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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

If you're wondering where Misinformer of the Year puts Will in relation to other really dishonest people, consider not only CBS News but some of these other past winners:

Rush Limbaugh (2012), Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. (2011), Sarah Palin (2010), Glenn Beck (2009), Sean Hannity (2008), ABC (2006), Chris Matthews (2005), and Bill O'Reilly (2004).

Now that's some august company, right there. Anytime you are listed alongside Sarah Palin you know it's bad. George F. Will might wish to consider a new decision-making paradigm for 2015. read more

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Frankly, my favorite part is pointing out that given a proper word count, the bill is only 286 pages long. Why do I like this? Because "it's too long to read" is one of the GOP's new favorite reasons not to support things, which really does not help their anti-intellectual image. Obamacare, hate it or tolerate it, had about as many words as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, not that Congresspeople read at that grade level. Can we at least agree that Congress shouldn't sound so afraid of reading? read more

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rafael Cruz knows that if Obama is fer it, he's agin' it. Read the linked story and see fellow conservatives excoriate (thanks Prag) him for his willful/woeful ignorance.

Try it, you're gonna like it.

Does anybody really think this ignoramus is Presidential material? read more

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Former major league slugger Jose Canseco blew his middle finger clear off his hand while cleaning his handgun at home in Las Vegas. Jose's fiance Leila Knight tells TMZ Sports he was sitting at a table in their home cleaning the gun when it went off. She says he didn't know it was loaded -- and the shot ripped through the middle finger on his left hand. Leila tells us 50-year-old Canseco is in surgery right now as doctors desperately try to save what's left of the finger. She says the bullet tore through the bottom part of the finger and doctors have already said he'll never have full use of it again. read more

Friday, October 24, 2014

Yesterday, in one fell swoop, the President took decisive action to address both job creation for Veterans and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The White House announced that beginning this fall the United States will launch a six-year job training program for America's Veterans in the growing solar panel installation industry. Since Republicans have relentlessly obstructed jobs programs for America's Veterans, the President took it upon himself to enact the program at American military bases and provide job training for at least 50,000 veterans. It is training for about 50,000 more Veterans than Republicans have provided despite several proposals and requests by the President to help America's fighting men and women returning from war. read more


A senior policy analyst for the Center for Immigration Studies, which bills itself as the think tank of the anti-immigrant Right, told a Florida-based Tea Party group last week that President Obama not only deserves impeachment, but that "being hung, drawn and quartered is probably too good for him." - See more at:

And this:

CIS is an organization that advocates reducing immigration into the United States. Steinlight has said that Hispanic immigration would lead to the "unmaking of America," and that Muslims should be banned from immigrating to the United States because they "believe in things that are subversive to the Constitution." - See more at: www.rightwingwatch.org

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