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The velocity of money is what is stagnating our economy, prior to Reagan, deregulation and tax policy changes corporations faced the use it or lose it in regards to money.
If the free market was anything but a convenient social fiction rents right now in almost every market would be low, commensurate with stagnant wages and lowered housing values, but that is obviously not the case.

The change in CEO vs worker pay from 30 times to 300 times is not a function of efficiency or smarter harder working CEOs.

Corporations especially but business in general is sanctioned and licensed by government and as such should be subservient to the national interest, which is as it should be the greatest good for the greatest number.

Capitalism only survives by growth, this is the ideology of the cancer cell and growth only occurs through exploitation.

Two things are simultaneously true:
The "rich" pay most of the income tax on a dollar basis.
The "rest" pay a much higher percentage of income on taxes.

We as worker bees are taxed on literally everything except medication; phone, utilities, gas, license plates, property, income, savings, and even food in some circumstances are taxed.
Businesses are exempted from or allowed to deduct these taxes and more.

Should workers subsidize business lunches and travel? Are those expenses truly necessary or rather perks of the business class?
Are art work and designer furniture truly business expenses?

Lobbyists literally write the laws often to benefit specific corporations or industries while we as voters only get to pick between the Coke & Pepsi of political parties that control the government.

#18 | Posted by DoofusOfDeath at 2014-09-26 11:18 AM | Reply

I too am confused about our broken immigration system. The only part that appears to be broken is applying the laws to those businesses and individuals who hire illegal immigrants.

I'm also terribly confused about the mythological differences between Conservatives & Liberals, especially in terms of illegal immigration.
When ideology trumps rationalism one is neither Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican, they're just maroons.

Certain givens are indisputable.

1) No country can afford to assimilate everyone who wishes to immigrate.
2) One cannot blame individuals who cross imaginary lines to better themselves or their families.
3) As long as illegal immigration and remittances to home countries act as safety valves political and social change will be slow.
4) Remove the lure, (work & citizenship for children born in the US who do not have one parent whom is a US citizen) and you limit the response.

The Air Force is the only service which requires the god requirement and it is a recent change.

"The old version of that AFI included an exception: "Note: Airmen may omit the words ‘so help me God,' if desired for personal reasons."
That language was dropped in an Oct. 30, 2013, update to the AFI. The relevant section of that AFI now only lists the active-duty oath of enlistment, without giving airmen any option to choose not to swear an oath to a deity."

The USAF is becoming religiously intolerant, not just against atheists but any other religion but Evangelical Christian. It's not just about meaningless phrases but effects every aspect of an Airman's military career.
It is blatantly unconstitutional and the sergeant is making a principal stand against it, in the finest tradition of the military.

#1 | Posted by gracieamazed at 2014-08-23 06:16 PM | Reply

"In 2008 Obama said that he wanted a civilian police force, as powerful, and as well funded as the military."

Or not as the case may be. Do you have any links to backup your assertion that don't reference the same out of context quote?

I've never understood why people want to demagogue misinformation when there are so may actual factual issues.

"At least two-thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity: idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religious or political ideas."
Aldous Huxley

#11 | Posted by Verneoz at 2014-08-21 07:55 AM | Reply

No one will deny that being a police officer can be dangerous, however your statistic is meaningless in regards to the subject of justified homicide by police.
Statistics for the last 10 years show of the 1501 officer deaths between 2004 - 2013, 186 deaths were attributed to "job related illness".
Alcohol or drug related deaths within the 1501 number 272.

The nature of police work is such that at any time a fatal threat of any nature may occur at anytime, but eminent danger is not lurking around every corner.

Given the roughly 850,000 sworn peace officers and the number of police citizen encounters the percentage of good guy/bad guy encounters is very small.
Police do not even make the top 10 in terms of dangerous jobs, to use perceived danger to be the justification or an excuse for abusive and illegal behavior is not factually supported and strangely enough essentially the same point conservatives make against criminals, background shouldn't matter only actions.

The example of Ferguson and St. Louis County police officers pointing weapons at demonstrators and with snipers scoping the crowds in full battle rattle is practically a PSA for more stringent psychological testing of police candidates.

Suspending one officer for pointing a weapon at the demonstrators after a weeks worth of video showing the majority of the officers on scene doing exactly the same thing is simply scapegoating.

One does not calm a crowd, mob, or individual by being aggressive and threatening.



The situation in Ferguson is no longer about the death, whether justified or not, of Michael Brown.

The deployment of, as several veterans pointed out, police with more military equipment than was used by our troops in Iraq & Afghanistan serves to increase tension and confrontation rather than decrease it.

Police trained in military tactics and equipped with military battle dress & weapons are no longer a police force protecting citizens but a para-military force suppressing them.
Several combat veterans have pointed out that many of the police have more military equipment than they had when patrolling in Iraq & Afghanistan.

The presence of armored vehicles and police dressed as combat soldiers with snipers scoping targets and police with weapons drawn, pointing, and often sighting on the crowd is going to escalate violence not lessen it.
The first doctrine of firearm safety is do not point your weapon unless one is acquiring a target.
Muzzled down, finger on the trigger guard until a threat is presented, not aggressively targeting the crowd.

When one sees rows of County police armed with ax handles, baseball bats, and other improvised clubs it is an image of the 60's not that of a well trained professional police force.

An area where 70% of the population is black and 90+% of the police force is white automatically creates racial tension.
Community policing works, military policing does not, instead of the police working with community leaders you have officers chanting bring it on....

I'll be very surprised if at some point Ferguson or St. Louis County officers don't open fire on the crowd they're simply that poorly trained.


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