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So what's your point? What difference does it make to the here and now whether or not the GOP admits to... whatever? If they did, would Obama and the Dems magically change their minds and tear apart the surveillance apparatus? I seriously doubt it. If the Dems were so righteous on the issue, they would have dismantled this garbage when they controlled the legislature and the executive, instead of doubling down and expanding it.




Hiding behind the meme of "they started it" does nothing to solve the problem. But you know that, you're just hiding from the current problem because your team is holding the short end now. So, until the current Dems are willing to admit that the original Patriot Act was not only supported by the vast majority of Dems of the day, but then expanded over and over by recent and current Dems, then they are liars as well, no different from the GOPers you rail against.

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