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Liberalism is ridiculed to the point the term "liberal" became an epithet for foolish. So-called liberals like Bill Clinton and Joe Biden hitched their political wagons onto this right-wing ascendance. Biden worked hand-in-hand with ex-Dixiecrat, now Republican, Senator Strom Thurmond passing a number bills beefing up police. It was the rise of the Drug War. Just Say No! It was also the rise of what is now widely accepted as the police-driven mass incarceration of African American males.

The excesses of the free-market religion are becoming clear, thanks to things like the Occupy Movement. Offshoring and automation will put 75% of the US labor force out of work. The environmental crisis and global warming loom over us; questions about feeding the world's populations can't help but impact us here in America; there's a future struggle brewing over water. All these things involve difficult political decisions that have been put off and put off. In place of making the tough political decisions, we have militarism and our special operations teams ready to surgically kill. The Obama nuke treaty with Iran seems a rare and positive exception to this madness.

Even those Texans fearful of a special ops assault are aware something is very wrong, but they attribute the problem to an illegitimate black president out to take away their guns and their ten-gallon redneck arrogance.

The Black Lives Matter movement is directly aimed at the narcissistic pathology of our local police departments and a criminal justice systems caught between the racially-oppressive past and post-911 paranoia.

Setting off a bomb at the Boston Marathon and gunning down four Marines and a sailor are acts of extremism, and we need to ask how men like this were driven to such violent extremes. People frustrated with governments and interested in reform naturally gravitate to radical ideas. It's a healthy response. Extremism is not healthy.

When King began to link the civil rights, reconstruction movement with the imperial war in Vietnam he went over the line -- and paid for it. Our presidents change every four years, but the National Security State has been a steady, unwavering impulse of rising power from 1947 to now.

Kill One Person It's Murder; Kill 100,000, It's foreign policy (John Grant)

Human life is of no concern to corporate capitalists. The system of unfettered capitalism is designed to callously extract money from the most vulnerable and funnel it upward to the elites.

Fascist and communist firing squads sometimes charged the victim's family for the bullets used in the execution. Our criminal justice is primarily about revenue streams for city and state governments in the United States rather than about justice or rehabilitation. The poor are arrested and fined for minor infractions in Ferguson, Mo., and elsewhere; for not mowing their lawns; for putting their feet on seats of New York City subway cars. If they cannot pay the fines, as many cannot, they go to jail. In jail they are often charged room and board. And if they can't pay this new bill they go to jail again. It is a game of circular and never-ending extortion of the poor. Fines that are unpaid accrue interest and generate warrants for arrest. Poor people often end up owing thousands of dollars for parking or traffic violations.

The corporate dismantling of civil society is nearly complete in Greece. It is far advanced in the United States. We, like the Greeks, are undergoing a political war waged by the world's oligarchs. If you get dewy-eyed about the possibility of the U.S. having its first woman president, remember that it was President Bill Clinton who decimated manufacturing jobs with the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement and dropped most welfare recipients, 70% of whom were children. The prison-industrial complex exploded in size as its private corporations swallowed up surplus, unemployed labor, making $40,000 or more a year from each person held in a cage. The population of federal and state prisons combined rose by 673,000 under Clinton.

"Two of the 9-11 hi-jackers, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, living in San Diego… come to the United States, called a safe house in Yemen seven times. Our NSA intercepted every one of the calls, right?

According to then Director of the NSA, Michael Hayden, the NSA was unable to determine the geographic origin of these calls despite the fact that the phone line in Yemen (967-1-200-578) was under intense scrutiny by NSA. The Yemen number was tracked using a form of surveillance known as "cast-iron" coverage where dedicated resources were allocated to continuously monitor the line 24/7.

Years later, in 2014, Hayden claimed that technical difficulties prevented exact geolocation. By the way, this is the same justification that he relied on post-9/11 to help institute the bulk collection program for phone metadata.

