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The velocity of money is what is stagnating our economy, prior to Reagan, deregulation and tax policy changes corporations faced the use it or lose it in regards to money.
If the free market was anything but a convenient social fiction rents right now in almost every market would be low, commensurate with stagnant wages and lowered housing values, but that is obviously not the case.

The change in CEO vs worker pay from 30 times to 300 times is not a function of efficiency or smarter harder working CEOs.

Corporations especially but business in general is sanctioned and licensed by government and as such should be subservient to the national interest, which is as it should be the greatest good for the greatest number.

Capitalism only survives by growth, this is the ideology of the cancer cell and growth only occurs through exploitation.

Two things are simultaneously true:
The "rich" pay most of the income tax on a dollar basis.
The "rest" pay a much higher percentage of income on taxes.

We as worker bees are taxed on literally everything except medication; phone, utilities, gas, license plates, property, income, savings, and even food in some circumstances are taxed.
Businesses are exempted from or allowed to deduct these taxes and more.

Should workers subsidize business lunches and travel? Are those expenses truly necessary or rather perks of the business class?
Are art work and designer furniture truly business expenses?

Lobbyists literally write the laws often to benefit specific corporations or industries while we as voters only get to pick between the Coke & Pepsi of political parties that control the government.

Drudge Retort

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