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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Right now, two research vessels carrying some 40 marine scientists are battling stormy conditions in the Tasman Sea to learn more about gigantic subsurface waves -- some 1,000 feet high -- that are critical to both ocean health and accurate climate modeling.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Ten families touched by the Newtown massacre filed a wrongful death lawsuit Monday against companies that made, distributed and sold the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle that Adam Lanza used to kill 20 children and six staffers at Sandy Hook Elementary two years ago. The suit argues that the gun is a military assault weapon that never should have been on the general market. "It's important for my family to honor my sister and not have her name just be the teacher that died shielding her kids," said Jillian Soto, sister of victim Vicki Soto. "I want people to remember that her family fought in court for her name and to make change happen to hold the gun industry responsible."


The problem is its a bad analogy in many ways...

1. comcast doesn't server a variety of meats... they don't distinguish the content, they move meat. Dropping the analogy they move packets.

2. A stores shelves are not analogous to a network in any way, especially networked, networks with peering points.

The issue with comcast and netflix really wasn't with comcasts network being overloaded, they had plenty of capacity. It was with the peering point with the network that netflix belonged to. Po' whittle comcast had to add capacity at the peering point. In looking into the details on that, they didn't even have to add network chassis', they just had to add port capacity in existing peering switches... Pretty minor. This would have been preventative too, they weren't actually maxing the capacity of the peering point, but were getting into the "warning, you must add capacity or risk maxing out soon" range.

Now lets look at what Comcasts core business is... being a cable provider. Enabling people to watch ....TV? Wow, with Hulu and Netflix I can just about get rid of cable and only use the interne.....OOOOHHH I get it now, hmmm I wonder why Comcast would fleece Netflix and slow down their traffic? That right, they purposely slowed down the traffic from netflix across their network because if you recall above I said they never actually maxed out the peering point. So the only way it slows down is for comcast to designate that traffic for throttling. Could it be because people were choosing to "cut the cord" and ditch cable?

Net Neutrality isn't some heavy handed regulation... Jeff wants the internet the way it is. NN says, keep it the way it is. Jeff is against NN. Makes my head hurt.

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