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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Family members of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old who was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., recently fought in a parking lot over merchandise related to his death.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's harvest time in Colorado, and not just for pumpkins. Concerns are running high over door-to-door campaign workers asking voters for their mail-in ballots in what is known as "ballot harvesting."

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Forensic evidence shows Michael Brown's blood on the gun, uniform and inside the car of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, law enforcement officials said, information they believe potentially corroborates the officer's story that the unarmed 18-year-old tried to take his gun. The evidence will make it harder for the Justice Department to prosecute Officer Darren Wilson on federal charges that he violated Brown's civil rights, said the officials. Such evidence would also make it difficult for a county grand jury to indict Wilson on state charges, such as murder or manslaughter, said county sources.

When the new Congress reconvenes in January, voters increasingly want it to be a Republican-led one.

With approximately two weeks to go until the 2014 midterm elections, likely voters prefer them to produce a GOP-led Congress over a Democratic one, 49 percent to 44 percent, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Annenberg poll. read more

The confidential memo from a former pollster for President Obama contained a blunt warning for Democrats. Written this month with an eye toward Election Day, it predicted "crushing Democratic losses across the country" if the party did not do more to get black voters to the polls.


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