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The reason why the great lakes froze is because the climate is changing. The jet stream has changed to allow the cold frozen temperatures to come down south. So yes that is climate change.

California is undergoing extreme drought. What causes drought? High temperatures.
Space images reveal California's vanished snowpack


Mean while Alaska has record temperatures.

Australia has record temperatures

Record-Breaking Cold Hits New York City

All of this is climate changing. I use to think also that perhaps climate change was heading more towards global cooling and not heating but evidence says otherwise. It's just climate changing all over the globe. It has nothing to do with the warming or cooling. However it seems that there is a trend of warming.

I'm not sure if mankind is to blame although reports suggest mankind is a big contributor to the climate changing. We're constantly cutting up the rain forest, destroying trees, polluting the water, hunting down animals that provide to the eco system, killing off bees that produce food, and so on. The list is huge on the impact humans have on the environment.

If I can change my mind so can you.

Drudge Retort

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