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Thursday, July 31, 2014

David Wasserman: As a House analyst for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, I've personally interviewed over 300 congressional candidates over the course of seven years, both to get to know them and evaluate their chances of winning. I've been impressed by just as many Republicans as Democrats, and underwhelmed by equal numbers, too. Most are accustomed to tough questions. But never have I met any candidate quite as frightening or fact-averse as Louisiana state Rep. Lenar Whitney, 55, who visited my office last Wednesday. It's tough to decide which party's worst nightmare she would be.

A recently demoted executive at the Chicago food services tech company ArrowStream shot the company's CEO twice and then shot and killed himself on Thursday morning. Police have not named the 59-year-old shooter or the 52-year-old executive, who is hospitalized in critical condition with wounds to the head and stomach. "Apparently he was despondent over the fact that he got demoted," Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said.

Microsoft announced Wednesday that it will begin selling the Xbox One gaming console in China on September 23. This will mark the first time a foreign gaming console will be sold in China in more than a decade since the country lifted a ban from 2000 on foreign gaming consoles. The console will sell for 3,699 yuan ($600). An Xbox One with the Microsoft Kinect motion detection system will sell for a steeper 4,299 yuan ($700).

A blogger for a private English language learning center in Utah who wrote a post explaining homophones said he was fired for creating the perception that the school promoted a gay agenda. Tim Torkildson wrote on his personal blog that he was fired after penning an article explaining homophones -- words that sound the same but have different meanings and often different spellings. "Now our school is going to be associated with homosexuality," Torkildson said he was told by Nomen Global Language Center owner Clarke Woodger. read more

George Friedman, Stratfor: The most interesting aspect of this war is that both sides apparently found it necessary, despite knowing it would have no definitive military outcome. ... Under these circumstances, the Gaza war is in some sense a matter of housekeeping. For Hamas, the point of the operation is demonstrating it can fire rockets at Israel. These rockets are inaccurate, but the important thing is that they were smuggled into Gaza at all, since this suggests more dangerous weapons eventually will be smuggled in to the Palestinian territory. At the same time, Hamas is demonstrating that it remains able to incur casualties while continuing to fight. For the Israelis, the point of the operation is that they are willing to carry it out at all. The Israelis undoubtedly intend to punish Gaza, but they do not believe they can impose their will on Gaza and compel the Palestinians to reach a political accommodation with Israel. read more


Israel left Gaza, they had an open port without a blockade.


Israel never left Gaza, as Peter Beinart explains at the above link.

"Had Gaza become its own country, it would have gained control over its borders. It never did. As the Israeli human rights group Gisha has detailed, even before the election of Hamas, Israel controlled whether Gazans could enter or exit the Strip (In conjunction with Egypt, which controlled the Rafah checkpoint in Gaza's south). Israel controlled the population registry through which Gazans were issued identification cards. Upon evacuating its settlers and soldiers from Gaza, Israel even created a security perimeter inside the Strip from which Gazans were barred from entry."

Of course there is plenty of actual evidence that Martin attacked first. Unless you would like to belive the attacker could not land a blow and was only on the defensive but that would just be dumb.

You don't understand the word "evidence." There is no evidence Martin attacked first. The only evidence related to the start of the fight, aside from Zimmerman's self-serving account, is Jeantel's testimony.

I already explained a scenario in which Zimmerman lands no offensive blows -- he put his hands on Martin to hold him until police arrived.

No matter what came out your mind was made up so you chose to ignore all the evidence because none of it supports your dislike.

I dislike Zimmerman because he followed and shot his neighbor's unarmed teen son to death, using a gun that he thought he needed at his hip to shop at Target, because he was suspicious of black teens. I think his acquittal is largely because arrogant Florida prosecutors pursued a charge they never came close to proving -- second-degree murder -- and this made their manslaughter case weaker than it should have been.

Zimmerman's actions since the trial demonstrate his lack of character, anger issues and poor judgment. The only reason this discussion is taking place is because he's once again engaging in vigilante fantasies by lurking after midnight behind a recently burglarized business -- without being asked by the owner, no less.

Do you acknowledge how stupid and reckless that is? You don't take a gun to someone's business and skulk around looking for trouble without being requested to be there. The employees need to know you're there, so there isn't an accident where one side mistakes the other for a burglar.

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