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***"As for deflecting, no, not really."***PRAG

Well, yes, yes really. The OP mentioned specific examples of questionable Biden behavior, you deflected this onto the GOP. It's pretty much SOP around here. Don't address what was said, distract, deflect, or (as Shawn would say) obfuscate. It's OK, I've done it too.

***"throws them into at least as bad light as his (alleged)plagiarism."***PRAG

Nothing "alleged" about it, he did it. He tried to play it down, but he admitted it actually.

***"Never mind that Biden is respected on the world stage,"***PRAG

By whom?

***"And college performance? Who the hell cares?"***PRAG

His lying about being in the top of his law class (which he lied about being on full scholarship to attend), graduating U of Del with 3 undergrad degrees, being named outstanding political science student, lifting parts from Kinnock, Kennedy, and Humphrey all came during his run for the PRESIDENCY, not while he was in college. He was a 44 year old man.


Drudge Retort

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