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1. What I said isn't what is ruining America. That's patently wrong. If you think otherwise prove it. Your opinion has no facts to back it up. Economics and the inability to keep up with rising nations like China with jobs for the lower educated is what is ruining America. The want for economically privileged people to Pursue dream careers instead of practice ones is a problem. Not social justice. That is the area that America is actually gaining in. Even though the so called social justice warrior is ruder and more annoying then ever. You are annoyed but it isn't "ruining" America. Dumb statement.

2. Lots of assumptions made on my life. I don't have a chip on my shoulder. Also patently and probably false. I'm not white nor black. I know I'm privileged and better off than most whites and most blacks. I don't come here and complain about how Asians are treated in the USA. We are the "model minority" and have lots of advantages. But I can see as a third party the horrible treatment blacks in this nation suffer. And calling them racist is dbaggery at the most highest level. And I don't need dr approval to validate my belief. Haha

3. I see a bunch of white identified people on the DR mad that I think the academy is subconsciously making racist decisions. Proving my point that's there is an unwillingness to become aware. Rather to discredit anyone that brings light to something most non whites see very clearly. And guess what. Even white younger folks are seeing it. Your insistence of apathy or ignorance is going away. Hahahaha.

Like I said. Sad. Haha

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