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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Solar Impulse, the fuel-free aeroplane, is up in the air again on the fifth leg of its round-the-world flight. The vehicle, with Bertrand Piccard at the controls, left Mandalay in Myanmar (Burma) just after 21:00 GMT on Sunday, and is heading for Chongqing in China. The intention is to make a brief stop there, and then try to reach Nanjing on the east coast of the country. This would set up Solar Impulse for the first of its big ocean crossings - a five-day, five-night flight to Hawaii. read more

Friday, March 27, 2015

Saudi Arabia has launched a military operation - including air strikes - in Yemen against Houthi Shia rebels, the Saudi ambassador in the US has said. Adel al-Jubeir said Saudi Arabia acted to "defend the legitimate government" of President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi. The Iran-backed rebels have made rapid gains in recent months, forcing Mr Hadi to flee the capital Sana'a. Residents said explosions could be heard in Sana'a and the city's airport after the Saudi announcement.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

(Reuters) - Canadian National Railway's safety record deteriorated sharply in 2014, reversing years of improvements, as accidents in Canada blamed on poor track conditions hit their highest level in more than five years, a Reuters analysis has found. read more

Jordan has signed a $10bn deal with Russia to build the kingdom's first nuclear power plant, with two 1,000-megawatt reactors in the country's north. The deal, signed in the Jordanian capital, Amman, on Tuesday caps efforts of the energy-poor kingdom to attain energy sufficiency and reduce imports in this area. Jordan lacks any local energy sources and imports 96 percent of its electricity. read more

Monday, March 23, 2015

ISLAMABAD: The highly-anticipated joint military parade by the armed forces of Pakistan is taking place today in Islamabad after a gap of seven years, to commemorate the historic Pakistan Resolution on March 23, 1940 - a day which marks the the birth of a separate state for Muslims. Personnel from all three services, Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force, are participating in the parade. read more


They made it.


"You can do that on 1 tank of gas, at twice the speed, in small private planes."

But that's not the point, is it?

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