The narrative spun by Hayden is "an absolute lie." The NSA knew damn well that these calls were coming from San Diego. They know the phone numbers, who's making the phone call, and who it's going to because the billing system has to have that metadata to charge you.

Any investigator worth their salt would've linked and correlated the San Diego callers to other 9/11 terrorists in the United States and almost certainly put a halt to the operation. Some argue that the NSA is an agency made up of people that are fallible. But Wikileaks and Snowden document an entirely different picture, that the calls from San Diego were intentionally ignored.

In other words certain people didn't want them investigated. From this point we must reluctantly travel down the rabbit hole. An entrance to a wilderness of mirrors, a placed defined by secrecy and illusion traveled heavily by the tricksters of the American Deep State. (Bill Blunden)


How a sheep dog is trained mirrors the childhood of President BHO. At birth, a puppy, often of mixed breeding, is taken from its mother, covered with the dung of a mother sheep and set to suckle from her tit alongside lambkins it will spend the rest of its life controlling.

Barry Obama was taken from his African father shortly after birth and set to suckle at the breast of his white mother. He was raised by a white grandmother, part of the white elite, colonial settler regime that rules what was once the Kingdom of Hawaii. He was indoctrinated in the ways of his great white fathers while attending one of the most elite secondary schools in the United Snakes, Punahou School, founded by the Yankee missionaries to educate their offspring in the then independent nation of Hawaii.

The Board of Trustees of Punahou School, with names like Dole, as in Dole Foods, namesake of the traitor who led the overthrow of the Hawaiian Queen, were delighted to find that "Barry" was a quick study of what white supremacy was really all about, and made him the "house negro" of as nasty a set of imperialist elite as one could find. The crimes committed by these oligarchs were not just in far-flung lands like Vietnam, the Philipines or the nuclear ravaged Marshall Islands.
Once a sheep dog always a sheep dog, always looking out for its masters interests, diligently controlling the American Sheeple no matter the lies and subterfuge necessary to do so. The sheep dog syndrome continues to define the life and crimes of Barack Obama. (Thomas Mountain)

The power of capitalism to shape social relationships resulting in the political internalization of a mindset which enforces separation and alienation, treats the self and others as commodities, mere objects to be bought and sold, in sum, the objectification of human consciousness in defense of capitalism's essence, exchange values as the cornerstone of social organization and individual identity. Humankind is thus a form of property, those within society relating to each other as, and through the institutional nexus of, property wherein we are all buyers and sellers (what's in it for me?) giving only a small part of ourselves to others as though inhabiting a transactional framework of profit and loss.

The worker is a commodity, a factor of production, in the process depersonalized as an extension of the machine with no more personal worth to ownership, even less, than the machine. The worker becomes an ever cheaper commodity the more commodities he creates. Marx before/different from Freud has the psychodynamics of dehumanization a fundamental feature of capitalism.

It is this pathology of the human condition, an epistemology of narcotized servitude governed by the structural principles of exchange-value, that I think has greater importance than the revelation of exploitation to be Marx's contribution to the critique of capitalism. We become our commodities. Marx states: "The worker puts his life into the object; but now his life no longer belongs to him but to the object." (We are our cars, our bank accounts, everything but ourselves.)

Man as a being must not treat himself or others as a means to life rather than life itself, for the individual, "a universal and therefore a free being." The necessity of identifying enemies both as a way of fending off self-criticism and of projecting onto others the fallacies, psychodynamics, and hatreds we share in our pursuit of global hegemony.

Only when one takes account of our self-manufactured fears, a Commie under every bush, Russian missiles descending from the heavens, China swallowing Asia with the US next, does it become evident America is in a state of decline, the national mood that of wanting to have a certitude of moral supremacy over all others which nevertheless, deep-down, is recognized to be beyond our reach. Foreign policy would supposedly arrest the decline, which in the first place can never be admitted, making the militarization of capitalism the more imperative, stripping away any pretense, except to Americans themselves, of a democratic society devoted to peace and social justice. (Norman Pollack)

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