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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Absent carbon and critical microbes, soil becomes mere dirt, a process of deterioration that's been rampant around the globe. Many scientists say that regenerative agricultural practices can turn back the carbon clock, reducing atmospheric CO2 while also boosting soil productivity and increasing resilience to floods and drought. Such regenerative soil techniques include planting fields year-round in crops or other cover, and agroforestry that combines crops, trees, and animal husbandry.

In order to take carbon dioxide (CO2) back down from 400 ppm to 350 ppm, 200-250 billion tons of carbon must be removed from the atmosphere. If healthy ecosystems are restored, according to experts, soil alone can store 320 billion tons of carbon. This remarkable achievement is a natural process, nothing more. The benefits are multifold. read more



another nutcase, just like Michelle, and former President appointed by five catholic nutcases on SCOTUS.

Corky makes a mountain out of Warren's statement "no one could see the text". In fact Senate committees, like all regulators beholding to Transglobal Corporations, have seen it, but so what, they are as impotent as regulators charge with protecting the public.

The public knows next to nothing because the story is being kept out of the mass media, since the mass media shares common interests with their commercial sponsors.

What we do know we can thank Assange and Snowden for and it isn't a pretty picture. The agreement intents to permit Corporations to sue Governments for any legislation which reduces their profits. It further moves disputes between Governments and Corporations out of National Courts into three Lawyer arbitration panels making $600-700 per hour. There is already a history of these panels being stacked with shills for Banks over credit car disputes. This isn't just a deliberately rigged process. It requires every participating nation to surrender their sovereignty to a potentially corrupt three lawyer panel. Occidental Petroleum has already been awarded $5 billion in damages from Ecuador by one of these panels. This after Texaco deliberately destroyed the rivers and aquifers of Ecuador and split without paying any damages.

That's not all, oh no that's not all. If Obama has made a more bald faced lie than "all I've done for the American middle class", I don't know what it is.

The TPP shows us Obama's true colors. Rethugs are on board with this, virtually unanimously, just like NSA spying. It is one more example of how we do not live in a legitimate Democracy with the ability to make legitimate informed choices. Instead almost everyone is deliberately misinformed.

Warren is awesome. There is no one better in Washington.

Its impossible to understand what's really going on here from reading zack, mustang, Paul or the Daily Show. The lawyers restaurant speech on Paul's site is the most confusing of all (copyrighted no less). #3 is most helpful.

Conservatives blame government for distorting Milton Friedman's sacred marketplace. But its a sure bet that the private sector conspired to create the Raisin Board of California in order to exercise monopolistic power, to control the supply and price of raisins. The private sector then is able to use the power of Government to enforce supply and price, until one of the farmers objects.

But, the Raisin Board becomes an end in itself (just like our Courts), where its purpose is not to prevent small farmers from going under as the price of raisins drops below the cost of production, or serve the common good, but instead provides a luxury lifestyle for board members.

It gets crazier when you consider how these raisin farmers take the common water resource for pennies on the dollar. But there are even more important questions for civilized society which are deliberately ignored. The externalities of pesticides and fertilizer which sterilize soils contributing to global warming and may account for the demise of bees and rise of many human ailments such as autism. There is no question that roundup isn't just bad for insects, but Monsanto has more say than you or I.

Our ability to generate sound public policy is severely crippled by special interests that own our Government. Most Conservatives blame Government for this condition and some Progressives blame the driving force behind the bad policies, the private sector.

I only need a few yellow raisins every Christmas for my glög. I'll pay anything for them.

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