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Friday, October 09, 2015

Chinese hackers have infiltrated Android smartphones all over the world, according to a new report. Researchers at cybersecurity firm FireEye reported on Wednesday that the hackers had penetrated phones across North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia using a "malicious adware family" that is quickly spreading worldwide. The researchers called the malware "Kemoge." "The attacker uploads the apps to third-party app stores and promotes the download links via websites and in-app ads," FireEye reported. "On the initial launch, Kemoge collects device information and uploads it to the ad server, then it pervasively serves ads from the background."

Pentagon-funded researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have reported a breakthrough in overcoming one of the prime obstacles to increased processing power: heat.

Their innovative design involves sending liquid coolant -- in the form of deionized water through microfluidic passages within a few hundred microns of the transistors, allowing chips to operate at temperatures more than 60 percent lower than air-cooled chips, according to a Georgia Tech announcement.

Not only will the design allow for more dense and powerful integrated electronics, it also will allow for smaller electronics, because they would no longer require heat sinks or cooling fans.

There's been much talk recently about there being a substantial correlation between state-level gun death rates and state gun laws. But if we do look for correlation, it seems to me that the key question should focus on state total homicide rates, or perhaps total intentional homicide plus accidental gun death rates. And it turns out that there is essentially zero correlation between these numbers and state gun laws.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Step 1: Elect. For a gun-free America, the first thing you'll need is two-thirds of Congress. So elect a minimum of 67 Senators and 290 Representatives who are on your side.

Step 2: Propose. Then, have them vote to propose an amendment to the Constitution which repeals Second Amendment gun rights for all Americans.

Step 3: Ratify. Then convince the legislators of 38 states to ratify that change.

At this point, the Second Amendment is history.

Step 4: Legislate. You need to enact "common sense" reform.

You can try to do what Australia did and...ban all guns? That's not at all what they did, but whatever.Go big or go home, right?

It will have to be passed by Congress and signed by the president.

Great! The law is passed and guns are now illegal. The only thing left to do is...

Step 5: Enforce. Guns won't just disappear because you passed a law. You need to confiscate some 350 million guns scattered among 330 Million Americans.

Hillary Clinton hired a Connecticut company to back up her emails on a "cloud" storage system, and her lawyers have agreed to turn whatever it contains over to the FBI, a person familiar with the situation said Tuesday.

The disclosure came as a Republican Senate committee chairman, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, also asked the firm to turn over to the committee copies of any Clinton emails still in its possession.

There were conflicting accounts as to whether the development could lead to recovery of any of Clinton's more than 31,000 personal emails, which she said she deleted from her private server upon turning over her work-related emails to the State Department, at its request, in December 2014.


BC has seen worse. Most of the US has no clue how powerful some of the big winter storms (known as extratropical cyclones) are that sweep down and hit the Pacific Northwest.


The peak winds were felt as the storm passed close by on October 12. At Oregon's Cape Blanco, an anemometer that lost one of its cups registered wind gusts in excess of 145 miles per hour (233 km/h); some reports put the peak velocity at 179 miles per hour (288 km/h).


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