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The VA has had a 40% increase in funding in the last 5 years and poorer service. We need to investigate exactly what the problem is before blindly throwing more money at it. It's proven that 40% in the last five years have done no good. We taxpayers need to know why. We don't need to throw more money down an hole.

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Independent 2013 Survey Shows Veterans Highly Satisfied with VA Care


Also, I've posted reputable sources repeatedly that show what taxpayers are paying for, which is a VA healthcare system that provides very high quality care to veterans. And I've also said that the VA is not perfect, and those problems need to be fixed.

But rational minded people understand that despite the grotesque inefficiency and waste of US healthcare as a whole, the VA does a better job than all other health systems, again, as studies repeatedly show.

@ Goatman

Why don't you start your paperwork to dis-enroll from the VA, so another more deserving veteran can take your place?

Here, I'll help you...


Once you're out of the VA, another veteran will take your place.

And then you'll be free to go to a non VA facility where you can happily get costlier care with less quality, that is more unsafe, and increase your chances of becoming a statistic due to medical errors, mistreatment, etc.

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