that case, but it again does not reflect a violent person. An alarmingly good sneakthief perhaps.

Cheerleading is hardly without technical precision, btw. You might find Bring It On fun in that you see the seriously competitive nature of athletics and Kristin Dunst and Gabrielle Union are a great dynamic. The music is pretty much spot on - while the film is mainly story, the epic cheerleading battles are choreographed quite vicious, quite real.

Here's my gom jabbar for you - do not imply that the sons of animals however distant lack instinct for reason any less so than mere man who is in actuality also just another distant animal. Until you develop those communications skills I'm afraid the glass is in fact around you. Fight or flight is universal.

"You're ignoring that Zimmerman was following the kid with the stated intention of stopping him from "getting away". "
You are making an assumption that by that he mean he was going to start a physical altercation. there is nothing said that even leans that way. It is purely unfounded conjecture on your part. If that were the case he would have then followed the course that martin took and the altercation would not have happened where it did.
"Believe it or not, US citizens have a right to walk home without being accosted by crazy people who are riled up over imaginary crimes."
They also have the right to call about a suspicious acting person without being brutally attacked by an unhinged person.
#112 | Posted by salamandagator at 2016-05-12 02:01 PM | Reply | Flag: | Funny: 1

George Zimmerman ran breathlessly strapped with a loaded weapon. RAN into danger, through the darkness, the rain and wielding the unwavering certainty that crime was being committed as his stranger-danger sense tingles. He was no allowed to be neighborhood watch - and was pretending. An adult pretending to be part of the police. His expressions on the 911 call are priceless! "They always get away" he complains to the operator, then he leaps in to action chasing the shadowy teenager who remains calmly walking along the lit path drinking a can of iced tea.. until he notices he is being followed.

Zimmermans obsession with firearms and policing has been an issue for him since at least working as a bouncer whereby he tossed a female customer into cement. Sounds like a fabulous personality.

Trayvon Martin was no thug. He was a rather handsome 100% all-American child, played football, had no record, addictions or disorders. His parents seem loving, supportive, etc. He has normal friends and a girlfriend. He simply isn't the monster you claim and doesn't come from an enabling environment.

George Zimmerman has had ugly, personal issues made public time and again - he's the aggressor each time. He apparently has been on anti-psychotic medications since childhood, but not his brother. Just within the year he was following and harassing another innocent person in yet another delusional outrage. What about his personality makes you believe he is incapable of having a delusional episode whereby he murders a kid and lies to cover it up? How much money did he hide from the court? He's getting advise on covering this up, but it's only a matter of time until Zimmerman goes public in another episode, in many peoples opinion.

What will it take for you to re-visit Martin? He's never been aggressive, while George has a rather lengthy one. Behavior supersedes many other factors when dealing with predators.

I was going to buy a Trayvon Martin hoodie on Amazon but the only colors left were Freddy Gray and Michael Brown.
#15 | Posted by HanoverFist at 2016-05-12 08:28 AM | Reply | Flag:
| Funny: 3

Sick, sick FF.

On topic - Zimmerman is parting with his past?! Hell, he could capitalize on this entire affair with anti-gang gangwear, the letter Z carries a huge repertoire to draw from as well. He's attractive to bigots, and seeing the lines that legitimate gang apparel blurs makes the transition into anti-gang all the more obvious and fashion-forward.:]

Through the years he has tried to contribute to police functions and other like-minded organizations that predate and profiteer directly from society, and they are rightly criticized for this. It's obvious his cash cow is in need of fattening.

How much money was donated to him that he didn't disclose in the hearing? Everything was done so predictably and criminally, and like Israeli bombers caught on 911 he is not incarcerated. And like those young bombers he made public appearances that just clarify how much of a disturbed mind it requires to justify murder.

Still, he walked. The only physical evidence under no factual interpretation is that a bullet from this gun now for sale was found inside the body of another person. George spun in every which direction to make Trayvon out as a physically intimidating aggressor in possession of a deadly firearm stalking him. This "tactic" of logic abuse worked and the police even returned to him the murder tool. Now that piece of history can be bought. I feel it should be framed right above Justice Nelson's bed.

The fact that he's set a 5k reserve should also scream something.

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