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Friday, December 02, 2016

On Fox News' The Five Thursday night, one of the hosts was critical of Donald Trump's decision to hold a campaign rally in Ohio after the campaign was over. Greg Gutfield said, "If Obama did a victory lap, this network would explode. We would be frothing. We'd have pitchforks running down Pennsylvania Avenue!" Trump, who has been skipping classified intelligence briefings, took the time to hold a rally celebrating his victory. Steve Benen of MSNBC writes, "He held a public rally for the purpose of celebrating himself, his election victory, and all the amazing things he intends to do once he takes office."

Wall Street Journal: A giant flaw in President Obama's economic policy has been the politicized allocation of capital, from green energy to housing. Donald Trump suffers from a similar industrial-policy temptation, as we've seen this week with his arm-twisting of Carrier to change its decision to move a plant to Mexico from Indiana. ... Trump has now muscled his way into at least two corporate decisions about where and how to do business. But who would you rather have making a decision about where to make furnaces or cars? A company whose profitability depends on making good decisions, or a branding executive turned politician who wants to claim political credit? read more

Thursday, December 01, 2016

As President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration and the threat of mass deportation grow closer, more than 70 leaders of Roman Catholic universities have pledged their support for undocumented immigrant students, vowing to assist vulnerable members of their campus communities in "confronting legal and financial uncertainty and in managing the accompanying anxieties" in the months and years to come. "The anti-authoritarian resistance that used to come from Christian-democratic parties in Europe, now in the USA could come from the Catholic school system," said Massimo Faggioli, professor of theology and religious studies at Villanova University.

An anesthesiologist at Denver Health Medical Center has been suspended from seeing patients after a racially objectionable social media post. Michelle Herren posted a photo of First Lady Michelle Obama on Facebook yelling and wrote, "Monkey face and poor ebonic English! There! I feel better and am still not racist! Just calling it like it is!" Herren said in a phone interview she was taken out of context and didn't realize saying Obama has a "monkey face" is offensive. Denver Health wrote on Facebook, "Her views are contrary to the mission and values of Denver Health, and to our staff and patients. Denver Health proudly serves people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and social backgrounds -- and our staff and patient population truly reflect our diverse community and nation."

Gary Legum, Salon: The more we learn about the agreement Donald Trump reached with Carrier Corporation for the manufacturer to keep 1,000 or so jobs in Indiana instead of moving them to Mexico, the more the whole shaky edifice looks to be propped up by positive spin and Trump's own immense self-regard. ... Basically, the deal is short-term ego gratification for Trump that does nothing to address the long-term problem of manufacturing decline in the Rust Belt, or even honestly level with blue-collar workers about the future of factory jobs that are growing ever scarcer in America. Trump has no more idea how to do that than anyone else in his party -- assuming his party is even interested in doing so -- beyond bribing companies with tax breaks. read more


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