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1) the turn out for the election was 20%. The lowest ever in history. The reason for it was due to republicans gerrymandering the election. The other reason was because voters were turned away due to unconstitutional "voterid" laws.

2) Why would denmark want the northpole? Why are there 5 armies in the northpole claiming the land is theres? Because it's melting and it's a land grab.

3) Explain to me why 97% of the world scientist who specialize in climate say there's climate chant but you, who is uninformed and uninitiated in science, claim there isn't? that's like saying 9,997 people are telling you that if you put in your hand in the fire it'll burn and the 3 people tell you that it doesn't. You're listening to the 3 people. That's how retarded you sound when you deny climate change.

4) the reason renewables is progress is because it's unlimited energy and it doesn't pollute the environment. It's also cheap energy. It's weird how you're concerned about birds but not the human race. It's a very strange psychosis.

5) imagine your election bill going from 200 dollars a month to 20 dollars a month with renewables. That is why no one wants renewables. It puts more money in your pocket and less in the fat cats pocket.

6) Have you ever wonder why storms are more extreme more often? Yes it may have happened before but 3 times? Two blizzards in one year? 3 months of 130 degree weather? Have you ever wondered why food is getting more expensive? Get informed and become initiated #climatechange

Drudge Retort

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