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Trump was elected because he was the best choice, Hillary was a poor candidate.
It really is that simple.
The election was rigged, a candidate which was on the ballot in all 50 states was denied the media coverage & right to debate by the duopoly of the RNC/DNC.
While the RNC embraced Trump for his ability to bring coverage & new voters to the party the RNC mistakenly believed it could exert control over Trump.
This was an outsider election, the majority of the population was been left behind by both business & government, expressed their dissatisfaction with packaged professional politicians of which Hillary is the epitome.

Anyone who objectively followed the presidential campaign cycle saw the biased spin, where Clinton's missteps were minimized & Trump's were exaggerated.

I suspect Trump will rise to the responsibility what was on display during his campaign was his default TV personality, no more real than Clinton's sudden conversion to champion of the working class.

Those who go to great length to be offended by the off mike crudity live in a different world than those of us who have heard similar remarks from high school lockerooms, bars, rap songs, comedy acts, & off color jokes.

And of course those who were outraged at the anti-Obama rhetoric of the right now engage in the exact same behavior.

The reality of course is that the President-elect is invariably shocked by the actual state of the country & whose power is limited to incremental change & it will be no different for Trump.

And no I was not a Trump supporter, I voted for Johnson/Weld two centrist Republicans, but I was an ABC as Clinton is the definition of what is wrong with the political elitism and self serving narcissism of those who seek power.

"What Economic Elite Domination" and "Biased Pluralism" mean is that rather than average citizens of moderate means having an important role in determining policy, ability to shape outcomes is restricted to people at the top of the income distribution and to organized groups that represent primarily -- although not exclusively -- business."

Yes indeed the rich & organized rich have a much greater influence on public policy than any citizens or citizens group with the possible exception of the NRA.

Yes the rich pay most of the taxes & pay taxes at a higher rate, but the devil is in the details because they pay a much smaller percentage of total income on taxes.
So both sides get to claim they're correct without acknowledging the problem.
The total tax burden falls heaviest on the working class as barring 401K/IRA/HSA and the pre-tax dollar schemes every single cent of earnings are taxed at every level, food, gas, utilities, phone, even savings accounts are taxed.
One of course cannot own property without taxes as both the government & business engage in rentseeking from an increasingly demoralized and poor workforce.

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