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Monday, November 03, 2014

Madscientist: I live in a medium-sized Texas county. Fully one half of the inhabitants are either the descendants of slaves or Tejanos, besides the White population.

The cities and towns are divided by either railroad tracks, a major river,or both...relegating the races to their places. Blacks and Mestizos on the East, and Whites to the West and Southwest of town.

The County Commissioners have concocted a plan to limit the voting places in the eastern side of the city of Waco, where primarily the lower working-class blacks and Hispanics live, while trumpeting it as an Orwellian plan to encourage voter turnout. read more

Saturday, November 01, 2014

There's a glut of guns for sale in America. Gun dealers have overstocked, and now they're just selling off the inventory that they have, without ordering much from manufacturers. Gun sales surged to unprecedented levels following the Newtown massacre of December 2012, driven by concerns about increased federal regulations, particularly against assault rifles. Back then, Americans were buying AR-15s and AK-47s as fast as retailers could get them, pushing up prices and creating shortages of guns and ammo. The stores couldn't order them fast enough. But they over ordered and now there are too many guns sitting on their shelves.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A partial solar eclipse will occur over North America this afternoon and evening beginning at 1:52pm PDT, 3:18pm MDT, 4:41pm CDT, and 5:51pm EDT.


Ammonium Nitrate Disasters

Texas City Disaster

"The Texas City disaster was an industrial accident that occurred April 16, 1947 in the Port of Texas City. It was the deadliest industrial accident in U.S. history, and one of the largest non-nuclear explosions. Originating with a mid-morning fire on board the French-registered vessel SS Grandcamp (docked in the port), its cargo of approximately 2,300 tons (approximately 2,100 metric tons) of ammonium nitrate detonated, with the initial blast and subsequent chain-reaction of further fires and explosions in other ships and nearby oil-storage facilities killing at least 581 people, including all but one member of the Texas City fire department..."

Texas City, Texas, Disaster, April 16, 17, 1947. Fire Prevention and Engineering Bureau of Texas, Dallas, Texas; The National Board of Fire Underwriters, New York, New York. 1947.

Stephens, Hugh W. (1997). The Texas City Disaster, 1947. University of Texas Press. p. 100. ISBN 0-292-77723-X.

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